Season 4

47 :04x01 - Episode 1

Season four begins with Mencia acting as host of a children's show in a third world country. Also, a police officer who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

49 :04x03 - Episode 3

Mencia pays homage to a gay man living in a small town. Also, ideas of how to make women happy.
Guest Stars: Billy Dee Williams as Women's Obama | Edward Kiniry-Ostro as Unknown | Robert Morton as Unknown | Jordan Murphy (2) as Unknown
Director: Liz Plonka

50 :04x04 - Episode 4

A new crime syndicate arises after the price of rice increases. Then, a debate between teen and elderly arises over how tough it was to be a child.

51 :04x05 - Episode 5

Features ideas concerning the housing crisis. Also, a person on the street interview with the citizens to see what they would do if they were elected president.

52 :04x06 - Episode 6

Mencia speaks on how to handle being invited to a gay wedding. Also, Mencia's opinion on emo music, and a special appearance by Cheech Marin.

53 :04x07 - Episode 7

An examination of the Jewish culture with Robert Schimmel, and Mencia explains what he loves about the USA. Also, a fitting tribute for the late, great George Carlin (1937-2008).

54 :04x08 - Episode 8

Mencia tries to help politicians, celebrities and his own family by traveling back to the past in a time machine. Also, a trip to a racially themed amusement park.

55 :04x09 - Episode 9

This episode features Mencia reading his hate mail on stage. Also, interviews are conducted on the street to see if citizens will speak ill of the dead.

56 :04x10 - Episode 10

The season finale finds crime fighting superheroes who are handicapped. And Mencia sings the blues about the elderly black men.