School Recital - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly punishing one of her students for calling another kid “stupid”. She has detained him after school hours. Mike arrives to meet Molly and she pretends that she called the cops to punish him. The kid gets scared. Molly then tells the kid to go home. Later, they go for grocery shopping. Mike talks about having ‘baby sex’ at night. Molly thinks that they should take a break. Molly admits that she is feeling slightly discouraged. She notices that most of the women in the store are either pregnant or have 2-3 kids. She thinks that they might be doing something wrong.

Mike tries to reassure her. at the deli, Mike tells Carl that trying to make a baby is really difficult. He tells him that he is good to go, but Molly is getting discouraged. Carl points out to the fact that Mike is a monotonous man, and he is sure that his lovemaking could be a reflection of that. Carl explains that women like to try something different. He asks Mike if he used the ‘Kamasutra’ book that he gave him. Mike tells him that he doesn’t want o use a ‘sex manual’ to have sex with his wife. Carl tells him that if he doesn’t want to take help from the Hindus then it is time that he invited science into his bedroom. He tells Mike to go in for ‘invitro’. He explains how ‘test tube’ babies are made.

At home, Joyce tells Molly that she should not get discouraged. She tells her daughter that she did not raise her to be a quitter. Molly tells her that she needs to train her students for the recitals. She leaves. Mike arrives home and finds eating on his bed. He tells Vince to leave. Mike is in a bad mood because he learned that ‘invitro’ is really expensive and he cannot afford that. Vince tells him that he wanted to talk to him about a business opportunity. Mike tells him that he is not interested because he is sure that it would be something stupid. Vince tells him that he wanted to talk about a financial investment. Mike asks him the details. He tells him that it is about ‘ostriches’.

He explains that there is a lot of money in ostrich meat as it is a healthy form of meat. He says that he has bought three ostriches. He tells Mike that his friend has a farm where they can keep the birds, but the friend needs some money to feed the ostriches. Vince wants Mike to put in that money. Mike is not too sure. Vince tells him that he can take some time to decide. He doesn’t want Joyce to know about this new business, yet. Mike and Carl arrest an old man for indecent exposure. The old guy tells them that he had no way of knowing that it wasn’t a nude beach. Mike tells him that he should have figured that out when he saw people around him with their clothes on.

Mike then tells Carl that Molly has given up. He tells Carl that he too wants to have a kid; especially a girl. He talks about the various things he would for his daughter; right from telling her stories to walking her down the aisle. He knows that there is nothing that can break the bond between a father and a daughter. At the recital, molly is driving everyone crazy. Victoria helps her with the makeup. She is stressed out and goes for a smoke. She later joins Mike in the audience and tells him that at times Molly can be a “B.I.T.C.H”. A little girls sitting next to Mike, takes offense to Victoria’s language. Molly gives a pep talk to her students and sends them on stage. The piano player tries to kiss Molly, but she pushes him away. She tells him that she loves her husband a lot.

The piano player tells her that he thought that her marriage was going through a rough patch. She tells him that it was wrong on his part to take advantage of a vulnerable woman. After the recital, Mike arrives backstage to meet Molly. He tells her that the show was really good. He admits that he thought it would be boring. Molly is happy. She flirtatiously tells Mike that they should open a bottle of champagne and see where the night takes them.

Mike knows that she is not ovulating. She tells him that he is still the same man who gives her butterflies every time he walks into the room. Mike is glad to hear that. Later, Mike and Vince meet the guy who has agreed to breed the ostriches on his farm. It turns out that he is Vince’s close friend. Mike is really doubtful about the whole thing. The episode ends at this point.