The Code - Recap

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Jim picks up his briefing at a closed carousel and is informed that Vincente Bravo, dictator of Nueva Tierra, plans to launch an invasion on neighboring San Cristobal. He’ll be receiving details of the invasion plan from the allied United Peoples’ Republic. Nikor Janos, the UPR man, is bringing the plans to Nueva Tiera then help install Bravo as their puppet ruler. The IMF must get the plans and stop the alliance.

Jim assembles the usual team plus agent Lynn, and they test a wheeled remote-control camera that can send a signal piggybacked on another signal. The plans are being delivered by a courier in code. The plans are hidden in a photo and then removed at the destination, where it’s only visible for a few seconds. They then review a tape of Lynn, who they’ve already tipped off to Bravo’s security men she’s an American agent so they’ll capture her. Paris has a disguise prepared of El Lider, the leader of revolutionary forces in San Cristobal.

Disguised as El Lider, Paris flies on a planet leaving San Cristobal (which Lynn is on) then hijacks it to Nueva Tierra. Bravo meets with his security chief, Lacerda, and is briefed on the fact Lynn escaped their agents in San Cristobal. They are informed about the hijacking and order El Lider to be brought to them and Lynn captured.

The IMF’s contact is outside the building where Jim is working as an officer. The boy distracts the guards in the Presidential limo then flees and Jim and Willy move in and replace the car with theirs. The officer returns and takes the new car to pick up Paris.

Lacerda and his men interrogate Lynn then strip search her and discover she has a microdot on her contact lens. Meanwhile the car with Paris arrives and the car is searched, but nothing is found. After he’s taken in, Barney emerges from a hidden compartment dressed as a guard while Willy sets up a satellite transmitter on the outer fence. Barney sneaks into the compound and makes his way to the manor basement where the coderoom is, while Bravo prepares to meet with Paris and notes to Janos that they met once many years ago.

Paris meets with Bravo who says he doesn’t remember Paris, but Paris covers and says Bravo has changed too because of his acquired wealth. Bravo accepts it and introduces Janos, who has had dealings with the real El Lider. Paris wants to get involved in the “secret” invasion while planting a knife that has a hidden transmitter in it.

In the basement, Barney shorts out the power so he can sneak in to the next room and set up. Paris demands payment for his part in the invasion, as Willy and Jim listen in from a nearby van. Paris demands the Presidency of San Cristobal, much to Janos’ amusement and Bravo’s dismay. Paris threatens to ally with San Cristobal if Janos and Bravo don’t give him power.

Barney burns through a pipe segment and inserts the wheeled camera into the pipe, then hooks it up to broadcast to the IMF transmitter outside. Lacerda arrives with the contents of the microdot and they have Paris leave. The microdot info is a more detailed battle plan of the San Cristobal forces, so they prepare to code and send it to the UPR. Barney sends the camera through the pipe to the code room, then remote-activates a drill so it can bore a small hole to see the code table below. However, water drips through the hole and lands on a teletype machine.

Bravo and Janos discuss Paris’ offer and Bravo doesn’t want to give Paris power, but Janos warns they need Paris’ support and suggests they bribe him… or kill him if he doesn’t play along. Bravo goes to the code room and Jim warns Barney, who moves the camera into position. Janos calls Paris in and offers him the bribe. Paris refuses and demands the presidency, and Janos counters with the vice presidency.

Barney records the coding process and sends the image to Jim and Willy. However, the technician notices the water from the pipe but dismisses it. A janitor comes in and after stopping briefly to get a light from the guard, enters the room Barney is in. Barney is hiding in the ceiling pipes and the janitor fails to notice the extracted length of pipe.

Jim works to decode the coded photo since they know what the content is, having provided it themselves. Janos lies to Bravo and says he only offered Paris money and he’s considering it. The UPR courier arrives early with the invasion plans, leaving them with only 30 minutes to break the code before the invasion begins.

Paris sees the courier and Jim tells him to go ahead with the plan, and they then brief Barney that the code message is coming. Jim and Willy tape the decoded message from the camera signal and start working, while Paris goes downstairs to see Bravo and distract the guard so Barney can slip out. Jim and Willy figure out a clock in the photo is the key to the code. Paris agrees to their terms without telling Bravo what his real arrangement is, then suggests to Janos he might act as the UPR’s puppet in Nueva Tierra as well.

Jim and Willy send the decoded battle plans to San Cristobal while Barney slips back into the car, and then Paris departs in it, meeting up with the others. Bravo and Janos receive a phone call informing them that the San Cristobal forces are moving to all the key invasion beachheads. As the IMF listens in, the two men accuse each other of betraying the other since only they knew the battle plans. They hear a shot ring out and they figure one way or another, the alliance is finished.