The Legacy - Recap

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Dan picks up his briefing at a TV van parked in a lumber yard. The U.S. has been trying to track down Hitler’s personal fortune and has located four young men, sons of Hitler’s most trusted officers. They’ve identified only one of the, Paul von Schneer, and know he’s going to Zurich from Argentina. The IMF must locate the other three men and find the $300 million in treasure.

Dan assembles the usual team and notes that none of the four men know each other and will be meeting in Zurich. At the Zurich Airport, Dan and Willy arrest von Schneer and interrogate him while going through his possessions. Barney finds a postcard with astrological symbols on it, and Cinnamon deciphers them as a timetable indicating that day at noon. They figure the meeting is at the statue shown on the postcard. Willy then knocks out von Schneer.

Rollin takes all of von Schneer’s possessions and goes to the location as von Schneer and spots the other three sons, each one drawing a chalk symbol on a stone. Rollin figures they’re drawing a swastika and finishes it, completing the “password.” They then go to a hotel room for a celebratory drink and Ernst Graff asks for the bank account numbers for the next morning. Rollin, who doesn’t have the numbers, announces he doesn’t plan to give up the numbers until they go to the bank. Graff pulls out a gun and gives him 30 seconds to give them up. Rollin bluffs it out and the other two agree. Graff isn’t happy but accepts the situation.

Rollin goes to the others and Dan quickly comes up with a plan, having Cinnamon giving a party. He then calls in Professor Franz Lubell, a psychotherapist. Pretending to be royalty, Cinnamon goes to the bank with Willy as her bodyguard and prepares to open an account. She tells the manager, Alfred Kuderlee, to open her new million dollar account and invites him to her party. Professor Lubell is there and meets with Kuderlee, while Dan circulates as a waiter and gives Kuderlee a drugged drink. Meanwhile, Rollin tries to slip out but Graff insists that he stay with them in the hotel room.

Kuderlee collapses and the IMF quickly gets him to a hotel room and uses the power of suggestion, augmented by the drugs, to convince him he’s dying of a stroke. Willy as a priest administers the last rites while Dan comes in as Kuderlee’s manager to accept the bank account number for the Nazi sons’ account. Once he does so, they hypnotize Kuderlee to forget and write the account numbers on a matchbook cover. Cinnamon and Dan try to call Rollin but Graff monitors the call so Rollin is forced to fake a conversation about dealing with an angry father of his fiancé.

The next morning the men enter the elevator while Willy as a waiter tosses a ball down the stairs to signal to Barney to get into the elevator with them. The elevator button panel shorts out and Barney slips the matchbook into Rollin’s pocket. The four men meet with Kuderlee to get the info from the account of E. Braun. Rollin is the last to give up the numbers and lights a cigarette to read them off the matchbook cover. Kuderlee gives them the contents: a single opened envelope. Kuderlee notes that all numbered bank accounts were examined after World War II but found nothing. All that is in the envelope are thirty Reichmarks. However, the men remove a microdot from the period in E. Braun. It makes up one-fifth of the map, and each of the other men has another fifth in their pocket watch. Rollin has von Schneer’s watch but quickly pretends he lost the watch. Rollin calls the manager, Dan, who arrives and apologizes profusely. Graff sends one of the others, Wolfe, with Rollin and Dan to check lost and found, and en route they knock out Wolfe. Rollin recreates the other parts of the map from memory and fits in his part, and they figure it indicates a tomb at a cemetery. The guys head out while Cinnamons stays behind to stall Graff, calling the police.

Graff and the last man, Brucker, study the projected image and figure out which cemetery is indicated. However, a Zurich inspector arrives to investigate a theft and delays them. The IMF gets to the cemetery and finds the tomb belonging to Braun: Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress. Meanwhile, Graff figures out Dan wasn’t the manager and races off to the cemetery with Brucker.

The guys open the coffins but find nothing and start checking the interior walls. Graff and Brucker arrive and see the open door, and open fire as Dan comes out. Dan is wounded and Rollin gets him to cover while Barney and Willy return fire. Rollin goes after Brucker and manages to shoot him down. Brucker runs away and the furious Rollin grabs him and starts to choke him. Willy pulls him off and Graff runs away. Dan notices that the stray bullets have chipped off the stone on the Braun mausoleum, revealing that the crypt itself is made out of the stolen gold.