A Busy Solitude - Recap

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The episode begins at the “castle” where Becca enters a code into the alarm system and the timer stops. Becca tells Giancarlo that the code was the coordinates for the place where Becca and Paul met. Later, Violet arrives with coffee for Dax and tells him that now isn’t the right time to go to London to meet his ex. But he tells her that he is going there to meet his kids. Just then Fitzpatrick calls Dax and tells him that the Czech police have released Paul’s stock certificates worth 250 million dollars. Next, Becca tells Dax that she wants to have a look around, as she knows Paul’s methods and that there would be more explosives planted around the house. She says that she will disarm it and then invite him in.

But Dax tells her that he isn’t going to let her go inside alone. He goes in with her. She finds a pressure sensor under a door. When she opens the door, we are taken in the flashback, where Paul and a pregnant Becca are sitting in the same room, deciding on the color for the baby’s room. Just then Paul receives a call and he tells Becca that Martin is sending him away for 48 hours. Back to the present, in the mansion, Michael tells Oksana that he would take her for a vacation. Meanwhile, the guard checks Oksana’s insulin box and finds out that there are a couple of doses missing. Michael tells Oksana that they will leave the next day. At the castle, Becca is still searching for more explosives. Just then she opens a drawer and finds some documents. There is also a map and Becca figures out that they are smuggling goods by rail.

At the mansion, the guard asks Michael about the insulin, but Michael tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Alongside, Paul follows Fitzpatrick and rams his car into the police car. At the mansion, the guard brings in Oksana into Michael’s room with a gun aimed at her and once again asks Michael about the insulin. Oksana doesn’t want Michael to get hurt and agrees to give it back. Alongside, we see that Fitzpatrick is hurt and Paul manages to retrieve the stocks from Fitz and leaves. At the castle, Becca finds a copy of an employee identification batch of Helios, the same company as the stock certificates. Giancarlo says that all he was able to find out about Helios is that Azimoff was the CEO of the company; the same guy who attacked her last night and the one who Paul has been working with all along.

Just then Violet manages to activate the sensors and the alarm goes off. The place is about to explode and they all rush outside. The castle explodes. And with all the evidence is gone. Becca is irritated at Violet. Violet apologizes and Dax tells her that its not her fault. When no one is listening, Giancarlo tells Becca that Azimoff’s company has been on the investigation for the last five years, for large scale smuggling. Victor Azimoff was a former Russian Intel and he became one of the richest men by bribery and blackmail. Giancarlo also tells her that Paul was Azimoff’s CIA contact in the ‘90s. Becca tells him that she has to go after Azimoff to get to Paul. But Giancarlo tells her that the information he gave her was strictly confidential and that if the Interpol comes to know about any outside interference, it will be his neck.

Just then Dax informs Becca about Paul stealing the certificates and he assures her that they will get him. Becca thinks otherwise as Paul always gets away. Next, Jamie arrives at the scene of the explosion and meets Becca. Becca tells her that the photo on the employee id batch is taken after Michael disappeared and so she thinks that Azimoff is connected with her son’s kidnapping, and she wants the CIA’s resources to get to Azimoff. But Jamie tells her that CIA has suspended the case and so is Dax. She has taken over the case. Jamie tells Dax that two agents were murdered last week and that Paul and Azimoff are connected to the murders; but they also think that Becca too is involved. Jamie asks him to go to London and leave this case. Becca is pissed. Giancarlo tells her that he will do his best to push this forward. Becca notices Jamie’s helicopter and takes off in it.

She has the pilot at gun point. Jamie is irritated that Giancarlo is hanging around the CIA. Giancarlo tells her that he is going after Becca and also that Interpol is sending a plane for him. Dax wants to go with him, and Jamie lets him. Next, we are taken in the flashback, where we see that Becca is at the hospital and is about to deliver the baby; whereas Paul and Azimoff are discussing about changing their line. Martin tells Paul not to take his name, ever. Back to the present, Paul calls somebody and says that he has the certificates with him. At the mansion, Paul manages to get a signal for the cell phone he found in the tunnel. He calls Becca but is unable to reach her. He calls Mary and leaves a message. Just then the guard walks in and beats up Michael. Oksana attacks the guard from behind. They try to escape.

Next, we see that the helicopter has landed and Becca ties the pilot to the helicopter. She also dismantles a part of the helicopter. She enters a factory; Helios mining and oil. Meanwhile, Michael and Oksana escape through the tunnel but the guards arrive looking for them. Becca calls Giancarlo and he asks her to meet him at the Metro. He makes Becca listen to Michael’s message. Giancarlo tells her that he is somewhere here, in Russia. She tells him that she saw the men at Helios put something into the fuel tanker. They were wearing the hazard suits. He tells Becca that he will report the rail yard to the Interpol. She tells him that here on she will work alone and asks him not to follow her. She leaves.

Meanwhile, Michael and Oksana run out into the woods. Michael tells her that they have to wait for the train as it will surely take them to some place in town. Next, Becca walks into Helios through the front door. Giancarlo and the CIA team are there as well. Inside the office, Becca is taken to Azimoff. She tells him that since she is still alive, it means that her life might mean something to him; but she doesn’t care about it. All she wants is her son. Azimoff discusses the situation with someone on the phone (probably Paul) and signals the sniper to make his move. Becca is unconscious and Azimoff takes her out in his car. The CIA is about to follow Azimoff’s car, but just then Giancarlo stops Azimoff’s car and flashes his id. He asks them to get out of the car. But Becca isn’t in the car. Just then three cars, all similar looking, drive out in different directions.

Becca is taken to the mansion but is still kept in the trunk of the car. She tricks a guard into opening the trunk and beats him to the ground. She takes away his gun and phone. She calls Giancarlo and asks him to trace the call. Becca goes inside the mansion. She sees the code and knows Michael was there. In the outside, the train arrives and just then the guard sees Michael and Oksana. He fires at them. Becca follows the noise. She comes out and sees Michael’s feet running along with the train. The sniper and Azimoff still have their aim on Michael. But again it’s the guard they shoot down and let Michael get away.

They get on the train and Becca is late. She misses her son and the train. Azimoff leaves from the scene. Becca is about to leave when Giancarlo and the CIA arrive. Dax takes Becca into custody. Meanwhile, Paul is driving towards Vienna. He thinks about the time baby Michael was born and the first time he held his son. Becca asks him as to why he lied to her, but he tells her that he was meeting an asset and hence couldn’t talk about it. In the present, Michael tells Oksana today, July 18th, is his birthday. Just then we see, that the guard who was stabbed by Oksana is on the train…a few compartments away. The episode ends.