Rain on the Evil and on the Good - Recap

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The episode begins with Dax arriving at the Turkey border crossing. The cop tells Dax that Paul Winstone is arrested and his car has been confiscated. They find a tube of reactive Uranium in his car. Just then Becca calls Dax. She tells him that she is not a traitor and she did not kill Jamie. Dax tells her that they know the whole truth now and also that Newman is the suspect zero. Becca is aware that they have planted something in their car. Dax tells her that it is a tube of reactive uranium. But it appears that both of them have no further leads on Newman. Becca will text Dax the address she found in her son’s fake passport. Dax meets Becca. She tells him that her son is on the verge of disappearance as Newman has created new identities for him. Moreover she doesn’t want to go after her son without Paul as she wants Michael to know who exactly his father is and all that he gave up for his son. Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Michael finds everything very weird.

He tells Oksana that the clothes and the cigars in the house indicate that the house belongs to his Uncle; then why is he lying to them. Oksana tells him not to think about these things. Next, Dax tells Becca that they will go get Paul. He makes an arrangement with the prison guards where he tells them that he is there to kill Paul. They let him in. Dax tells Paul the way to escape and asks Paul to knock him down. Paul does that and he escapes. And on the outside Becca waits for him with a truck. They drive away. Next, Becca and Paul meet Dax. Dax tells them that the person who could lead them to Newman and Michael is being transported-Violet. But in the van, Violet manages to shoot down all the guards and she escapes. Meanwhile, Michael finds the fake passports in Newman’s drawer. He realizes that something is really fishy as his uncle had told them that the passports haven’t arrived.

Next, the trio discovers the van from which Violet escaped. They split three-ways to find Violet. She is headed to Newman. Dax finds her and he chases her. Dax gets his shot and he shoots her on her leg. She tells Becca that Newman will sell the Uranium and after the sale, he will be in the wind and Michael will be in the Bosporus. They take Violet to the CIA substation. Dax tries every trick to make her talk, but she doesn’t say a word. Meanwhile, Oksana tells Michael that she has been lying to him all this while. She tells him that they guy with the scar was the first one to put her on the truck. Michael tells her that it is ok as she lied to him to protect him. He would have done the same. Just then Newman arrives. He tells them that the passports have arrived and it is time to go.

In the substation, Becca will do anything to get her son back; and if that means torturing Violet for information, so be it. Paul is against it. Dax tells him that Becca has no strict guidelines like the agency. She goes in and talks to violet. But when she doesn’t budge; she breaks one of Violet’s fingers with the pliers. Meanwhile, Newman deports Oksana and Michael and tells them that he will meet them at the border. Next, Becca comes out of the room and tells them that the deal is going down at Hagia Sophia, today. Peter asks her as to what she did to Violet. Becca tells Paul that she found their son. The three leave. They arrive at the place where the deal is about to take place. They find Newman. The exchange takes place.

The cops announce themselves. There is chaos and Newman escapes. Paul and Becca follow him. Newman shoots Paul and Paul asks Becca to follow Newman. Meanwhile, Michael and Oksana are waiting in the car. Michael is tired of sitting in the car and is about to get down. But the man with the scar threatens Michael with his gun and asks him to get back inside. Just then Newman calls this guy and tells him that there is a change of plan and Newman asks him to meet at a new place. Meanwhile, the cops chase the guys with the backpacks. Four of them are caught, but all the bags caught were empty. Meanwhile, Becca is following Newman. Next, Dax is standing in front of a mosque, and a thought strikes him. He asks his men to standby.

Dax sees a girl walking out with a bag pack and asks his men to search it. They find the Uranium in it. The Interpol agent asks Dax as to how he was sure about this girl. He tells her that this girl had asked Newman a question and he had given her the wrong answer. But they hadn’t paid much attention to this girl as their entire focus was on Newman. Next, Becca is still following Newman and the scar faced man arrives with the car. There is a gun fight in which the driver and the scar face are killed. Michael and Becca finally see each other. Becca hugs her son and tells him that she is sorry. Meanwhile, the cops arrive and Newman tries to escape. Becca asks Michael and Oksana to stay with the cops and she goes after Newman. There is a long chase. But later on, Becca finally gets her shot. And Newman falls. She asks him why he kept Michael alive for such a long time after kidnapping him.

He doesn’t give an answer. Becca tells him that she spent ten years living a decent life and Newman brought her back to her old ways in just two weeks. She did things she never would have done. Newman tells her that she cannot shoot him as she isn’t the cold blooded agent anymore. She tells him he is right. But she also tells him that she is a mother. We hear a gun shot. Becca puts down her weapon and the cops arrest her. Michael asks Dax to do something for his mother. Dax talks to the local cops. Dax tells him that the man Becca killed was an International criminal and he had kidnapped her son. The cop tells Dax that in that case Becca will have no problem at the trial. Dax wants Becca off this, so he takes the cop to the car which has the bag pack and shows him the Uranium tube and asks him if he would like to be the Chief of police. The cop agrees and releases Becca.

Dax gave up his chance of becoming the Chief for Becca. Becca thanks Dax. Just then Paul arrives. Michael is shocked to see his father alive. The family reunites and Becca welcomes Oksana into the family. Next, one week later in Prague, the four are together. Becca goes to get the car. Michael, Paul and Oksana are standing at a distance and talking, when they see Becca’s car run into another car parked. They rush to check on Becca, but Becca isn’t in the car. There is blood on the seat and Paul notices that the glass has been shattered by a bullet. Now, Becca is “Missing”. The episode ends.