The Town - Recap

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Jim is driving along heading out on vacation up at a lodge with Rollin and pulls up in the small town of Woodfield to have the mechanic look at his radiator. Jim goes over to the pharmacy for a drink when a young couple come in. they pick up a package but drop it, revealing a gas gun that starts spewing out fumes. Jim spots a jacket that says “Park Regent” and then gets the waitress out along with the couple. Jim tries to leave but the sheriff draws a gun on him.

Rollin is at the lodge and wondering where Jim is. He decides to see what happened to his friend.

The sheriff takes Jim to the basement where the town doctor, Doc, is discussing operations with the gathered townspeople. Doc realizes that Jim was meeting with someone and has the sheriff take Jim over to the doctor’s office while the young couple goes on their way.

Rollin arrives in town and the mechanic tells him that Jim was taken sick. Rollin meets with Doc who says Jim had a stroke and it’s too dangerous to move him. He’s unaware that Doc has immobilized Jim with a drug. He waits outside and reads of a Soviet defector arriving in Los Angeles. Jim, who can still hear in his coma, can’t get through to Rollin.

Doc goes back to the cellar where they are rehearsing kill techniques, and plans to kill Jim with two more injections. Meanwhile, Jim has managed to breathe heavily enough to draw attention, then sends a message blinking in SOS. Rollin asks the attending nurse to get him some coffee then establishes communication with Jim through eye blinks. Jim warns Rollin that everyone in the town is in on it, and when the nurse comes in Rollin mentions that Jim has a wife and goes to notify her. He calls Cinnamon, aware that he’s being secretly monitored, and informs her of Jim’s illness while calling her Mrs. Phelps. He also signals her to bring Barney and Willy, as well as his equipment.

Doc gives Jim an injection of curare, a weak solution that keeps him from moving, then an anesthetic to render his vocal chords mute. Before he’s paralyzed, Jim reveals that he knows about their plan in Los Angeles. Cinnamon arrives with Barney as her limo driver and they wait for a specialist. Willy comes in as a truck driver and fakes an engine blowout, then-fake injures himself. Barney takes him into see Doc, and they knock out Doc and the nurse. Jim uses Morse code to signal Rollin that the young couple is killers heading to L.A. to kill the defector.

As the couple arrives in L.A. and dons uniforms as a waiter and maid at the defector’s hotel, Rollin puts together a plan and uses Plaster of Paris to make a mold of Doc’s face, then make a mask from it. The couple calls Doc and Rollin takes the call, impersonating Doc’s voice and having them hold on their mission. Cinnamon then rigs up some padding to add weight to Rollin’s disguise. Outside, Barney fakes car trouble and lures over the mechanic, then signals Willy when the man goes to investigate Willy’s injury. A disguised Rollin reassures the mechanic, then tells Barney that Jim has died. They summon a hearse and drive out with Jim.

Rollin goes to address the townspeople but the mechanic and townspeople notice the nurse is missing. They go to investigate but Rollin orders them to stay put then goes outside… where the police are arriving. Rollin removes his mask and gets in the car with the tam, including the recovering Jim.