Misbehaving Mums To Be

Misbehaving Mums To Be

Misbehaving Mums To Be is a documentary series which follows a group of midwives as they take pregnant women who binge drink, chain smoke and overeat and try and get them back in shape before they give birth to the babies they are expecting..

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Prev: 1x07 -- Episode 7 (Jun/02/2011)

Five of the women who appeared on the series take a look back on the highs and the lows of their pregnancies and how they tried to change their lifestyles.



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These mums to be make me sick.They should be ashamed of there selves. several of them shouldnt be allowed to be mums.I had premature twins and i didnt smoke didnt drink i was a healthy weight, these women dont realise what its like to see your babies attached to machines and wires. At least my conshens is clear.And for the retarded mum to be who said she thinks its healthy for her baby when she as a fag because it makes its heart beat faster really doesnt deserve a baby! Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, April 26th 2011 at 7:20 pm

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