Promise - Recap

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The episode begins with the cops searching for Becca and Giancarlo. Violet is inside the church with a team; searching for them. Meanwhile, Max tells Becca and Paul that they all work for Newman. Giancarlo arrives and tells them that they have to leave. Max does not want to go and stays back. Violet arrives and sees Max. They know each other. He tells her that he is the one who killed his own father. Violet shoots him. The three hear the gun shots. Violet informs Dax about what happened and Dax goes inside. Becca, Paul and Giancarlo see a police bike. Giancarlo asks the two to leave and tells Becca that they will meet soon. They leave. Violet comes out of the church and Giancarlo surrenders by lowering his weapon.

But Violet shoots him and Becca only sees Giancarlo falling on the ground. But they don’t stop. Violet tells Dax that Giancarlo shot at her and so she had to shoot him. But he is not dead and the med team is working on him now. She tells him that the Winstones have Max’s and Azimoff’s cell phones. Next, Newman is driving with Michael and Oksana. He tells Michael that his mom is not a criminal and that covert business is all about lies and deceit. Next, Paul tells Becca that Newman has more than half of his business is based in Istanbul and so he is sure that Newman is headed towards Turkey. Paul realizes that Becca loves Giancarlo a lot. He tells her that they should try trusting each other. Meanwhile, at the CIA substation, Violet is complaining that the local cops took away her gun; she shot two men in twenty minutes. Dax tells her that they need the locals on their side and so he cannot issue her another weapon.

Dax has some doubts about the killings that took place in the church. He says that why did Max kill his own father, Azimoff and if Becca and Paul are on their side, then why didn’t they intervene. Violet seems a little tensed. Just then an Interpol agent, Susan arrives to meet Dax. She tells him that Giancarlo had sent her to meet Dax as he wanted to make a deal with him, about warrants and stuff like that. She is here to provide him with Interpol jurisdiction. Dax is totally confused. Meanwhile, Violet informs Newman that Paul and Becca are together. Newman realizes that they must have figured out that he is suspect zero. He tells her to keep a track on Dax. Newman is on his way to deal with the train tanker and Violet tells him that Dax is looking for it again. Newman has to move quickly. He asks her to make sure that Giancarlo doesn’t talk.

Next, Paul and Becca are driving to Bulgaria. He tells her that he always wanted to be with his family and that is why he had booked the cabin. But Newman was too smart. Newman put Paul undercover on the operation that he was running and when Paul got too close, he put the hit on Paul. Becca believes that there has to be more to this than just money. They arrive at the border. The border police checks Becca’s passport and let them pass. He calls Newman and informs him about their arrival. Meanwhile, Oksana and Michael are having their photographs clicked for phony passports. At the hospital, the doctor tells Dax and Violet that Giancarlo will take at least a week fully recover. Dax tells Violet that this is a bad business to raise kids.

They leave but Violet makes an excuse that she left the phone on Giancarlo’s bed, and goes in. she increases the speed of the drip. Dax comes in and tells her that he has got the satellite images. At the substation, the team follows the path the train followed. In one image they see the tanker, but in an image that was taken an hour later, it was gone. Dax announces that Becca was telling the truth. Just then he receives a call from the hospital saying that Giancarlo just died. Violet looks relieved. Next, Paul and Becca are in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is still complaining that he lied to her. They had made a deal that they would quit the job for Michael’s safety. But Paul tells her that he couldn’t as he was in too deep. Newman arrives in Istanbul with the two of them. He tells them that they will stay at a business associate’s place as guests until they find his mother.

Next, Becca and Paul go to the same place where Oksana and Michael were having their photographs clicked. They find the false identity papers. Becca finds a file with a lot of pictures of girls. She tells Paul that Newman is into trafficking. Paul tells her that he is into a lot of other things. Becca sees that Oksana too has been through their pipeline and what she might have gone through is indescribable. She knows that their son is trying to help her. Meanwhile, Newman arrives at the dock with Michael and Oksana. Oksana recognizes one of the men on the docks. She faints. When she wakes up, Newman takes her aside and tells her that he loves Michael and that he is fine with Michael bringing in a hoar. He will accept her as a daughter and give her a new identity to start a new life. But if she tells Michael anything, then Michael could get killed.

Newman tells her that they needed someone to keep Michael happy in that castle and that is why she was put on the truck. He tells her that she is still a slave. Oksana agrees to keep her mouth shut and Newman welcomes her to the family. Michael and Oksana aren’t allowed to go out of the property for a walk and Michael decides to ask Newman about it. Next, Dax is erasing Paul from his crime tree. He tells Violet that Paul is being framed by Newman. Violet reaches out for a gun and fires at Dax. But it is empty. Violet is arrested. He tells her that her hand stripped when she shot Giancarlo and that they were on to her since then. The doctors were monitoring his morphine drip and he will come through it just fine. Dax asks her about Newman but she doesn’t give any answers. Next, Becca and Paul are keeping an eye over the shop.

They find a target approaching and Paul thinks that he knows this guy. Becca tells him that he might be the carrier for the phony passports. They follow him. At the substation, violet doesn’t answer any questions. Dax tells them to keep her on ice. He gets a call. He tells Susan that they have tracked the tanker to Istanbul. They have also tracked the radiation signal, so whatever is in it is hot. Next, Becca and Paul are still following the man. But Paul notices his car at a parking lot and he hadn’t put it there. They realize that Newman knows that they are here and he set them up. Just then the cops arrive. Paul tells Becca her way out; and he goes in to cause a diversion. Michael gets caught and Becca escapes.

Meanwhile, the CIA team reaches the tanker. But the tanker is empty. On the docks, Newman is ready to make the deal. Next, Paul is being put in the prison and he already has visitors. They try to kill Paul but Paul puts up a great fight against those two huge men. But one of them screams that Paul attacked them and he is crazy. The cops beat up Paul and drag him away. Next, Newman tells his man that Michael is a smart guy and he senses something. So, if his mother doesn’t come for him before they leave Istanbul, Michael should be killed. Newman goes to Michael and Oksana and tells him that there is a good news; his mother is on her way. The episode ends.