The Frame - Recap

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Dan takes up his briefing at an aptitude testing facility where he gets a private booth and a tape. He’s informed that Jack Wellman, gangster, is causing a series of “accidents” killing politicians that are anti-Syndicate. Wellman plans to appoint their successors and make sure they are in his pocket, and the IMF must stop him.

Dan assembles the usual team and calls in Wellman’s favorite chef, Tino. Wellman will be meeting with his Syndicate partners for their annual dinner and discussion. Wellman’s partners won’t tolerate dishonesty so Dan plans to frame Wellman by making it appear he stole funds from his hidden basement vault. A nervous Tino agrees to help.

Wellman meets with his Syndicate partners at his manor, and finds out that his regular cook has cancelled. He ends up calling in Tino, who has Dan, Rollin, and Willy on his staff. They bring in supplies for the dinner and Cinnamon and Barney slip in. Barney goes to the basement while Cinnamon goes upstairs to Wellman’s bedroom. Rollin, pretending to be a deaf waiter, serves drinks, but one of Wellman’s partners (Vito) suspects he can hear and fires a gun off next to Rollin. Rollin (barely) doesn’t react and casually leaves, then grabs his ears in agony once he gets to the kitchen. Fortunately he recovers, so Dan checks up on Cinnamon who is drilling a hole in Wellman’s bedroom wall. Willy helps Barney drill into the basement vault. Wellman checks up on the kitchen and sees Dan coming down from downstairs, but Tino manages to bluff it out, saying Dan just wanted to see the house.

The dinner is served and Rollin spills soup into Vito’s lap. He goes upstairs to clean up and finds Cinnamon in a negligee, and comes to the natural conclusion. She asks him to keep her presence a secret and he agrees. In the basement, Barney and Willy have cut up into the vault.

Over dinner, Wellman’s partners are worried about his killing off politicians and try to get him to back off. He refuses and Dan serves the flambé, which is a distraction to cover up the muffled noise of Barney blasting into the vault with a shaped charge. Wellman goes to the wine cellar to get a bottle of wine and Dan manages to distract Wellman long enough to hide his equipment. The team now has to stall until Barney completes his job while Willy brings in the ice cream desert, which conceals a fake safe for the hole in the wall that Cinnamon has drilled.

Rollin slowly serves dessert while Barney gets into the vault, takes the Syndicate money, and gives it to Willy who takes it to the van. The team then gets out except for Dan, who is stuck in the vault when Wellman and his partners come downstairs. They find the missing money and accuse Wellman of stealing it, but he has no idea where it went. They go upstairs to confront Cinnamon, who says the money was all part of Wellman’s plan. She shows them the fake safe, further confusing Wellman who has no idea who she is or where the new safe came from. The partners let her go and demand that Wellman open safe. He doesn’t have the first idea how to do it. As the IMF drives away with the money, a shot rings out.