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Tell Me No Lies - Recap

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The scene opens with Becca watching a 10 year old footage of her husband’s murder and her son Michael watching his father die. She watches the footage over and over again. In the mansion, Michael is still trying to figure out where he is as no one is telling him. He builds a sundial. After exploring a bit, he figures a way out but Oksana warns him that the armed men aren’t fools. He also tells her that he has no idea who his parents really are. Meanwhile, Becca tells Miller that she was not allowed to fly to her husband’s death scene, as it was against protocol; and that Michael was brought home to her by Martin Newman – a CIA legend and her mentor. We are then taken into the flashback, where Martin tells Becca that Paul was killed By Russian Intelligence. He tells her that Paul wasn’t on a vacation but on a mission for him. She is shocked because they had promised to protect Michael and he would never break her trust.

But Martin tells her that he had convinced him to. She is furious that Martin had used her husband as cover and also endangered her son’s life. She asks him to get out of her house. Cut to the present, Becca sees a man in the video; handing the soccer ball to Michael. But it looks deliberate, as if he wants to delay him. She wants to know about him but they have no id on him. But she notices a burn mark on his hand. She has seen him in the other pictures Michael had taken during the vacation. They identify him as Ori Aiden. Miller tells her even if he had killed Paul, he didn’t do it for the Russian’s; as he doesn’t work for them for personal reasons. So now its clear Newman lied. Back at the mansion, Michael tells Oksana that he has figured a way to get out of that place. She warns him against it.

Meanwhile, Miller and Becca got to Berlin to confront Martin. He tells her that Paul was corrupt and a traitor. She does not believe it. He tells her that Paul was working as a rogue operative. She flashes back to the time when she tells Paul that she is pregnant. She realizes how much she loves him and clings to his innocence. She tells Martin that she is going to find Aiden and Miller tells her that his last location is Croatia. Martin warns them that he is dangerous. He decides to tag along. Becca refuses to let him. He tells Becca that he knows the area very well as he has been working there. And most importantly, Michael is his god-son and he want to find his son as much as Becca wants to. So, Miller, Martin, Becca and Violet go to Croatia. They plan an entry into Aiden’s house. But Miller tells Becca that she cannot go as she is a civilian now. But she tells him that she is a trained CIA and it’s only her who could act as his cover. Miller reluctantly agrees to give her a gun and they both go inside Aiden’s house. They see that his house has been trashed.

Becca sees the same blond guy from Rovello, who shot Ms. Scarsdale and realizes that he has been following her all this while. But he manages to escape. But Becca now feels that she is getting closer to Michael. Back at the mansion, Michael figures out that it is important to his captor and the snipers won’t hurt him. But Oksana warns him against testing their limits. But after she leaves, we see that Michael pulls out a big bunch of keys he stole from one of the rooms. In Croatia, as they search Aiden’s room, they realize that he is very dangerous. Becca sees a cruise ship and infers that the best place for Aiden to hide is amongst the tourists, in the crowd. She spots Aiden and chases him into a building where a fight ensues. Its an interesting one to watch! He tells her that he wants amnesty, a new identity and he will tell her who has Michael. He knocks her down and flees. Miller is on the phone with his boss and she tells her that the seventh floor is shutting down the operation in Croatia and threatens Miller’s advancement. Someone in Washington doesn’t want Paul’s murderer to be found! But Becca refuses to accept it.

Miller is skeptical. Martin asks him what he would do if his child were missing. At times its worth breaking the rules. Miller decides to stand by Becca. Back in the mansion, Michael finds an underground passage that leads to a locked door. He uses the keys to open the door. But then he finds a door which is chained and locked; and no key from the bunch can open that lock. He hears someone approaching, but the man does not see Michael. When the coast is clear, Michael goes upstairs and walks back to his room and just then the guard catches hold of him. Michael is locked inside his room. But despite this huge offense, they don’t harm him. Next, Becca is wired before she sets out to meet Aiden. But when she arrives at the decided spot, he is found dead. Just then she notices a movement and figures out that someone is trying to escape.

The team chases the guy. It’s enervating to watch the chase up the long fleet of stairs and along the streets. Just before he jumps the wall, we see his face and so does Becca; it is PAUL! He isn’t dead after all! He jumps into the water and escapes. Next, we see that Becca takes a look at his un- redacted file. We see that as she is going through his file, there are flashes from the past; their wedding. She reads about his many wrong doings. She wonders if all of this is a lie. Did he ever love his family? Martin tells her that it was difficult for him to believe as well. But he also tells her that Paul loved her. She realizes that all along Paul wanted her to hate Martin and love him. She asks him as to why didn’t he tell her earlier. Martin tells Becca that he wanted her to hold on to her good memories about her past. At the mansion,

Oksana is thrown into Michael’s room; severely beaten. She tells him that he was right that they won’t hurt him. He is sorry and he realizes that she will have to bear the consequences for his actions. Next, Miller’s boss informs him that the seventh floor wants him to look into Becca’s case. Paul’s re-emergence has made everyone curious. They feel that Becca knew about Paul all along, but Miller thinks otherwise. Miller shows Becca a picture of the soccer game that Michael went to two weeks before he disappeared. And two rows behind him is Paul. They don’t know what it means. Becca tells them that it means there is a good chance that her husband has her son. The episode ends.