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Answers - Recap

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The episode begins at the CIA sub- station, where Dax feels that Becca is Jamie’s killer. Dax suspects that Giancarlo and Newman have helped Becca in escaping. Next, we see that Becca is trying to find a location that she heard Azimoff talk about. Just then she sees Violet, trying to keep a watch on her; Becca runs. Violet chases her. We see that Azimoff’s son, the blonde assassin, is still keeping a watch on Becca. He sees Violet chasing Becca with her gun drawn. But she tricks Violet and escapes with Violet’s gun. Meanwhile, in the wine yard; Okasan’s condition is becoming worse, and Michael is trying to find help. Two armed arrive and are searching for them. Michael manages to steal their truck and escape with Oksana.

At the substation, Newman asks Giancarlo whether he helped Becca escape, as they had a special relationship. Becca calls Giancarlo and asks him for help. Dax sees Giancarlo talking on the phone. Giancarlo tells Dax that Becca wants him to meet her at the station. Newman wants Becca to be unharmed. But Giancarlo tells Dax that Becca betrayed him and so he is ready to help Dax in his mission. Meanwhile, Michael manages to get Oksana to a hospital. At the train station, Dax has tightened the surveillance. They are keeping a watch on Giancarlo. They are continuously giving instructions to Giancarlo. Becca arrives and they both get on to the train. Newman tells Dax that Becca will get off on the next stop. Newman knows Becca’s every move. But Becca outsmarts Newman and boards a local. That isn’t protocol.

Giancarlo tells Becca that Jamie is killed; right in the room where she was being questioned and also that she is their only suspect. She tells him that she doesn’t know who opened the door for her. Giancarlo takes off the wire. Becca knew that she could always trust him. The team loses Giancarlo and Becca; Dax is furious. Meanwhile, Oksana receives medical help and Michael had got her in just on time. Just then Dax receives a message saying that Michael Winstone is in Hungary. He has informed the embassy that he had been held captive by some unknown people and that since he doesn’t have his passport, he could he arrested by the Hungarian police. Meanwhile, Giancarlo and Becca set out to find the bird church, as described by Azimoff. Newman heads to check on Michael and Violet tells Dax that Helios has booked a lot of apartments across Europe for executive purposes and there is one in Vienna. Dax asks her to check on this one.

Becca and Giancarlo figure out the name of the church. They arrive at St. Margaret’s. They split ways; Giancarlo goes inside and Becca checks on the outside. Giancarlo spots Azimoff inside the church. While on the outside guess who Becca finds?- Paul. A tussle ensues. She wants to know where is her son. Paul tells her that all this while he was undercover, working against Azimoff. But his cover was blown and now they want him and not Michael. They want him dead. Becca tells him to give up his life for Michael’s. But Michael makes her unconscious and says a goodbye to her. Meanwhile, Dax is at Azimoff’s apartment in Vienna. He finds out that the apartment has a secret way, so that they don’t see people arriving and leaving the house. It actually belonged to the Bishop for his mistresses; and it leads straight to the church.

Meanwhile, Newman meets Michael at the hospital. Michael is happy to see his godfather. He asks Newman about Becca. New tells him that he cant find his mother anywhere. Next, Giancarlo finds the unconscious Becca. When she wakes up, she tells Giancarlo that Paul was here. Giancarlo tells him that h is in the church with Azimoff and he is swapping the certificates. But he also tells her that Azimoff doesn’t have Michael. Becca tells Giancarlo that Paul is about to give his life up for nothing as they want Paul dead. Next, inside the church, Paul meets Azimoff. Just then Becca enters and tells Paul that Azimoff doesn’t have Michael. A gunfight ensues. Dax and Violet arrive at the church. But they are late. There are cops all around the church. Violet tells Dax that she had started the job; and now she wants to finish it. At the hospital, Michael tells Newman that he had a lot of clues to know about his mother, but he had never put them together.

He asks Newman if Becca is the reason why he was kidnapped and taken to that place. He also tells him that he had killed the security guard as he had to save Oksana. Newman tells him that if killed the guard to save her life then it is alright. Newman asks Michael to go along with him; but Michael doesn’t want to leave without Oksana. Meanwhile, Giancarlo gives Paul a gun to defend himself. They still have to get out of the church. Becca arrives and she asks Paul as to why was Michael taken. Paul tells her that he wanted to see Michael and he had gone to the soccer game. But someone he doesn’t know recognized him. And hence Michael got kidnapped. He tells Becca that if he would have told her, then they would have killed her. The only way to stop making her look for him was to make her think that he was dead. Just then they hear a noise.

Azimoff is standing face to face with Paul and Becca; all three with their guns drawn. Paul tells Azimoff to let Becca go. Azimoff tells him that HE wants Becca killed. Paul asks him about suspect zero and Azimoff is surprised that they haven’t figured out who suspect zero is. Just then Azimoff’s son, Max comes in. Azimoff asks him to shoot Paul. Max is hesitant. Azimoff is pissed and orders max to shoot Paul. But instead he shoots his own father. Becca is once again shocked; as she was years ago when he shot his mother in the park. He then says “Now I have killed both my parents”. Max tells her that he would have never killed her. Even when he shot her in Paris, he only wanted to scare her. Just then they hear some noises.

Meanwhile, Oksana and Michael are being taken away in an ambulance. Newman tells him that he cant disclose the location as he doesn’t know who is listening. He assures Michael that it is a safe place. They leave. Meanwhile Becca tells Max and Paul that they have to leave. She tells Paul that she cannot go back to the agency as they suspect that she is his accomplice. Paul is surprised. He tells her that Newman knew the whole thing. Newman knew that Paul was undercover all this while and that it is surprising that he never told her. Just then Azimoff’s phone rings. Max answers the phone. He tells the caller that he will pass on the message to his father. Max tells them that the caller was Newman. Becca realizes that Newman is their suspect zero. The episode ends.