The Psychic - Recap

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Dan arrives at an empty drive-in and gets his briefing from a loudspeaker. He is informed that Alex Lowell, a promoter of investment trusts, gained control of the shares of a foreign country that manufactures NATO top-secret defense hardware. Lowell took the stocks and went to South America, where he plans to sell the company patents to the highest bidder. Jan Vornitz, agent of a foreign country, is the likely high bidder. The IMF must stop Lowell from selling the stocks and make sure he is removed from control of the company.

Dan assembles the usual team plus Judge Wilson Chase and actor Byron Miller. In the briefing, Dan warns that they not only have to get the stocks but trick Lowell into endorsing them. Chase knows Lowell as a con-man with Washington connections, and Rollin shows off his gambling skills since Lowell is a major gambler. Barney speaks up from a table with nothing underneath it, and reveals that a mirror panel is set up to conceal him. They go over the room where Lowell holds his poker games, and Barney hands off a sound-activated device. Finally they go over a check for $80 million, a real one they’ll need in their scam.

Lowell is meeting with Vornitz in South America at his manor when Byron shows up to offer him $80 million for a stock buyout, and implies he’s with the Syndicate. Lowell dismisses him. Elsewhere, Barney and the others are rigging and resealing all of the decks of cards that Lowell will use. Byron comes in with Willy and Cinnamon heads out with Judge Chase.

Chase and Cinnamon arrive at Lowell’s party where they note she’s a famed psychic. Meanwhile Barney sneaks onto the grounds and rigs Lowell’s car. Chase suggests Lowell is up to something crooked with the patents but Lowell denies he plans to sell them. One of Lowell’s men walks by the garage and spots Barney, who is forced to bluff his way through.

Byron arrives at the party and makes a few threats before being removed by the guards. Chase suggests that Cinnamon do some psychic readings and she does so, but not before putting the sound-triggered device on a window. Thanks to the files she’s memorized, she’s able to give a convincing psychic performance. She then warns that she doesn’t see any future for Lowell, but then admits she saw his possible death by an explosion involving a car. Lowell escorts Chase out to catch his plane and they go to get the car Barney rigged. Chase warns against them taking the car and Lowell rigs the ignition to test it from a distance. He starts the car and it blows up.

The explosion sets off on the sound-activated charge on the window and Barney slips into Lowell’s study and rigs the mirror beneath the end table. Chase leaves while Cinnamon stays on. They fix the window in the study but Lowell’s German Shepherd smells Barney and starts growling. Cinnamon assures Lowell that the man who tried to kill him won’t bother him again, and she knows he’s crooked but doesn’t care. Rollin and Willy arrive and drop off Byron’s “corpse,” and Rollin informs him that Byron made a mistake. Willy quickly hauls Byron away and Rollin sets up a meeting for later.

The dog starts to claw at Barney’s mirror and Cinnamon quickly produces a vision of a poker game with Rollin, and asking him to take the dog out so they can talk. She then tells Lowell that Rollin plans to cheat but Lowell will play because he knows he’ll win. She then gets herself invited to dinner that night to see if her predictions come true. One they’re gone, Barney rigs a card-passing device to the bottom of the poker table, then substitutes their rigged cards for Lowell’s. He then leaves but a guard confronts him with a shotgun. Fortunately, Willy arrives and knocks him out.

Lowell realizes something is up and discovers that his cards have been tampered with, just as the IMF intended him to figure out. That night he and Vornitz meet with Cinnamon and she again astonishes them with a reading that an intruder showed up. She assures Lowell he’ll win and predicts Rollin’s arrival. Rollin offers Lowell $80 million but Lowell still refuses to sell. Rollin suggests a game of poker and Lowell agrees, believing he’ll win. Rollin puts up the check and Lowell endorses the stocks. Lowell then deals out the cards and double-deals himself a better hand. Rollin clutches at the stocks and uses the knee-trigged device under the table to first switch the real stocks for fake ones, then slip them to Cinnamon to the side. Cinnamon steps out and Lowell is confident the Syndicate will dispose of Rollin once they find out he messed up. After Rollin is tossed out, Lowell realizes the stocks are fakes and Cinnamon is involved. Rollin and Cinnamon leave with the others