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Charity - Recap

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Jim arrives at an empty welding shop and picks up his briefing on Erik Hagar. He and his wife Catherine have collected money for fake charities and kept the money for themselves. They have collected a million dollars and invited a group of millionaires to meet at their estate on the French-Italian border. The IMF must stop their racket once and for all.

Jim assembles the usual team and Cinnamon tries out a wheelchair that she’ll be using to impersonate a reclusive rich widow. Jim explains Hagar has converted the money to platinum and hidden it beneath his pool table. Barney warns they’ll need time to remove the half ton of metal. Willy has a garage set up and Barney has a device to plug in to a socket to sabotage the lights. Barney then shows them a silvery rubber packet.

Erik is meeting with the millionaires and has Catherine bring out a blind child. Afterward, Catherine mocks her husband as Cinnamon arrives, and Erik’s wife warns him not to strike up a partnership with her. Cinnamon and her chauffeur Willy are up front and Willy “accidentally” bumps their limo into the Hagars’ car. It damages the fender and Cinnamon insists on Willy taking it into town to be fixed. Jim arrives as a rich psychiatrist and he and Catherine hit it off. However, he soon stumbles over his background and Catherine threatens to call the police. Jim quickly explains that he’s a gigolo hired by Erik to keep her “occupied” over the weekend. Catherine suggests he stay and earn his money, and they kiss.

Barney and Willy disassemble the Hagars’ car and replace the metalwork, while Cinnamon secretly plugs in the device to short out the power. The butler calls the electrician and Jim intercepts the call, saying they’ll send two men over. Jim then calls Rollin and Barney who head for the manor.

In the greenhouse where Catherine raises orchards, she shows off her flowers to a guest while Jim sabotages a steam valve. Barney and Rollin go to the basement and start working beneath the pool table. Cinnamon offers to match every dollar that Erik raises that weekend. Once she gets him out of the room, Rollin dons a suit and goes upstairs while Barney starts drilling into the pool table then removing the platinum. Back at the garage, Willy is creating molds and warming up an oven.

Upstairs, Rollin breaks into Erik’s bedroom and holds him at gunpoint. He then sets some paper on fire while using a breather, claiming to work for Catherine and planning to make Erik’s death look like an accident. Erik desperately offers him more money to kill Catherine and Rollin agrees.

Rollin goes back to the basement where Barney is forced to stop taking the platinum because one of the millionaires, Mr. Wolf, is playing pool. Cinnamon distracts him and spills a drink on his lap, forcing him to leave to change. Barney finishes taking the platinum then inflates the rubber packet: it’s a simulated representation of the platinum bars. They then drive back to the garage where Willy melts down the platinum and molds it into the car parts they’ve removed from the Hagars’ car.

In the greenhouse, Jim and Catherine are kissing when Rollin blocks the door then turns off the pilot light. Jim is confessing he’s going to quit because he’s become involved with Catherine for real, but notices the gas and manages to get the door open. He examines the gas tank and implies that Erik is responsible, and offers to take Catherine away. She refuses to leave without the platinum and admits she’s running a con. They go into the house and she opens the pool table to reveal the (fake) platinum. Jim says he has a way to get it out of the country. Erik arrives and he and Catherine direct barbs at each other. After they leave, Jim opens the pool table and removes the inflatable.

Willy returns with the Hagars’ car while Cinnamon gives Hagar a check for $500,000. Jim puts the inflatable in the back of his car and shows it to Catherine, deflates it after she gets in, then the two of them head for the border. Rollin arrives and shows Erik that the pool table is now empty, and that Jim and Catherine are leaving. Rollin gives him a gun and Erik drives in pursuit of them in his car.

Barney is waiting for them at the border station in a truck. Jim tries to get his car past the guards, citing an emergency, but the guards want to see the trunk. There’s nothing in there, and Jim drives through while saying he’ll explain later. Erik arrives at the border station and Barney pulls in front of him, then backs up into the front fender. They discover the platinum and he’s arrested for smuggling. Down the road, Jim and Catherine see him taken away and Jim just smiles as Catherine realizes the platinum isn’t in the trunk. Jim drives away with the rest of the team, leaving Catherine standing on the road.