Mike Can’t Read - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike trying to read a book, but he is having some trouble reading. Molly tells him that he should glasses. Mike refuses to believe that he requires reading glasses. Molly is looking at some sketches her mother made a while back. They seem to be really nice. Mike likes the sketch of a naked man sitting with a bowl of fruit on his lap. Molly tells him that it is her father and it is not a bowl of fruit on his lap. She now insists on him getting a pair of glasses. The next morning, Molly shows the sketches to Victoria. Victoria is really surprised to learn that their mother is talented.

Joyce and Vince are about to leave for the park when Joyce notices the sketches. Molly asks her why she stopped drawing. Joyce tells her that she stooped it because of them. She says that one doesn’t find time for all this when one is raising two kids. After they leave, Victoria looks at the sketch of the naked man (the same one Mike liked) and asks Molly if their father is holding a banana. Molly quickly hides the sketch and says ‘a yes and a no’. Later, Molly tells Mike that she doesn’t want to resent her kids because she will not able to do something that she has always wanted to, before starting a family. Mike tells her that she can do whatever she wants to do.

Molly tells him that they should learn roller skating. Mike is shocked that Molly wants to put wheels on him when he cannot even put the toilet seat or throw a milk carton. At the deli, Mike tries to read the menu from a distance. Carl tells him that there is no point in doing that because Mike already knows the menu by heart. Also, he orders the same thing every day. Samuel arrives to take the order, but as usual Mike and Carl order the same thing. Samuel makes them realize that they are in a rut. Mike thinks that he leads a really full life. He also adds that he doesn’t like taking risks. After a short discussion, Mike feels that he should mix it up a little.

He feels that he should start playing the trombone and start a Dixieland band. To that idea, Carl says “No Suzanna”. At home, Molly tells Joyce that she should take some art classes. Joyce says that it is too late to do all that. Molly finds it weird that Joyce prefers feeding ducks in the park with Vince and going to buffets with him. It is buffet time, and Joyce is about to leave with Vince when Molly tells Vince that Joyce should go to college and take art classes. Vince tells her that she is too old to go to college and embarrass herself. He pushes it when he calls her “Grandma Moses”. Joyce loses it and cancels the buffet.

She tells Molly that she has decided to go to college. Molly is happy. Later, Mike and Molly are roller skating. Molly seems to enjoy it but Mike is worried about some kid knocking him down. Next, Vince tells Mike that Joyce is not talking to him. Mike wants to know what he is worried about. Vince tells him that for now he is Joyce’s ‘hot and sexy boy-toy’, but he fears that she might find some really talented guy in college, who would fill her head with love and poetry. Mike explains that for whatever reason, Molly and Joyce have chosen them over a lot of better guys. This proves that these women are really dumb. He assures Vince that there is nothing to worry.

He says that they need to be loving and supportive towards their women; otherwise they would be forced to think that they could have done better. Vince gets the points and like the way Mike thinks. The next morning, Vincent prepares breakfast for Joyce. Joyce does not fall for his “loving and supportive trap”. She leaves for college. Vince is pissed. Later, Joyce arrives to meet Molly at school. Molly asks her why she isn’t in class. Joyce tells her that she could not sit in class for long, especially when her professor wore a ponytail and wore peep toes. She thought that he was a douche. Joyce tells Molly that she really doesn’t want to take the art class. She did that only to irritate Vince.

She says that she has two lovely daughters and a man who adores her. There is nothing else that she wants. Molly feels that Joyce had to give up too much for them. Joyce tells her that her two daughters are her masterpieces and she is not going to do better than that. Molly is glad to hear that. Later, Joyce joins Vince in the park and feeds the ducks. Mike and Molly return home after roller skating only to find Vince posing naked for a portrait. They immediately leave. The episode ends at this point.