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Season 2

40 :02x01 - Accentuate the Negative

Hammer investigates some shady goings on at a supposed charm school.
Guest Stars: Bek Nelson as Noreen Hurley | George Barrows as Burt | Louise Truax as Molly Hagan | Louise Lewis as Elsa Weber | Chuck Ross as Frank Otto | Patricia Huston as Mary Otto | Ben Morris (1) as Henry Polle | Barbara Bain as Dora Church
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Frank Kane

41 :02x02 - Requiem for a Sucker

Hammer tries to solve a murder involving members of a burlesque show.
Guest Stars: Orville Sherman as M. J. Tyler | Richard Benedict as Buckets Marberg | Len Lesser as Ziggy | Vito Scotti as Berry Berry | Joan Tabor as Chincilla Jones | Evelyn Bunn as Stella | Stewart Bradley as O'Brien
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

42 :02x03 - I Ain't Talkin'

A murder witness refuses to talk to the police so his sister hires Hammer for help.
Guest Stars: Joan Tabor as LIta Andre | DeForest Kelley as Eddie Robbins | Robert Fuller as Jimmy Nelson | Marianne Stewart as Myra Robbins | Frank DeKova as Al Adams
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Frank Kane

43 :02x04 - The Big Drop

When an experienced window washer falls twenty floors to his death, his daughter thinks it was murder and hires Hammer to investigate things.
Guest Stars: Karl Davis as Jutman | Jan Arvan as Melo Taylor | Peggie Castle as Joan Berry | Bek Nelson as Dorothy Webb
Director: Boris Sagal

44 :02x05 - Aces and Eights

A bumbling female thief leads Hammer to a gambling den.
Guest Stars: Chuck Couch as Bail | Frank Gerstle as Crosson | Madlyn Rhue as Linda | John Anderson (1) as Bill Thomas | Bern Hoffman as Jim Ruddy | June Dayton as Abby Thomas
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Frank Kane

45 :02x06 - Baubles, Bangles and Blood

Once again, Hammer runs into a hornet's nest worth of trouble at a carnival.
Guest Stars: Paul Baxley as Roustabout | Nancy Valentine as Linda | Lane Bradford as Barney | Paul Lukather as Eddie | John Goddard (1) as Hal Tildon | Suzanne Lloyd as Sharon Tildon | James Bell (2) as Pop Barton
Director: Richard Irving
Writer: Frank Kane

46 :02x07 - Husbands are Bad Luck

A cowboy and his society galpal give Hammer all the trouble he can handle.
Guest Stars: Owen Cunningham as James Hillary Sr. | Jean Willes as Rose Stone | Eric Sinclair as James Hillary Jr. | Allan "Rocky" Lane as Lefty Jones | Ann Robinson (1) as Sonya Miles
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

47 :02x08 - Jury of One

Hammer is hired to find out why one lone juror held out for not guilty in the trial of a racketeer.
Guest Stars: Priscilla Amidon as Rita | Steve Ihnat as Jack O'Dell | Ted Knight as Barney Green | William Mims as Sam Mayo | Patricia Huston as Phyllis Tyler | Robert H. Harris as Otto Tyler
Director: Edward Ludlum

48 :02x09 - Park the Body

Hammer investigates the murder of a parking lot attendant and gets involved with ruthless garage operators.
Guest Stars: Dale Van Sickel as Blackie Davis | James Chandler as Detective Giles | Frank Ferguson as Sid Barlow | Johnny Seven as Carl Pate | Robert Fuller as Roy Barlow | Helena Nash as Babe Barlow
Director: Edward Ludlum

49 :02x10 - Tattoo Brute

Hammer investigates a robbery that was committed in a room equipped with every burglar proof device possible and find that the trail leads to an ancient Chinese society still operating in modern days.
Guest Stars: Anthony Jochim as Rembrandt Kloski | Allen Jung as Sam Wu Toi | Paul Dubov as Moon | Theodore Marcuse as Cooper Mako | Lisa Lu as Su Wu Toi
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

50 :02x11 - Coney Island Baby

Hammer traces a killer to a wax museum on Coney Island.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Corrigan as McCaffrey | Dorothy Provine as Suzy Keeler | Johnny Seven as Johnny Jerzey | Natalie Norwick as Rosa | James Gavin as Bells Keeler
Director: Richard Irving
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

51 :02x12 - According to Luke

Hammer finds himself framed for the murder of a blackmailer.
Guest Stars: Tom Gleason as Al Krueger | Jan Harrison (1) as Karen Baxter | Lewis Charles as Lloyd Barnum | Joseph Mell as Sgt. Dacon | Tom Neal as Luke Lund
Director: Earl Bellamy

52 :02x13 - Save Me in San Salvador

Hammer travels to San Salvador and finds himself knee deep in political intrigue.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Hole as Herman K. Berman | Evelyn Ward as Inez | Alberto Morin as Captain Lorca | George Givot as Pablo | Nita Talbot as Mimi
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

53 :02x14 - The Last Aloha

Hammer travels to Honolulu searching for a missing cache of gold.
Guest Stars: Eddie Saenz as guest star | Kenneth Terrell as guest star | Victor Sen Yung as guest star | Beverly Tyler as guest star | Don Kelly (1) as guest star | Mari Aldon as guest star
Director: Sidney Salkow
Story: Curtis Cluff | Teleplay: Steven Thornley

54 :02x15 - Swing Low, Sweet Harriet

Hammer's next target is a woman who blackmails prominent men.
Guest Stars: Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Keller | Ross Elliott as Orson Keller | Andrea King as Lois Gates | Merry Anders as Harriet Britton | Lorne Greene as Emmett Gates
Director: Edward Ludlum

55 :02x16 - Another Man's Poison

Hammer's blind pal suspects that wifey is having an affair with a man she claims is her brother.
Guest Stars: Wolfe Barzell as Vito | Jacqueline Scott as Helen Torrey | Bern Hoffman as Vic Fontaine | Tracey Roberts as Maria | Mike Connors as Lou Torrey

56 :02x17 - A Haze on the Lake

In his latest case Hammer must deal with a wealthy businessman, a fraternity initiation, and attempted murder.
Guest Stars: William Roerick as Cliff | Elaine Edwards as Julie Kunard | Richard Gering as Lloyd Randall | John Carlyle as Larry Kunard | Ray Strickland as Paul | Lorne Greene as Carl Kunard
Director: Sidney Salkow

57 :02x18 - When I Am Dead, My Darling

A widow sailing aboard a French luxury liner keeps insisting to Hammer that hubby's ghost is haunting the ship.
Guest Stars: Rolfe Sedan as Dr. Bouchet | Eugene Borden as Dr. Luge | Carolyn Hughes as Gloria | Jan Arvan as Pierre Laurents | Paul Dubov as Jacques Lomere | Catherine McLeod as Laura Laurents
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

58 :02x19 - Stocks and Blondes

Hammer gets on the trail of a crook who's trying to swindle a businesswoman.
Guest Stars: Dick Crockett as Henchman | Pete Kellett as Heavy | Roxanne Brooks as Dina | K.L. Smith as Tom O'Rough | Dennis Patrick as Simon Loomis | Rita Lynn as Edie Sanford
Director: Ray Nazarro

59 :02x20 - Evidence on the Record

Hammer thinks that one of two jukebox vending rivals is the killer of a woman.
Guest Stars: Frank Maxwell as Wallace Mack | Gerald Milton as Johnny Sixty | Helene Stanley as Eileen | Vito Scotti as Geta
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

60 :02x21 - Shoot Before You Look

A woman is found murdered and the motive is apparently theft of the diamonds she was carrying.
Guest Stars: Vito Scotti as Geta | Gail Kobe as Mrs. Marx | John Milford as Lenny Marx | Georgine Darcy as Laura Howell | Charles Aidman as Marty Davis
Director: Ray Nazarro
Writer: Frank Kane

61 :02x22 - The Commodore

Hammer meets a vagrant who says he was the victim of a swindle.
Guest Stars: Michael Winkelman as Roger | Evelyn Scott as Lily Barnett | Ashley Cowan as Boots Black | Jean Allison as Rhonda Haynes | H.M. Wynant as Speckles Haynes | Edgar Stehli as Commodore Stubbs
Director: Sidney Salkow
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

62 :02x23 - See No Evil

A gypsy fortune teller comes to Hammer for advice.
Guest Stars: Ted Markland as Betters | Gene Saks as Gobo McCoy | Steve Peck as Carl | Walter Burke as Van | Miriam Colon as Tyranna
Director: Ray Nazarro
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

63 :02x24 - Curtains for an Angel

Hammer encounters bunco and murder at a New York theatre group.
Guest Stars: Alexander Lockwood as Claude Hurlburt | Richard Crane as Duncan Fortune | Robert Ellenstein as Professor Murphy | Abby Dalton as Stacy Lee | Virginia Gregg as Elsa Hurlburt
Writer: B.X. Sanborn

64 :02x25 - Dixie is Dead

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66 :02x27 - Pen Pals

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Guest Stars: Betty Lynn as Mona | Mike Connors as Marty | Dort Clark (1) as Luger | Angela Austin as Holly | Ed Kemmer as Simmons

67 :02x28 - Now Die in It

A couple asks Hammer to find the killer of a family member.
Guest Stars: Howard Wright as Hotel Clerk | Jo Kaiser as Donna Crane | Tommy Ivo as Bill Archer | Richard Tyler as Paul Stone | Barbara Turner De Hubp as Madaline Pope | Eddie Firestone as Rudy Pope

69 :02x30 - Groomed to Kill

A blackmailing showgirl is found murdered and one of Hammer's friends is the number one suspect.
Guest Stars: Leonard P. Geer as Man | Ray Daley as Al Sanders | Joan Tabor as Sherri Gay | K.T. Stevens as Doris Gill | Frank Albertson as Jason Gill
Director: Ray Nazarro

70 :02x31 - Doll Trouble

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Guest Stars: Marian Collier as guest star | Cindy Carol as guest star | John Archer (1) as guest star | Vitina Marcus as guest star | Isobel Elsom as guest star

73 :02x34 - Merchant of Menace

When Mike receives a death threat from an ex-convict whom he helped send to prison he thinks it's a joke and plans a meeting with the man.
Guest Stars: Brad Trumbull (2) as Sgt. Flynn | Larry Perron as Gus Donovan | Eddie Marr as Doto Byrd | James Flavin as Brink Donovan | Vito Scotti as Geta | Arthur Kendall as Matt | Barbara Stuart as Gladys Donovan

74 :02x35 - Bride and Doom

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Guest Stars: Frances Robinson as Joyce Conroy | J. Pat O'Malley as Hugo | Sue Ane Langdon as Ruby Duval | DeForest Kelley as Philip Conroy | Richard Angarola as Nick Mann

75 :02x36 - Slab-Happy

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Guest Stars: Jack Lambert (1) as guest star | Mary La Roche as guest star | Ralf Harolde as guest star | Peter Adams (2) as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

76 :02x37 - A Mugging Evening

Searching for a missing young girl, Hammer tangles with a gang of muggers who stalk their victims in Central Park.
Guest Stars: J. Pat O'Malley as Man | Gene Collins (1) as Hill | William Keene as Robert Bart | Jack Hogan (1) as Brownie | Irene Vernon as Myra | Yvette Vickers as Ellen Robbins

77 :02x38 - Siamese Twinge

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Guest Stars: Richard Kipling as guest star | Barry Russo as guest star | Eleanor Audley as guest star | Eric Sinclair as guest star | Arthur Batanides as guest star | Julie Scott as guest star | Sondi Sodsai as guest star

78 :02x39 - Goodbye, Al

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Guest Stars: Val Avery as guest star | Walter Coy as guest star | Melanie York as guest star | Ned Glass as guest star | Pete Kellett as guest star
Warning: Mike Hammer (1958) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 07, 1958
Ended: September, 1959
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