The Carriers - Recap

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Dan goes into a photo booth and gets his briefing on Janos Passik, an enemy expert on American customs. Passik is gathering 200 agents to launch some kind of bacteriological warfare attack on the U.S. The IMF must get into the training facility and stop Passik.

Dan assembles the usual team along with bacteriologist Roger Lee. In the briefing, the team goes over a map of the training facility. The laboratory is beneath an abandoned theater and Passik has the only key. Dan assures them it isn’t a suicide mission and they know where the apartment is that Passik uses to gather his agents.

As a newspaper delivery man, Willy switches the apartment numbers on Passik’s apartment for a nearby one belonging to the IMF. The four agents arrive and Cinnamon lets them in where she and Rollin usher them in at gunpoint. Cinnamon gets their papers which Dan replaces with the IMF photos. Rollin, Cinnamon, Barney, and Roger then take their places and go to Passik’s apartment where Passik’s henchman Tiso Kastner receives them. Dan ties up the original agents and leaves, putting a “Quarantine” sign on the door.

Kastner gives the four IMFers American names and takes them to the training base… which is designed as a model American small town, Willow Grove. The other agents are engaging in wholesome American activities. They drive past the theater and get out, where they’re greeted by Passik, who is wearing the key around his neck. He warns them that monitors will watch their activities and will test them from time to time to make sure they act American. They are given jobs in the community to match the ones they will have when they go to America.

Once the guys are in their assigned quarters, Kastner and two other men barge in with guns and arrest them as traitors. However, Rollin immediately demands to see his warrant and Passik congratulates him for standing up to authority like an American. They visit Cinnamon who is training as a go-go dancer, while Roger has determined where the contaminated water is released from the underground laboratory. Rollin goes to a training session for baseball food vendors then fakes illness and slips over to the theater and the water pump. He opens a pipe and gets a sample but accidentally bumps the lid and catches the attention of Kastner nearby. Rollin gets the pipe resealed just in time and pretends to have slipped out for a final Russian cigarette. Kastner tells Rollin to go back to class, then picks up the cigarette.

Roger examines the samples and concludes it’s septicemic plague, highly contagious. They’re all being trained for jobs in high-contact occupations. Rollin figures all of the trainees will be unwittingly infected and sent to the U.S. where they will spread the plague. Roger warns that Passik may already have infected the trainees… including themselves. Roger warns that immediately after infection a massive dose of antibiotics will kill it, otherwise it’s too late. Rollin figures they won’t infect the trainees until right before they’re released. Rollin decides they have to destroy the cultures without revealing to Passik that they’re destroyed. Barney prepares to signal Dan that night.

Cinnamon goes to see Passik and flirts with him. She gets close enough to make an impression of the key then slips it out the window to Rollin, who gets it to Barney to make a duplicate. Dan and Willy, dressed as policeman, go back to the apartment where the real agents are kept and burst into the room where they’re tied up.

Barney uses slow-acting acid to burn through the generator cable then goes to the theater to meet Rollin and Roger, but Kastner intercepts them. Kastner is suspicious but before he can do anything the generator goes out and they knock out Kastner and his man. When Passik tries to leave to investigate, Cinnamon keeps him there at gunpoint. Barney and Rollin dispose of the guards inside the theater and they take the elevator down to the laboratory, where they find enough plague culture to kill five million people. Roger also finds the antidote, then dons safety equipment while Barney sets up a blow torch. He melts the fake key then starts cutting through the outside of the door. Roger walks Rollin through the steps to contaminate the cultures and render them harmless.

Cinnamon gets close enough to Passik for him to disarm her. He takes her to the lab while Rollin prepares to contaminate the last specimen but slips and cuts himself on one of the Petri dishes. Roger quickly washes out the wound and pours the antidote on it, but warns it may to be enough. With two minutes left, Roger cleans up the broken Petri dish while Passik and his men arrive at the theater with Cinnamon. They descend to the laboratory just as Roger grabs a dose of the antidote but doesn’t have time to find a hypodermic. They’re forced to leave the lab and seal the door, and Passik arrives to find them apparently cutting through the door to the lab that they never got into.

Passik interrogates them in his office but they refuse to talk. He then plays a game of Russian Roulette with the agents. Outside, Dan and Willy arrive with the original agents and Dan bluffs his way into the guardhouse, stabs the guard, then fakes getting called successfully for the benefit of the original agents. Meanwhile Passik prepares to shoot Rollin but Rollin shoves him away just in time. In the struggle Rollin scratches Passik on the jaw. Passik prepares to shoot Rollin but Dan arrives as a colonel with the secret police. He returns the trainees and insists that the IMF agents be turned over to him. Passik agrees, insisting that they be disposed of slowly.

In the car, time is running out for Rollin and Barney quickly improvises a hypodermic needle out of a perfume aerator in her purse. They inject the antidote intravenously and Roger warns they all need treatment, but Passik has no idea that he’s infected.