The Hard Drive - Recap

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The scene opens with a great relief as we see that Becca is merely grazed by the bullet and she quickly recovers and swims back to the banks of the Seine. She also collects Michael’s wet photographs floating on the river. She walks into a high profile restaurant, where she meets a former acquaintance, Sylvie Deveau and tells her that she has been shot and she needs her help. Sylvie refuses as she does not want to be seen with Becca, but later when she is told that Michael is kidnapped, she agrees. Sylvie asks Becca whether she is still active, but Becca says that she has been raising her son and owns a flower shop. Sylvie tells her that if Michael is kidnapped, then, she is still active and that Lussier knows that Becca is in France and that he would kill her.

Sylvie gives Becca her gun, and tells her to keep away from Lussier. Next, Becca assaults two French policemen and asks them to arrest her and inform Lussier. She meets the Chief of French Intelligence. She tells him that she wants to make a deal. She tells him that if he helps her to find her son, she will do anything. She tells him about the crime he had committed and that she could inform all the intelligence agencies across the world about the same. Initially reluctant, he later agrees; but tells her that he wants the “hard drive” in return. She is reluctant at first, but later she sets out to find the hard drive, in hopes of getting her son back. Miller is shocked to learn that three minutes ago she was in custody and now she is released! Miller suspects that there is some connection between Becca and Lussier and wants to find out what and assigns his team to do the same.

As Becca leaves from the custody, Giancarlo meets her. She tells him that whoever has kidnapped Michael has been following them from the US; as they have his picture of him from childhood to the recent. He wants to go with her but she says that she will call him if she needs any help. Next we see Becca at a farm, meeting the hard drive, who is a man Lussier has been looking for. She tells him that it is time that he testifies against Lussier and he needs to testify to bring Lussier in. He says that he wouldn’t do so; unless Lussier is behind bars. He is in a place where Becca had placed him twelve years ago, and no one has ever found him. Meanwhile, Miller finds out that Becca is meeting the hard drive, who has witnessed a crime being committed by Lussier 12 years ago; placed by Becca, and that he has a superior photographic memory. His whereabouts have been unknown for several years.

He figures out that Becca is going to trade the hard drive with Lussier for his help in finding her son. Meanwhile, Becca is driving with hard drive, on her way to meet Lussier. After having a conversation with the hard drive, about his family and how his memory is his worst enemy, Becca gives up on the idea of turning in the hard drive to Lussier. She gives Lussier a call to make some other arrangements; but he tells her that he wants her to see something. He sends her a video of Michael being beaten up.she has no choice but to trade the hard drive. Lussier tells her that he does not like any loose ends and asks her to bring the hard drive. On arriving at the decided spot, Becca confesses to the hard drive that she has brought him there to hand him over to Lussier and in return would get her son back.

He tells her that he too has a family and also that she realizes by now, how it is to lose ones family.The hard drive is shattered and tells her that she can’t do this to him. Just then Lussier arrives at the spot and brings out a guy, whose head is covered and is hand cuffed behind and Lussier had his gun pointed to his head. She asks the hard drive to get out and walk towards Lussier’s car. Just then she realizes that the masked guy is not her son and shoots him. She forces the hard drive back into the car and flees. She doesn’t believe that she fell for that. The hard drive tells her that Lussier knows that she would be a mother first.but he wonders how she figured out that he is not her son. She tells him that Michael had a knee injury when he was twelve and since then there was a slight difference in his walk. Only she can notice it. She tells him that they need to move him to a safe place with his family. She asks Giancarlo for help. Giancarlo agrees to take the family to a safe place. He tells her to think like a CIA Agent; calculative and detached. She needs to treat Michael just like another missing person.

The three begin to wonder as to where did Lussier get the video from. Hard drive tells them that they can find answers to their questions on Lussier’s computer. She tells them that she is going to get back into The French Intelligence. The hard drive tells Becca that he is going with her as he knows the building inch by inch. Giancarlo leaves with the family. Next Miller meets Lussier. He makes a deal with Lussier. He tells him that they will find them together and they will take Becca and Lussier can take the hard drive. Lussier agrees. At the French Intelligence, Becca and the hard drive manage to pass the security; unsuspected. At the CIA Substation, they follow a trail, left by Becca through the stolen cars and find hard drive’s house abandoned. In Lussier’s office, they find out that Lussier had traded the video for a grant to use a private plane in order to override a security check.

Becca figures out that they are moving him. Unaware about the deal, Becca calls Miller, informing him about the plane that is about to leave in 10 minutes and that it has Michael in it. Miller tells her that he will see what he can do. She steals a motorcycle and races to stop the plane. Meanwhile, hard drive leaks some incriminating information about Lussier on the internet. This man is definitely going down! To make it worse, hard drive makes it obvious to Lussier that he is the one who has done it. Hard drive finally meets his family at their new, safe home.

As she reaches the runway, she sees two men walk out of a car with a captive. Yes; it is Michael. She runs to him, screaming his name as he screams for his mom. It is heart-rending to watch them. But Becca is unable to stop the plane; so is Miller as he arrives late on the scene. Miller finds the mother kneeling on the runway, sobbing for her son…he watches helplessly. The episode ends.