Molly’s Out of Town - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly packing boxes of food in the freezer for Mike because she is leaving for a 3 days teacher conference. Mike isn’t very happy about it and worries what he will do while she is gone. She tells him to brighten up, saying he should be happy that his wife’s going out of town, and he shall be able to enjoy with the boys. Nothing Molly says makes Mike feel any better about her leaving. The next day, on the way to work, Mike mopes around, saying how much he is missing his wife. Carl makes it clear to him that he won’t tolerate Mike moping around and complaining around him the whole day.

Carl feels Mike should take this opportunity to bond with him. Mike points out that he spends 40 hours a week with him. Carl suggests they hit a bar and grab a few drinks in the night. Mike has nothing better lined up, so he reluctantly agrees. After Mike returns home, Vince tries to convince him to go out and have some fun, saying he might not again get such an opportunity. He gives a few examples of how tired couples get of each other after a few years of being together. Vince therefore feels Mike should utilize these three days of freedom to enjoy as much as he can. While he is advising Mike, Joyce arrives and orders Vince around. Mike sees how henpecked Vince is and gives what he said, a serious consideration.

At a bar, while Mike and Carl are hanging out, James, Carl’s ex-girlfriend Christina’s, new boyfriend, walks in. While having a chat with James, Carl is shocked to know that not only is James still seeing Christina, but she is also having his baby. After James walks away, Carl tells Mike he is happy for them. Next, Mike is shown driving home a visibly distraught Carl, who can’t stop talking about Cristina and how much he loved her. Mike tries consoling him, but Carl breaks down, saying his world is shattered. While Carl is crying his lungs out, Mike gets a call from Molly. Ignoring Carl’s wailing Mike indulges in some small talk with Molly. After Mike returns home, Joyce, who is busy making Victoria and Vince do household chores, asks Mike to help.

Mike tries making excuses to get out of it, but when Joyce reminds him that he lives in her house and better do as she says, he has no other option but to comply. While Vince and Mike are cleaning the gutters, Vince constantly complains about, how much he dislikes doing these chores. Carl comes looking for Mike and tells Joyce, who answers the door, that he is planning to leave town and start a new life somewhere to mend his broken heart. He is there to bid Mike a final goodbye. Mike and Vince are still busy cleaning the gutters on the roof and Carl joins them. He tells Mike about his plan to leave town. Mike feels Carl is talking crazy, so he asks him to go home and sleep on it.

Carl says he has made up his mind. He tells Mike that if he sticks around he will never be able to forget Christina. Samuel comes looking for Mike and Joyce says he is on the roof. On the roof, Vince and Mike are trying to talk Carl out of his decision to move, saying he can’t move every time some girl breaks his heart. Samuel joins the trio on the roof. He says he came looking for Carl because he was worried. The gang then talks about some really banal stuff, while swigging some beer. Awhile later, Carl’s grandma arrives, and Joyce directs her to the roof. On the roof, the gang is busy signing a song in chorus.

Grandma climbs on the roof and joins them in the singing. The moment she starts, they all stop and look her way completely surprised, but soon enough, they join her. Later, Carl and his Grandma have a heart to heart at her house. She is unhappy about the fact that he simply left a message for her on the answering machine, saying he was leaving town. Carl says he didn’t want to face her because he was embarrassed. His grandma talks some sense into him and eventually convinces him to stay.

Before Molly, who is back from the conference, enters the house, Mike clears all the empty pizza boxes and gets rid of all the health food that Molly had left in the freezer for him. Before she enters, Molly sees carrot sticks raining down from the roof. Mike, who had told Victoria to dump the carrot sticks in the gutter, tries to distract Molly. The episode ends at this point.