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Message Posted On Wednesday, December 23rd 2009 at 10:59 pm
And is there any cjance of that yearning being fulfilled by a US airing or DVD release? The concept seems to be Heroes mates with Skins... which --god help me-- appeals to me.

Also, I love how the official website has a list of the songs (with links to buy them). That is a really useful feature. Can you tell I am grasping at straws to comment on something I haven't seen?

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Message Posted On Wednesday, May 19th 2010 at 4:11 pm
I've seen it, through download and I'm yearning for a second season. I liked it a lot. Never seen Skins so I can't comment on your comparison.

My description would be...think of the tone of writing closer to Buffy or something Joss Whedon would do, only in the sense of being able to go from serious situations to making light of those situations at the drop of a hat. For something that has sort of a superhero theme in its description, there are not a lot of fights or "action" in that sense. The action is more times than not, based on human emotion and tension, which builds very nicely. Another thing that's appealing is there are no real "good" characters. They're just humans and they're a bit on the darker side of that since they're already doing community service for one thing or another. The show is, mostly, copious amounts of tension and humor. It's less glossy than any American genre show and more gritty, inner city, with much more sexual situations and profanity.

If that sounds good to you, you should love it. If not, wait til you can see it and give it a shot. There will probably be no US airing 'cause of the sex and profanity, like I said, but you can probably get the DVD from Amazon UK. Or PM me and perhaps I can help you out, if you're really interested.