Shock - Recap

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Dan lets himself into a pawnbrokers’ shop after hours and picks up his briefing. Special U.S. envoy Carl Wilson is dealing with an exchange agreement between the U.S. and a neutral country. Peter Kiri, an enemy agent, has kidnapped Wilson and replaced him with an imposter to destroy the agreement. Wilson is alive and a prisoner, so the IMF can’t act against the imposter directly or the envoy will be killed. The IMF must recover Wilson and put Kiri out of action.

Dan assembles the usual team plus neuropsychologist Dr. Ira Drake. The team goes over photos of the imposter, Gort, and Rollin notes that Dan will have to play the part due tot heir physical resemblance. Kirk is now working as a secretary for the imposter, who is working in Wilson’s house after having dismissed the staff. Assuming Wilson isn’t in the house, the team must capture Gort and break him without alerting Kiri.

Rollin makes up Dan to look like Wilson/Gort, while Barney and Willy rig up loudspeakers in a padded room at a warehouse. At Wilson’s house, Gort and Kirk go over the plan when Cinnamon arrives as Wilson’s niece with Willy as her driver. Cinnamon asks for a private meeting and after Kiri leaves, Willy opens up a trunk and the disguised Dan emerges. Kiri secretly listens in from the next room as Willy comes in, quietly knocks out Gort, and put him in the trunk while Dan takes his place. Cinnamon goes to her hotel but they’re unaware that Gort dropped his cigarette holder. Once they’re gone, Dan lights up a cigarette without his holder, which Kiri notices.

Willy and Cinnamon take Gort to the warehouse then administer electroshock to scramble his short-term memory. Meanwhile, Dan claims that he’s simply smoking cigarettes like the real Wilson. They then get a call to meet later with Jonathan Davis, the U.S. representative.

Gort wakes up and Barney takes the confused imposter to see Doctor Rollin, while Cinnamon plays anguished moans and screams over the hidden loudspeakers. Rollin explains they’re in a mental hospital and claims that Gort is an accountant who has been telling them fantasy stories of being an imposter replacing the U.S. Envoy. Meanwhile, a couple of children climb over the fence to check out the warehouse. Gort refuses to talk more about his delusions and they take him back to isolation. The kids sneak in, setting off an alarm, and Willy goes to investigate. He chases after them and convinces them he’s an indigent criminal and they shouldn’t tell anyone.

Cinnamon continues the sound effects, supplementing the drug treatments that are disorienting Gort. Dan has finished his meeting with Davis and asks Kiri to see the guest list for the reception that night. He then suggests that they invite Cinnamon and calls her at the warehouse, alerting her they have until that night at the reception. They bring Gort in for another session of electroshock and rather than undergo it, he insists on talking to Rollin but can’t say anything about his life as an accountant. He finally agrees to tell them about the plan for the reception.

At the house, Kiri gives Dan a gun and tells him to first kill Davis, and then the real Wilson. The rest of the team figures that Gort doesn’t know where Wilson is, and they’ll bring the envoy to the reception that night. Barney rigs up a book with metal sheets to act as an impromptu bulletproof vest. At the reception, Kiri has his men bring in the unconscious Wilson while Cinnamon arrives with Rollin as her fiancée. Kirk notifies Dan that Wilson is in position and Willy and Barney arrive and call Davis with the warning. Cinnamon briefs Dan in secret and Rollin makes contact with Davis and gives him the jacket with the bulletproof book. Rollin uses a fingernail pencil to write Wilson’s location in the study on a cigarette and toss it out to Willy. Willy and Barney then bring the unconscious Gort into the house, put him at the desk, and get Wilson out.

Kiri orders Dan to shoot Davis, who stalls for a few seconds until Willy and Barney are clear. Dan makes a speech against the treaty exchange then shoots Davis in the heart, where the book is. Dan then goes into the study and plants the gun on the unconscious Gort, puts some makeup on his temple, fires a shot, and runs out the window removing his disguise. Kiri and the others burst into the room and find Gort seemingly dead. Dan comes in and reveals that Gort is a disguised imposter, and isn’t dead. Barney and Willy bring in Wilson as Kiri and Gort are arrested.