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Spring Break - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike trying to convince Molly to get rid of her credit card debt. He makes her cut up one of her credit cards, which she does reluctantly. She in turn makes him dispose of the chocolate bar he has hidden, in the back of the freezer. Mike and Carl discuss about the credit card issue at the diner and Carl says if Mike is so worried about money maybe they should apply for some overtime. Mike says they aren’t eligible for overtime, but Carl reminds him that his mother is dating the Captain and they should take advantage of that.

At home, Vince finds out that Molly and Mike are trying to save money, so he gives her suggestions on how she can spend her holidays doing fun stuff without spending money. Molly doesn’t seem too thrilled with his suggestions. Mike talks to the Captain about the overtime and he makes it clear to Mike that he isn’t eligible for it because overtime is usually given to senior officers. Seeing no other option, Mike emotionally blackmails him, saying Peggy would be disappointed that she won’t get to see grandchildren. Mike explains that the overtime was so that he could earn some extra bucks to start a family. The Captain realizes what Mike is trying to do, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Peggy either, so he agrees to recommend Mike for overtime.

Victoria is headed for spring break to Florida with her classmates and tells Molly to come along. Molly is tempted, but says she has promised Mike she won’t indulge in any unnecessary spending. Molly calls Mike, who has begun his overtime, and asks him if she can go. She tells him Victoria will pay for everything and on hearing this Mike agrees.

Mike and Carl find out that they have been given the duty of guarding corpses at the morgue. Neither is happy about it and Carl tells Mike that he isn’t comfortable around the dead because he had a paranormal experience once. He begins recalling it and by the end of it both he and Mike are terrified. They decide to stay awake the whole night and watch each other’s back. Victoria is partying with her friends, but Molly is too exhausted after the long car ride and wants to get some sleep. Victoria doesn’t allow it and insists that Molly join her in having some fun. Molly has no other option but to reluctantly agree.

The next day, Mike returns home and has a chat with Joyce about how he is trying to make money, so he can give Molly the life she deserves. Joyce tells him that the most important thing for him and Molly is to spend time together rather than him buying her stuff because they won’t get back the moments that are passing by. In Florida, Molly is completely sun burnt because she dozed off in the sun for eight hours while Victoria was away partying with her friends. At the morgue, Mike tells Carl how he and his mother never saw his dad when he was a kid because he was always working extra jobs to earn money. He says his father wasn’t around when he should have been, so his mother had to teach him how to do things a father usually teaches his son.

He tells Carl that he doesn’t want to be one of those husbands who isn’t around, because life passes by real quick. Molly gives Mike a call and on hearing about her condition he immediately rushes out and flies to Florida. Mike arrives at the motel where Molly is and is shocked on seeing her condition. She feels guilty because she knows it cost Mike a fortune to fly down to her, but he says that’s what credit cards are for. On the drive home, both discuss how they should enjoy life a bit more, but do it responsibly. Victoria is passed out in the backseat after all the partying. The episode ends at this point.