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Nicole - Recap

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Jim picks up his briefing at an empty artists loft and brings up an elevator with the briefing envelope on it. Anton Valdas is the enemy’s highest ranking intelligence minister and he has a master list of allied double agents. The IMF must steal it.

Jim and Rollin meet with Sparrow, an allied agent, who gives them a plan of Valdez’ house and explains that Valdas’ secretary Nicole is on their side. Jim and Rollin go to Valdas’ house where he’s holding a party, with Rollin as an elderly general and Jim as a military officer. Valdas greets them and Jim spots Nicole on the balcony above. Valdas then meets with the Minister and shows him he has the list, then locks it in the safe in his upstairs office. Valdas reveals he just had a pressure alarm installed in the safe then goes downstairs.

While Rollin flirts with the young women, Jim and Nicole hesitantly approach each other then meet on the balcony outside. They flirt then go back inside, where Valdas has Jim take a now-drunk Rollin up to a bedroom. He then goes downstairs and dances with Nicole while Rollin slips out of the room and chloroforms the guard, then goes to Valdas’ office. He opens the safe and removes the list, but sets off the new alarm and a cage door seals off the office. Jim runs upstairs and takesValdas hostage, disarms the guards and releases Rollin. They move back down to the first floor and Rollin goes out to prepare the car. Valdas assistant manages to shoot Jim who collapses to the ground unconscious. Rollin is forced to leave with the list.

Jim wakes up in a cell and Nicole arrives and tries to get him out, but Valdas arrives and arrests her, saying he suspected her all along. Nicole is locked up with Jim, who figures that since Valdas knew she was a traitor and had access to the list, the list must be fake. Nicole reveals she was aware of a double agent, Sparrow, and Jim believes he was set up. Rollin meets with their contact and drops off the list, then goes back for Jim.

Jim fakes dying and they lure the guard in and Nicole dispose of him. They escape, fleeing into the woods, while Rollin watches Valdas’ manor. Jim weakens as they head for the border and they take refuge in a barn for the night. The guards search the place but fail to find them in the loft. Jim passes out from his wound and Nicole slips downstairs… and secretly meets with Valdas. He sends his doctor to covertly revive Jim then warns Nicole that her name is on the list and she has to get Jim across or he’ll turn her in himself. Nicole warns him that she has blackmail info on him so he has to let her go. Rollin watches the car from where he follows it from the manor. Valdas tells his underline to kill Nicole at the border.

Jim wakes up and Valdas listens in no their conversation with a hidden mike in her handbag. When she steps away, Jim gets a cigarette out of her purse and finds the hidden transmitter in her matchbox. Jim figures he’s been set up and doesn’t tell Nicole about the hidden bug. Meanwhile, Rollin slips in and knocks out a guard and takes his uniform.

Jim and Nicole continue for the border then Jim runs off on his own. Nicole reveals that the whole thing is Valdas’ trick and they made Jim think the list was false, when actually it was true. She admits she fell in love with him and Jim realizes that she didn’t know Valdas had her bugged and shows the transmitter to her. Valdas, overhearing, orders the soldiers to find the two fugitives.

As Jim and Nicole head for the border, the dogs pick up their scent and the soldiers close in. Valdas catches them just short of the border and Nicole tries to bargain with her blackmail info, but Valdas reveals he’s known its location all along. However, one of the soldiers is Rollin in disguise and threatens Valdas at gunpoint. Valdas shoots down Nicole and Rollin shoots down Valdas. A mournful Jim is forced to leave her and escape with Rollin.