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Robot - Recap

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Jim picks up his briefing from a truck parked next to a playground. He is informed that the Premier of Lucarno died several weeks ago, but Deputy Premier Gregor Kamirov covered up his death. He has hired an actor, Gemini, and is forcing him to impersonate the Premier so he can give a speech in favor of Kamirov before resigning. The IMF must assure that free elections are held, which should favor Minister of Information Anton Massik who prefers neutrality over Kamirov's planned alliance with the East.

Jim assembles the usual team plus Tracey. In the briefing, they check out a lifelike robot arm and Paris presents a tape he's made of himself impersonating both Gemini and Kamirov's head of security, Silensky. In Lucarno, Barney hooks into the wiring of the Premier's palace so they can intercept the phone calls. Tracey then puts a call through to the unwitting Massik, telling him everything is approved for the arrivals at the airport. Kamirov intercepts the call as the IMF intended, and sends his man Danko to check out the airport. There Danko sees Jim and Willy arrive with several cases and Tracey arrives and lets them through claiming to be working for Massik.

A suspicious Kamirov gets Danko's report and checks Tracey's (planted) files, then finds a film she's planted of Jim performing with a realistic "mechanical man" act. Kamirov sends Danko to the house where Jim is staying and Danko finds a secret passageway leading to a room made up to appear as the government broadcast podium. There is also a satellite dish and a robot head of... the premier. Kamirov concludes that Massik has brought the mechanical man into the country and plans to use it to give a speech setting him up as the new premier.

Tracey calls Silensky and asks to meet with him with important information. Silensky goes to a refinery, unaware that Danko is following him. Tracey doesn't show and Paris slips out, disguised as Silensky. He gets into a car with Jim and a dummy of the premier/Gemini (supposedly on his daily tour), and they play a pre-recorded conversation where it appears that Gemini is paying off Silensky to kill Kamirov. Paris then returns to the refinery then slips away, so that Danko sees Silensky emerge.

Later, Kamirov confronts the clueless Silensky with the tape recording of his betrayal. He also has Tracey come in and she claims she's had no contact with Silensky. Kamirov has Silensky taken away and then forces Tracey to work with him. He has Jim and Willy brought in with their premier/Gemini robot (actually a disguised Paris with the robot arm). As they come in they leave a large case supposedly filled with tools in the prisoner area while they go upstairs with the robot's case.

Jim shows off the Gemini/premier robot and Kamirov forces him to reprogram it so it will give a speech in his favor. Meanwhile, Barney is in the case in the cell area, and quietly cuts open the bars to the cell where the real Gemini is being held. As he slips into the cell, Danko brings down Tracey and she quickly stalls by vamping him, giving Barney enough time to inflate a Gemini dummy and hang it by the rafters. Danko sees it and, concluding Gemini is dead, reports to Kamirov. Barney briefs Gemini on the situation and then knocks out a guard sent to recover Gemini's body.

Jim finishes "programming" the robot (Paris) and Kamirov goes to the room where Massik and the other ministers are waiting to hear the speech. Danko returns to get the robot and Willy knocks him out. They then have Gemini take the place of the robot (Paris) and wheel him to the transmission podium. They then sneak out and Gemini gives a speech announcing free elections. Shocked, Kamirov tries to denounce Massik as the one who is using the robot. However, he gets another shock when he charges in and realizes that Gemini is really Gemini, not the robot. He blurts out that he had the premier's death covered up, ensuring that Massik will gain power.