Season 7

150 :07x01 - Break!

The IMF must locate the wristwatch-camera of undercover agent Fred Stenrock, codename "Toledo," who had copied incriminating evidence against Syndicate gambling head Dutch Krebbs.To convince Dutch's lieutenant, Press Allen, to turn traitor and retrieve the watch, Jim goes undercover as an expert pool player... with some electronic assistance from Barney.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Conrad as Press Allen |
Guest Stars: Carl Betz as Dutch Krebbs | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: Med Flory as Toledo (Fred Stenrock) | Francine York as Waitress | Allen Joseph as Willard | Robert Mandan as Tim Sharkey |
Uncredited: Robert Woods (4) as Stick Hudson (as Robert Lee Woods) | Eddie Robin as Endicott | James Michael as Jerry Cross | Hal Needham as Mork | Larry Watson (1) as Colton | Gail Cameron as Artist
Director: Paul Krasny

151 :07x02 - Two Thousand

Physicist Joseph Collins has stolen plutonium and plans to sell it to a foreign power to make atomic bombs. The IMF must figure out where Collins hid the plutonium and identify his buyer before the deal goes down.
Guest Stars: Vic Morrow as Joseph Collins | David White (1) as Max Bander |
Co-Guest Stars: Mort Mills as Marshall | Marvin Miller as Smith | Russ Conway as Civilian | Harry Lauter as Admiral | Don Diamond as White | Ivor Barry as Haig | Mark Tapscott as Sager | Barry Cahill as Sergeant | Jim Beach as Young Policeman | Tom Pace as Corporal | Lee Raymond as Soldier | Dallas Mitchell as First Agent | Marian Nichols as Policewoman |
Uncredited: Harold Jones as Second Agent | Charles MacArthur as Photographer | Joanna Cassidy as Model

152 :07x03 - The Deal

General Oliver Hammond, a British soldier of fortune, plans to take over the Republic of Camagua with Syndicate financial banking. Syndicate lieutenant Charles Rogan is bringing Hammond his $5 million payoff in the form of a safe deposit key. The IMF must get the key and get the money from the safe deposit box.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Charles Rogan | Van Williams as Arnold Sanders | Lana Wood as Marcy Carpenter | Lloyd Bochner as General Oliver Benjamin Hammond |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Phillips (1) as Lawrence Chalmers | Lee Paul as Schmidt | Peter Leeds as John Larson | Roberto Contreras as Fisherman | Paul Gleason as Blair |
Uncredited: George Sawaya as Stunt Guard

153 :07x04 - Leona

Undercover agent Louis Parnell has been exposed to Syndicate leader Mike Apollo. The IMF must discover his whereabouts and rescue him by framing Apollo for the murder of Syndicate member Mike Epic's wife. Apollo must bring Parnell out to produce him as a witness.
Guest Stars: Robert Goulet as Joe Epic | Pippa Scott as Edith Thatcher | Dewey Martin as Mike Apollo |
Co-Guest Stars: Nate Esformes as Cordova (Jules Cordova) | William Boyett as Parnell (Louis Parnell) | Bruce Watson as Kelly | Beverly Ralston as Leona (Leona Epic) | Dick Valentine as Plainclothesman |
Uncredited: Will Kuluva as Anton Malta

154 :07x05 - TOD-5 (aka The Carrier)

Dr. Victor Flory heads a terrorist organization, Alpha Group, and government scientist Paul Morse plans to sell him a biological weapon, TOD-5. Morse's contact is Gordon Holt, so the IMF must trick Holt into believing that TOD-5 has leaked and is devastating a small town... and that he has the plague.
Guest Stars: Peter Haskell as Gordon Holt | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis | Ray Walston as Dr. Victor Flory | Michael Conrad as Ralph Davies |
Co-Guest Stars: Ross Elliott as Paul Morse | Susan Brown (2) as Alpha Woman | James McCallion as Green | Owen Bush as Clerk | Peg Stewart as Screaming Woman
Director: Lewis Allen

155 :07x06 - Cocaine

Carl Reid and his right-hand man Joseph Conrad are the most important distributors of cocaine in the United States. Their ability to connect with supplier Fernando Larroca at will has baffled law enforcement. Emboldened by their success, they plan to import ten million dollars worth of the drug - misery on a titanic scale. The IMF must seal this pipeline and put its operators out of business for good.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Joseph Conrad | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis | Stephen McNally as Carl Reid | Milton Selzer as Stanley | Gregory Sierra as Fernando Laroca | Tol Avery as Samuels |
Co-Guest Stars: Miguel Ángel Landa as Rene Santoro (as Miguel Landa) | Annette Molen as Alice Chambers | King Moody as Detective Lieutenant Bruce Leonard | Barbara Darrow as Proprietress | Emile Beaucard as Steve |
Uncredited: Charles Napier as Roland | Timothy Brown as Barrett | James Essex as White | Bob Golden (1) as Patrolman | Carol Henry as Clerk
Director: Reza Badiyi

156 :07x07 - Underground

Gunther Schnell, the head of the Syndicate's illegal money operations, is being smuggled out of the country and the IMF must locate Schnell and the millions he has hidden.
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Hargreaves |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Middleton as Clavering | Joseph Bernard as Karp | Jeff Morris as Smiler | Dennis Cross as Arnold Lutz | H.M. Wynant as Gunther Schell | John Stephenson as Director | Karl Held as Takis | Herman Poppe as Kales | Robert Rhodes as Barman |
Uncredited: Bill McKeever as First Officer | Joe Hooker as Stunt Driver | Duffy Hamilton as Stunt Driver | George P. Wilbur as Double, Phelps | Ham Minn as Mioshi
Writer: Leigh Vance

157 :07x08 - Movie

Norman Shields is running a Syndicate operation to take over the entertainment industry, and Theo Dane, the brother of his backer, is coming into town. The IMF must locate Shields' financial records and set him up by pretending to make a film based on a murder that Shields barely avoided prosecution for. Shields is unaware that the IMF plan to set him up for the fake murder of Theo Dane to turn his backer against him.
Guest Stars: John Vernon as Norman Shields | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis | David Brian as Benjamin Dane | William Smith (1) as John Brent |
Co-Guest Stars: Rhodes Reason as Theodore Dane | Douglas Henderson as Henry Packard | James Whitworth as Heath | Lee Farr as Jack Welton | Ron Pinkard as Barr | Walker Edmiston as Dave Waley | Jerry Douglas as Daniel Moore |
Uncredited: Eric Server as Reporter | Joanna Cassidy as Stewardess | Kim Kahana as Trainer | Paul Factor as Mixer
Director: Terry Becker

158 :07x09 - Hit

Sam Dexter is in jail for tax evasion, but suspected of murdering his girlfriend Vicki Wells. Dexter continues to run his crime empire from jail through a secret partner, The General. The IMF must turn Dexter against his silent partner to identify the man.
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Sam Dexter | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis | Robert Reed as Assistant D.A. Arthur Reynolds |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Christi as Ben Murdock (as Frank R. Christi) | Tony Young as Gordon | Leonard Stone as Paul Lewis | Judson Pratt as Warden Lorimer | Stack Pierce as Barry | Jan Peters as The General | Barbara Rhoades as Vicki Wells3
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Douglas Weir

159 :07x10 - Ultimatum

Dr. Jerome Cooper, a nuclear physicist, is trying to force the surrender of the U.S. government to his control, using the thread of a hidden hydrogen bomb. The IMF must convince him the President is giving in to his demands, then keep him trapped in a roadside diner so he'll contact his accomplice to disarm the nuclear device.
Guest Stars: Murray Hamilton as Dr. Jerome Cooper | Barbara Anderson as Mimi Davis | Madlyn Rhue as Adele Cooper | Donnelly Rhodes as Joel Morgan |
Co-Guest Stars: Vince Howard as Patrolman Frank Dagget | Fred Holliday as Carl | Judith M. Brown as Lisa (as Judy Brown) | Robert Legionaire as Police Sergeant | Dale Tarter as Jack | Vic Vallaro as Frederick Rogers |
Uncredited: Flip Mark as Delivery Boy | Scott Allen as Williams | Robert Nash as Police Sergeant
Director: Barry Crane

160 :07x11 - Kidnap

Syndicate chief Andrew Metzger has identified Jim and Barney while on vacation, from a previous mission, and takes Jim hostage to force the team to get an incriminating letter out of a bank deposit box and deliver it to him. However, when Metzger's assistant Hawks steals the envelope from the team, they must create a fake letter and get into the air raid shelter where Jim is a prisoner.
Guest Stars: John Ireland as Andrew Metzger | Charles Drake as Mitchell Connally |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Ging as Hawks | Geoffrey Lewis as Proctor | Marc Hannibal as Eckworth | Arline Anderson as Sandra | Monty Margetts as Dowager | Glenn Wilder as Henzel | Chuck Hicks as Security Guard | Ed Gilbert as Armsby |
Uncredited: Gwil Richards as Parnell
Director: Peter Graves

161 :07x12 - Crack-Up

Hitman and chess master Peter Cordel works for the Syndicate, and the IMF must turn him against his unknown employers by giving him blackouts and convincing him the Syndicate is trying to kill him.
Guest Stars: Alex Cord as Peter Cordel | Peter Breck as Harry Cordel |
Co-Guest Stars: Cathleen Cordell as Mrs. Taylor | John Pickard (2) as Doctor | Edward Knight as Driver | Earl Eby as Gentleman (as Earl Ebi) | Arthur Franz as Dr. Adler | Robert Kenneally as Bartender (as Bob Kenneally) | Marlyn Mason as Sandy |
Uncredited: Stephen Roberts as President | Bart La Rue as Goon | Britt Leach as Leslie Harper | Michael Masters as Orderly | Ralph Johns as Samuels
Director: Sutton Roley

162 :07x13 - The Puppet

Syndicate boss Paul Ostro is planning a major hundred million dollar crime operation, using his younger brother Leo as spokesman after being injured in a hunting accident. It becomes clear that Leo is running the entire scheme and concealing the fact his brother died to use him as a figurehead in his scheme. The IMF must turn the tables on him by convincing Leo's Syndicate backers that Paul is alive... and believes Leo tried to kill him.
Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Leo Ostro | John Larch as Larry Gault | Val Avery as Augie Leach |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Devon as Hank | Joseph Ruskin as Khalid | John Crawford as Paul Ostro | Lewis Charles as Sam Zercos | Ken Scott as Fusco | Shirley Washington as Girl Travel Agent | Colin Male as Guard (as Colin G. Male) | Joe Haworth as Police Officer
Director: Lewis Allen
Writer: Leigh Vance

163 :07x14 - Incarnate

Hannah O'Connel and her two sons lead a gang that stole a million dollars in gold bullion. One son, Robert, has testified against her for tax fraud. Robert has disappeared and Hannah and her other son Thomas have fled to a Caribbean country with no extradition treaty. The IMF must con Hannah into coming back onto U.S. soil by convincing her that Robert (who she killed) is still alive and she needs a voodoo exorcism.
Guest Stars: Kim Hunter as Hannah O'Connel | Robert Hogan as Thomas O'Connel | Alex Rocco as Dall |
Co-Guest Stars: Solomon Sturges as Robert O'Connel | Robert F. Hoy as Kelso
Director: Barry Crane

164 :07x15 - Boomerang

Syndicate executive John Vayle dies in a plane crash, a death caused by his wife Eve. Eve plans to use her husband's records to blackmail his superior, Stanley Luchek. The IMF must get the records to put Luchek away, by convincing Eve that her husband survived the crash and is trying to get the records back.
Guest Stars: Laraine Stephens as Eve Vayle | Ronald Feinberg as Stanley Luchek |
Co-Guest Stars: Walter Barnes as Homer Chill | Charles Guardino as Johnny Vayle | Amzie Strickland as Mildred | Jerry Jones as Cabbie | Charles Picerni as Ollie Maybrick | Richard Reed (1) as Dorlan

165 :07x16 - The Question

Assassin Nicholas Varsi wants to defect, but the U.S. government is suspicious of his sincerity. He's being kept by the Federal Intelligence Service, but they've been infiltrated so the IMF must kidnap Varsi from them then determine if he's telling the truth about defecting.
Special Guest Stars: Elizabeth Ashley as Andrea |
Guest Stars: Gary Lockwood as Nicholas Varsi | Jason Evers as Ben Nelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Van Vleet as Coleman | George O'Hanlon as Captain Douglas | John Baer as Belden | Duke Stroud as Jameson (as Duke S. Stroud) | Paul Ryan (2) as Attendant

166 :07x17 - The Fountain

Aging Syndicate executive Thomas Bachman has stolen criminal records as part of a power struggle against his rival, a crippled Matthew Drake. The IMF must recover the records before Drake does, and convince both men that they have discovered the Golden Circle, a cult that has access to a fountain of youth.
Guest Stars: George Maharis as Thomas Bachman | Cameron Mitchell (1) as Matthew Drake |
Co-Guest Stars: Luke Askew as Dawson | Pepe Callahan as Bartender | Charlita as Waitress | Carlos Rivas as Perez |
Uncredited: Ed Connelly as Mallory
Director: Barry Crane

167 :07x18 - The Fighter

Syndicate executive Jay Braddock has corrupted promoter Paul Mitchell and made him a partner in his ownership of a stable of boxers. The IMF must turn Mitchell against Braddock by setting him up for the (fake) execution of Mitchell's daughter Susan, who is dating a boxer who has defied them.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Paul Mitchell | Joe Maross as Jay Braddock | Geoffrey Deuel as Pete Novick | Jennifer Shaw as Susan Mitchell | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as James "Gunner" Loomis |
Co-Guest Stars: Walker Edmiston as Dave Rawls | Conrad Bachmann as Cashier | Martin Ashe as Steve Lawson | William Benedict as Denver |
Uncredited: Arline Anderson as Telephone Voice
Director: Paul Krasny

168 :07x19 - Speed

Syndicate drug dealer Sam Hibbing has stolen three tons of D-amphetamine sulfate from a chemical plant and has it at a secret location. The IMF must recover the drugs and put Hibbing out of business.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Sam Hibbing | Jenny Sullivan as Margaret Hibbing |
Co-Guest Stars: Ron Soble as Phalen | Jesse Vint as Zinc | David S. Cass, Sr. as Hugo | Tom Winston as Guard | Dick Ziker as Operative | George P. Wilbur as Driver (as George Wilbur) | Russ Grieve as Shiner | Charles Bateman as Dayton |
Uncredited: Ross Hagen as Fred Snelling
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Lou Shaw

169 :07x20 - The Pendulum

A terrorist organization, Pendulum, is led by Gunnar Malstrom and has a major operation, codename Nightfall, planned. The IMF pretend to be a rival terrorist organization and learn that Malstrom plans to kill an Air Force General... unaware that the real plan involves substituting a fake general and blowing up the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Guest Stars: Dean Stockwell as Gunnar Malstrom | Scott Brady as Allen Bock | Frank Maxwell as General Weston |
Co-Guest Stars: Jack Donner as Leader | Leon Lontoc as Houiseman | Peter Mamakos as Arab | Jack Collins (1) as Admiral | Beverly Moore as Telephone Operator | Don Reid as Manny
Director: Lewis Allen

170 :07x21 - The Western

Master thief Van Cleve robs the Azteca Museum of valuable artwork and kills his partner, Matthew Royce. The art is now in the U.S. and the IMF must convince Van Cleve that he is having precognitive visions so they can trick him into going to recover the treasure.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Van Cleve | Michael Ansara as Ed Stoner | Barry Atwater as Matthew Royce |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Farmer as Driscoll | Don Gazzaniga as Walker | Joanna Cassidy as Stewardess | Troy Melton as Driver

171 :07x22 - Imitation

The Marnsburg Crown Jewels have been stolen on their way to the U.N. for display. The government of Marnsburg has kept the theft secret for now, and the IMF must go after suspected thief Jena Cole and retrieve the jewels within the next 72 hours.
Guest Stars: Barbara McNair as Jena Cole | Pernell Roberts as Boomer |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles McGraw as Stevens | Thalmus Rasulala as Eddie | Alfonso Williams as Honey | Olan Soule as Desk Clerk | Lew Brown as Dunson | Oscar Beregi as Mellon |
Uncredited: Jack Bernardi as Gerald Carter | Ray Ballard as Duval
Director: Paul Krasny
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Spy/Espionage | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1966
Ended: September 07, 1973
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