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The Execution - Recap

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Jim picks up his briefing in the private office of a sound store, and is informed that Lewis Parma, a racketeer, plans to take control of the food industry then use it to expand his influence. The IMF must put Parma out of business.

Jim assembles the usual team plus clinical psychologist Henry Loomis. In the briefing, Jim notes they have to get someone to talk, but Parma has always got his men off when they’ve been arrested. Dr. Loomis has determined that seeing the same faces on different people will shake up their target, and Loomis will join them later. Jim is set up as a produce owner taking over from a man killed by Parma, and Cinnamon has an apartment ready. Now they have to set up Jim for Parma to kill, even though they won’t know which hitman he’ll send.

Parma is meeting with his underling Ross and sends him to check up on Jim. Ross hits him up with extortion and Jim refuses, so the gangsters tear up his stock. The rest of the team is assembling a structure in an empty warehouse. Jim then goes to Parma’s and roughs him up, demanding payment for the ruined produce. After Jim leaves, Parma tells Ross to make sure Jim is killed.

Barney taps into Parma’s phone line and listens in as Ross calls Victor Duchelle, Parma’s best. Rollin follows Duchelle who buys a variety of items, including a shotgun and a broom. They figure out he’s making a rifle grenade, then set up the apartment with a special projector. Cinnamon goes in as Jim’s wife and her image is projected onto a window in the next room. Duchelle pulls up outside and spots her, then goes to the alleyway across the streets. Rollin is parked nearby disguised as a policeman, and Jim goes inside. Duchelle spots him with Cinnamon and fires a grenade in, seemingly killing them: they’re safe in the next room. Rollin and Barney chase Duchelle toward a door which Willy emerges from and neatly chokes the hitman unconscious.

Duchelle wakes up in a prison cell with Barney outside as a prison guard. Duchelle recognizes him as one of the policemen. Rollin is the prisoner in the next cell and scoffs at Duchelle when he says he doesn’t know what is going on. Barney asserts Duchelle is faking amnesia and has been doing it for months.

Parma worries where Duchelle is despite the fact that Jim is dead. Loomis comes to the warehouse and Cinnamon shows them Duchelle’s file, which shows that Parma pardoned him once before eight hours before execution, and Duchelle never talked.

Duchelle finds a calendar revealing he’s been out of it for 27 months. The doctor and guard (Loomis and Willy) arrive to prepare Rollin for his execution. Cinnamon arrives as Duchelle’s lawyer, and he recognizes her as Jim’s wife as well. She explains that his appeal has been turned down and Parma never acknowledged him.

While Parma tries to locate Duchelle, Cinnamon shows Duchelle the governor’s offer of a life sentence in return for his testimony against Parma. Jim arrives as the warden, further confusing Duchelle. Rollin is then taken away and has a breakdown as he is escorted down the hallway to the gas chamber, where Duchelle can see him put in the gas chamber.

Duchelle still claims amnesia and Willy and Barney arrive to prep him for execution. Down the hall he can see them cleaning off the gas chamber chair for the next execution. Rollin calls Parma, impersonating Duchelle, and says where Parma can found him and asks for a private meeting.

Cinnamon goes to see Duchelle and says that Parma is still denying any knowledge of Duchelle. Jim arrives to offer him a stay of execution and when Duchelle refuses, he is taken into the gas chamber and prepared for execution. He’s strapped in, the door is closed, and the gas pellets are lowered into the water. Duchelle snaps and the IMF starts recording his confession against Parma. They record it and broadcast it over the loudspeakers in the warehouse, and Parma and Ross arrive to hear his broadcast and find him in a fake gas chamber. They burst in and Parma tries to shoot him through the bulletproof windows, without success. He prepares to go in… but the IMF holds him at gunpoint and Parma realizes that it’s over.