St. Patrick's Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly still trying to get pregnant. She and Mike discuss how they both will make great parents. Carl tells Mike he is really excited about St. Patrick’s Day. Carl is having a party on that day, and tells Mike about all the arrangements he has made. Mike says Molly is ovulating, so he can’t come to the party. He says he will be too exhausted to make it. Harry is helping Victoria prepare for a literature test. Molly arrives, and both she and Harry try to outdo each other by flashing their knowledge about Shakespeare’s plays. Molly, in the end, gets agitated when she realizes Harry has a better understanding of the plays than she does.

Molly tells Mike about all the fun she has had, in the past, on St. Patrick’s Day. Mike is shocked to hear some of her stories. He is even more shocked when she lets it slip that, on one occasion, she even made out with a famous football player from the Chicago Bears. Carl and Samuel borrow some stuff from his grandma’s house, for the party, and she isn’t very happy about it. Victoria confesses to Mike that she sometimes misses Harry when he isn’t around. Mike says that is how he used to feel about Molly, when he was dating her. That is also how he realized he loves her.

The next day, while Harry is waiting for Victoria to come back from the test, Vince tells Harry that Victoria is too hot for him. He says she would never go out with a guy like him. Harry insists that he and Victoria are just friends, but Vince is sure Harry has feelings for her. Victoria arrives, and tells Harry she got a B-. She says it’s the best grade she has ever gotten. Victoria kisses him, and Harry is too shocked for words. He hurriedly rushes out of the house, leaving Victoria completely baffled.

At Carl’s party, the guests have arrived. Samuel points out that there isn’t even a single woman at the party. Carl says women don’t arrive early, because they need to time to get ready. He assures Samuel that, very soon, the place will be crawling with women. Molly is still telling Mike stories about the wild things she has done in the past. Victoria asks them if they have heard from Harry. She says Harry and she were supposed to go Carl’s party together. She wonders if he is okay, because he looked really upset after she kissed him.

While Victoria is reading Romeo and Juliet, in her bedroom, she hears some noise coming from the window. She sees Harry standing in the yard. He apologizes for running out on her. She apologizes for kissing him. She says she couldn’t stop herself, because she was really excited about her grade and he had been really nice to her. He says her kiss gave him the courage to confess something. She says she is all ears and tells him that she too is probably feeling the same thing he is.

Harry then confesses to her that he is gay. He says he realized this because he felt nothing when she kissed him. Mike and Molly come outside all ready to go for Carl’s party. Harry tells them he is gay, but Mike doesn’t seem to care and asks him if he is coming to the party. Joyce comes to the window and Victoria gives her the news. Carl and Samuel are still waiting for some women to arrive. Carl is baffled over why no women have come.

Mike and Molly arrive, a while later, and so do Harry and Victoria. Carl points to Victoria and yells out to everyone that there is a single woman in the house. Harry tells Carl he is gay and Carl says that he (Harry) will enjoy this party more than anybody. The episode ends at this point.