The Short Tail Spy - Recap

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Dan picks up his briefing at a theater and is informed that two rival espionage agencies in a country are vying to assassinate a scientist who defected to the West and will be attending a conference in the states. The U.S. wants the old-guard organization, led by Colonel Shtemenko, to come out on top since they can be manipulated more easily. The younger organization is led by the ruthless assassin Andrei Fetyukov. The IMF must discredit Fetyukov and keep the scientist, Nopalsky, alive.

Dan selects Cinnamon and Barney for the mission. Dan warns that Fetyukov isn’t to be underestimated and has killed 30 people. Cinnamon has to deal with him, while Dan and Barney protect Nopalsky.

Dan and Cinnamon attend a reception for the conference and Cinnamon easily collects Fetyukov’s eye. They dance and then Fetyukov goes to meet with Shtemenko and their superior, Suverin. The two men argue over which will be allowed to assassinate Nopalsky and Suverin eventually yields to Fetyukov. However, the young assassin is more interested in Cinnamon, who is clearly a U.S. agent. She comes in and lets slip that she has a electronic bug on her.

Barney rigs up cameras and flash bulbs in Nopalsky’s room while Dan chats briefly with Shtemenko and hints he knows who the assassin really is. He then slips into Nopalsky’s room to test the photo system, which works fine. Dan figures they plan to make Shtemenko look bad and then makes an anonymous call to the colonel to put more pressure on him.

Fetyukov and Cinnamon date for the next five days and engage in a flirtatious relationship with each hinting they might defect. Shtemenko follows them and plays back their conversations to Suverin, who is skeptical that Fetyukov plans to defect. Meanwhile, Cinnamon meets with Dan who notes that she didn’t detect Shtemenko following them. He wonders if she might be getting in over her head with Fetyukov.

That night Dan approaches Shtemenko and offers to dispose of Nopalsky for $50,000, no strings attached. The colonel doesn’t have that much money and goes to Suverin but can only get $22,000, as well as a list of the conference guests. Dan refuses the money and leaves, but as he goes he bumps into Barney who addresses him by his “real” name. Shtemenko quickly tracks down which hotel Dan is staying at and breaks into Nopalsky’s room through the connecting door. However, he’s caught in the photo attack and Dan then blackmails him into leaving the country, implying they’re working for Fetyukov. Shtemenko hastily takes the airplane ticket they provide and leaves.

Cinnamon is meeting with Fetyukov again when Shtemenko bursts in on them. Cinnamon helps Fetyukov disarm the colonel and sends him away. Fetyukov then reveals he’s known all along that Cinnamon is there to set him up, but he wonders why she helped him against Shtemenko. Cinnamon hints she loves Fetyukov and they end up in bed.

Dan gets word that Shtemenko’s superiors have arranged for him to have a “heart attack,” and he and Barney worry about Cinnamon. The next morning Fetyukov tells Cinnamon that he really plans to defect and wants her help, and hints that he’s fallen in love with her. When she proves skeptical, he prepares to seek asylum with another country and Cinnamon hastily warns him not to go to the conference, and that she’ll see to his defection.

Cinnamon races off to see Dan at the hotel and loudly proclaims that Fetyukov wants to defect. However, Fetyukov has followed her and holds them all at gunpoint. Cinnamon approaches him and insists he won’t shoot her, but he pulls the trigger. However, the gun is unloaded: Cinnamon took out the bullets the previous night. They humiliate Fetyukov and take photos of him, then kick him out. Nopalsky thanks them profusely. Dan apologizes for having any doubts, and compliments Cinnamon as a skilled liar. He leaves and she’s left alone to wonder exactly which of her feelings are lies…