Wheels - Recap

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Dan arrives at a lumberyard and goes into a van to get his briefing on a critical election in Valeria. The police-controlled Nationalists plan to fix the election so they can form a terrorist dictatorship. The Secretary doesn’t want any citizens employed by the IMF. The IMF must ensure the victory of the opposing Liberty party, despite the fact the Nationalists control the key twelfth district.

Dan assembles the usual team and they review a one-eyed bandit with a mechanism similar to those found in Valeria. Barney says he can beat them… if he gets to them in time. The machines are locked up in the back of the twelfth district police station. Rollin will impersonate a citizen… once Cinnamon finds one for him to impersonate.

Protestors (including Barney) break into the twelfth district police station, much to the dismay of Captain Trez. He has his men subdue the prisoners and Cinnamon comes in to report a conman romanced her and stole her money. Dan and Willy bring in Barney as a protestor under arrest and lock him up. Once inside they knock out the guards and Barney bypasses the seals and examines the voting machines and makes a duplicate key. Cinnamon goes over the police files to find the man who stole her money and finds a likely candidate for Rollin to impersonate. Barney figures out how the machines are rigged and warns he’ll have to make a special wrench to rig the key one.

Cinnamon has no luck finding her man and leaves, while Barney and Dan go back to the cells and grab some tear gas grenades. They free the prisoners and set off the grenades, then head for the doors but Barney is shot in the back and Dan has to haul him out.

Trez reports to the Nationalist leader, Felipe Mora, who believes something may be going on. They check the seals but find nothing. Meanwhile, Rollin reviews the files with Cinnamon and comes up with one suitable candidate when the others arrive with Barney. Barney is in bad shape but agrees to continue with the mission. Dan goes to see the bookstore owner they’ve chosen, Miguel Cordova, and gets his handwriting on a card. Trez reports back to Mora, who wonders if Cinnamon was involved.

Barney and the others prepare the equipment to make his tool when Captain Trez comes to her room to invite her to headquarters where Mora asks her why she came to the twelfth district. She gives them a false address and claims to have destroyed the letters her fiancé sent her. They let her go but Mora orders surveillance and Cinnamon calls to warn Dan at the bookstore. She then barges in asking Cordova for help, saying the government wants to deport her.

Barney works to complete his tool but collapses, while Cordova gallantly offers Cinnamon his bedroom, saying he was in a labor camp himself. The team calls in a doctor and Dan draws a gun on him when he tries to report the gunshot wound. Meanwhile, Rollin works to impersonate Cordova’s signature.

The next day the elections begin and Dan disguises himself as a policeman to threaten Cordova for Cinnamon’s location. Cordova refuses and drives Cinnamon to a forger to get new papers, unaware he’s being followed by a government agent. However, Dan spots the agent and knocks him out.

The doctor tends to Barney and is tied up for his efforts, while Cinnamon gets her papers and asks Cordova to get her to the docks to escape the country. En route she asks for some food and then sabotages the engine when Cordova goes inside. Meanwhile, one of the machines at the twelfth district stops working and Trez orders them to continue with the one working machine.

Rollin goes in to the twelfth district police station to vote, disguised as Cordova, while a disguised Dan puts up an “Election Closed” sign. Trez notices him and demands to know his connection to Cinnamon, since his agent informed him that she visited Cordova’s shop. Rollin bluffs his way through to place his vote then takes a pill to induce a pseudo-stroke. The workers call in an ambulance and Willy cuts it off, driving it into a storefront. Dan and Willy then dress as EMTs and drive their own ambulance to the twelfth district. Dan demands private in the voting cubicle and then opens the seal while telling Willy to bring in a stretcher. Barney emerges from beneath the stretcher and unrigs the voting machine.

Mora arrives and demands to know what’s going on, and Dan orders that Rollin can’t be moved. He performs heart massage outside the cubicle while Barney finishes his work. Rollin is in (fake) critical condition and the priest arrives to conduct the last rites. The priest realizes Rollin is still alive but plays along. It starts to get dark, dark enough for Barney to slip out, but the staff switch on the lights. A guard inadvertently keeps Willy from switching off the power, while Barney weakens considerably. Dan finally asks them to turn off the lights so he can conduct an examination, and Barney slips out of the cubicle and under the stretcher. They leave while out in the country, Cordova and Cinnamon get word that the Liberty party won. Cordova is pleased and Cinnamon gives him a kiss on the cheek before getting on the bus with the others to make their escape.