Mission: Impossible (1966)

Mission: Impossible (1966)

Mission: Impossible ran from 1966 to 1973. The show was about a team of secret agents called the Impossible Mission Force, or the IMF, who go on covert missions to fight and defeat Syndicate crime lords and evil dictators. Each week the Team Leader would get his assignment from a tape recording left at an isolated location. He would then assemble his team of specialists from a photo dossier, cut ahead to one final briefing, then move out into the field. The IMF team typically was composed of The Master of Disguise, the Femme Fatale, the Technical Genius, and The Strongman. However, they would bring in additional specialists as necessary, anyone from a safe cracker to a contortionist to a memory expert.

The team would used advanced technological gadgets, disguises, drugs, psychological manipulation, and a series of elaborate ruses to break into impenetrable safes, despose dictators, set two bad guys against each other, etc. If they couldn't get the villain punished for a crime he committed, they'd frame him for something he hadn't done or trick him into shooting another bad guy. Each week at the end the team would quietly slip away in a vehicle, their mission completed.

Although the formula varied only slightly from time to time, and very little was ever revealed about the team members' background, the show proved popular enough to run seven years and outlast the other spy shows of the era.

Opening Theme

Episode Info

Final: 7x22 -- Imitation (Mar/30/1973)

The Marnsburg Crown Jewels have been stolen on their way to the U.N. for display. The government of Marnsburg has kept the theft secret for now, and the IMF must go after suspected thief Jena Cole and retrieve the jewels within the next 72 hours.
Steven Hill (1)Steven Hill (1)
As Daniel Briggs (S01)
Peter GravesPeter Graves
As James Phelps (S02-S07)
Martin LandauMartin Landau
As Rollin Hand (S01-S03)
Barbara BainBarbara Bain
As Cinnamon Carter (S01-S03)
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy
As The Amazing Paris (S04-S05)
Lesley Ann WarrenLesley Ann Warren
As Dana Lambert (S05, as Lesley Warren)
Greg MorrisGreg Morris
As Barney Collier
Lynda Day GeorgeLynda Day George
As Casey (S06-S07)
Peter LupusPeter Lupus
As Willy Armitage
Sam ElliottSam Elliott
As Dr. Douglas Roberts (S05)


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7x16: The Question recap: Nicholas Varsi arrives at the airport and goes to a locker but finds it empty. An enemy agent approaches him and demands to see his passport for identification purposes. Coleman then gives him new identity papers. They’re interrupted when a government agent, Ben Nelson, arrests them both. Varsi fingers the other man and says he’s here to defect with a lot of information... read more.

7x6: Cocaine recap: A silver Mercedes disgorges two men who enter a building, Importado Cosas de las Americas. These are Carl Reid, cocaine distributor for the syndicate, and Joseph Conrad, his right hand man. They meet Reid’s chief supplier Fernando Laroca. Laroca shows how he will smuggle cocaine within a sculpture crafted by Rene Santoro. The base is large enough to hold 500 kilos, the largest single shipment into the United States ever. At $20,000 a kilo, Reid’s wholesale price is $10,000,000. Santoro wants no part of this and leaves. On his way out a gunman silences his objections permanently... read more.

7x2: Two Thousand recap: Nuclear physicist Joseph Collins arrives at an abandoned building and picks up a briefcase filled with money. He gets a call informing him the rest is in a Swiss Bank account and he tells the buyer, Haig, that the material is in the same place as the previous year. Collins is unaware that federal agents are listening in... read more.

7x1: Break! recap: At a pool hall in New Orleans, a pool hustler, Toledo, is playing pool for crime lord Dutch Krebbs and his lieutenant, Press Allen, while their associates look on. Toledo wins the game against the player for rival mobster Tim Sharkey, who pays up before leaving. Dutch pays Toledo his winnings and Press suggests that they go out. The pool player wants to stay in and practice and Dutch agrees. Once Dutch and Press go outside, they send two of their men on in their car. Meanwhile, Toledo goes to the window and assumes that the partners are driving away. He goes up to Dutch's office and breaks into the drawer where the crime lord keeps his files. Using a camera hidden in his wristwatch, Toledo takes photos of the ledger and puts it away... just as Dutch and Press come in. Toledo claims he was going to borrow some money for a girl, but the mobsters know that he's an undercover Federal agent. Press draws a gun and shoots Toledo, and Dutch admits it's a shame they had to kill such a good pool player... read more.

6x2: Encore recap: Police officers arrive at the hospital where an elderly female witness, Gladys Collins, has just come out of a coma. Before they arrive, a Mob killer named Arthur posing as a doctor enters Gladys’s room and secretly plans an explosive charge on an oxygen tank. The man slips out just as the police arrive. The detective in charge, David St. James, talks to the barely-conscious Gladys and asks for help to put away gangsters Tommy Kroll and Frank Stevens. As she starts to talk, the bomb goes off, killing them all... read more.
Recurring Guests

Lee Duncan (1) as Barney Double (11 eps)
Vic Perrin as Owner (11 eps)
Jack Donner as Captain Praedo/Ventlos (10 eps)
Arline Anderson as Receptionist (10 eps)
Sid Haig as Marko (9 eps)
Josh Adams as Guard (9 eps)
George Sawaya as Simms (8 eps)
Lee Meriwether as Anna Rojak (8 eps)
Tony Giorgio as Meerghan (7 eps)
Chuck Couch as Double, Rollin (7 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Spy/Espionage | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1966
Ended: September 07, 1973
• Missão Impossível (Used In Brazil)
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