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Party Planners - Recap

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The episode begins with Peggy asking Mike and Molly if they are planning to have a baby. Molly tells her that they should be home trying to have one, but instead they are here with Peggy. She tells Molly that if she is barren then she could adopt a child. She adds that if the adoption agencies don’t find her to be suitable, she can always get herself a cat. Molly cannot take it anymore and she gets up to leave. Peggy tells Mike that he should come over on Tuesday night for his birthday bash. Molly tells Peggy that this year they had decided to celebrate Mike’s birthday at her place.

Peggy taunts her by saying that she is making an old woman drag herself to the other end of town. Molly loses her cool and tells Peggy that it is perfectly alright if she doesn’t come. On their way back, Molly tells Mike that his mother tests her patience. She tells him that she doesn’t want his mother to attend his birthday party. Mike tells her that he wants her to be the bigger person and not mind the way Peggy behaves with her. Molly says that she is being the bigger person; else Peggy would have been in the ER by now. Mike tells her that she reminds him of his father because this is exactly how his father used to talk about Peggy. Molly tells him that when they have their kids, she doesn’t want to let Peggy anywhere near them.

The next day, Carl and Mike are having breakfast and they discuss about the birthday gift. They see that the deli has hired a new waitress and Carl tries to hit on her. Samuel tells Carl that he saw her first and wants Carl to back off. Carl decides to have every meal at the deli. Molly arrives to meet Peggy at work and tells her that they should put their differences aside for Mike and plan something together. At first, Peggy taunts her, but later agrees to go along with the plan. She tells Molly to come over to her place at 7 in the evening to hash out the details.

Samuel talks to Seema, the new waitress, and tells her that they can go back home together. Carl arrives and offers Samuel a ride back home. Samuel is surprised and points out that Carl always flips him off, when he sees him at the bus stop. He knows that Carl wants to drop Seema home. At home, Molly tries to discuss her plans with Peggy. Molly decides that they should have a signature drink and call it ‘Miketini’. She also tells Peggy that she has decided that there wouldn’t be any cake. Peggy thinks that it is absurd to have a birthday party without a cake. She insists on a cake. Molly has no option but to agree with her. They move on to the decoration. Later, Molly arrives home and she is totally drunk. She had seven beers and a little cough syrup.

She tells him that this is the only way that she could avoid killing his mother. She tells him that his mother did this to her and also that she is evil. Mike is glad that she didn’t kill Peggy. Molly tells her that she couldn’t manage to find a silver bullet or a wooden stake. Mike puts her to bed. The next day, Peggy arrives to meet Molly and she has made a low calorie cake for Mike’s birthday. Molly tells her that they should cancel the party. Peggy admits that she can be really stubborn at times. She tells Molly that she understands that Mike is her husband and she needs to figure out a way to share her son. Molly thinks that Peggy is drunk. Peggy tells her that they should plan the party and she will go along with whatever Molly decides.

She also tells Molly that, when she blesses her with a grandchild, she wants to be the best grandma in the world. Peggy leaves before tears begin to flow down her cheeks. Molly has a tough time digesting all this and thinks that the cake must be poisoned. At the deli, Carl decides to pay the bill to impress Seema. She in turn, tells Carl that she knows about the sex change operation that he has decided to have and says that it is very brave of him. Carl is shocked. He learns that Samuel lied to Seema to keep her away from him.

At the party, Mike is happy to see Molly and Peggy getting along well. Peggy tells him that he wanted her to be the bigger person and she decided to do the same. It seems that he also told Peggy that Molly was too pigheaded to change. Molly is pissed and tells Peggy that he told the exact same thing to her about Peggy. Later, Mike ends up on the mini golf course with Carl, who tells him that he has bought him an ice cream machine. Mike is happy. The episode ends at this point.