The Falcon (3) - Recap

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Paris puts Sabattini’s notebook back into the safe, and then emerges into the hallway. He hears Vargas and Tracey coming and ducks out of sight just in time.

Barney goes to Arngrim Prison and fires a small gas shell into the air conditioning unit.

Vargas uses the combination that Tracey gave him and confirms that the notebook has his name added to Sabattini’s hit list.

Willy poses as a sewer repairman and enters the tunnels near the prison. He then taps into the phone lines.

Sabattini brings Jim to see Stephan, and the prince realizes that he would be dead if Sabattini had successful married Francesca. The general explains that Stephan is alive because Jim knows him, and doesn't believe the prince’s denial. Jim prepares a hypodermic to administer to Stephan.

A guard investigates the smell from the air conditioning unit. Meanwhile, Willy emerges from the sewer and enters the van where Francseca is waiting. He then uses a suitcase telephone unit to listen in on the guard’s call to the gas company. The guard requests a crew to repair what he assumes is a gas leak.

Jim continues to interrogate Stephan, who continues to denial that he stole the crown jewels. Sabattini questions the effectiveness of Jim’s drug, and he assures the general that Stephan will break.

Willy calls the gas company back and cancels the repair crew visit. Meanwhile, Barney poses as a gas company repairman and drives to the prison. The guard escorts him in and leaves him alone, and Barney then slips out.

Vargas calls Sabattini and says that he needs to talk to him in person at the palace concerning a matter of great urgency. Sabattini agrees and tells Jim to have results by the time he returns. Vargas then summons Buccaro and says that it’s time to adopt part of their plan to eliminate Sabattini. Buccaro assures him that the device is ready and Vargas says it to eliminate both Sabattini and Nicolai as they had planned from the start.

Barney taps into the alarm box and puts a transmitter inside, and then pries open a hatch using a jack to push the frame apart. Using a mirror, he checks the guard’s position and slips by when he isn’t looking. He bumps a can and the guard comes to investigate, but Barney hides in the stairwell. However, another guard comes down the stairs. The first one leaves just in time and Barney moves down the stairs to avoid detection. He then proceeds up to the roof and breaks into the elevator maintenance room. When the car comes up, Barney climbs on top of it and then starts climbing down the shaft.

Jim tells Stephan to give in while the guards watch from down the far end of the cell. He then whispers to Stephan that he has an escape plan and Francesca is already safe. Stephan doesn’t believe him and Jim tells him that all he has to do is remain silent while they carry out the plan. He then drops a small gray button on the floor and checks his watch.

Barney reaches the bottom of the shaft just as the car descends. He huddles against the wall and it comes down beside him with inches to spare. Once it stops, Barney glues a transmitter to the wall and attaches a small shaped charge, and then climbs down the elevator shaft beneath the car.

Buccaro brings an antique clock for Nicolai and has a guard deliver it. Paris, still disguised as Nicolai, is at his desk and has no choice but to accept the clock that the real Nicolai purchased.

Buccaro tells Vargas that the bomb is in place. Once Sabattini arrives, they’ll fake a message summoning him to Nicolai’s office. There is a microphone in the clock and Buccaro has a remote detonator.

Barney signals Jim that he’s in place on the opposite side of the wall from Stephan’s cell. Jim continues to loudly interrogate Stephan as Barney drills a hole in the wall. Barney extends a collapsible rod through the hole, just above the guards’ line of sight, and adheres it to the opposite wall.

Sabattini returns to the palace and Vargas tells Buccaro to activate the bomb when he’s ready while he goes to Tracey’s room. He assures her that his plan is in proceeding and figures that she already knows since she claims to be precognitive. Tracey plays along but when Vargas mentions his small addition, she says that she doesn’t approve. Vargas boasts that he’ll kill Nicolai and Tracey warns him that the king’s death will be his downfall and that he must stop Buccaro from triggering the bomb.

Sabattini is directed to Nicolai’s quarters and Paris invites him in. Paris says that he didn’t summon Sabattini or anyone else since what happened to Francesca. Meanwhile, Vargas tries to call Buccaro, who ignores the ringing phone to concentrate on the radio and make sure that Sabattini and Nicolai are there. The general assumes that there’s a mistake and start to go out the door, and Buccaro triggers the bomb. The guards run to the room and confirm that Sabattini is alive but badly injured. As he wakes up, the guards find “Nicolai” and realize that he’s wearing a now-shredded mask. They remove it and Sabattini realizes that Paris has been posing as Nicolai. He orders the guards to arrest Vargas immediately.

Vargas and Buccaro go to Nicolai’s quarters and Tracey follows them from a distance. Sabattini figures that both of them tried to kill him, and Vargas accuses Buccaro of working with Tracey. Buccaro tries to run for it and Sabattini shoots him in the back. Tracey returns to her quarters and barricades the door while Vargas begs for his life but Sabattini shoots him as well and then tells the guards to arrest Tracey.

In the cell, Jim puts his briefcase on the floor. Tracey calls and asks for a surprised Jim, who takes the call. She warns him that Paris’ cover is blown and Sabattini is still alive. Meanwhile, the guards shoot the door open and burst in. Jim hangs up and then dials Willy and gives him a coded message that there’s trouble. He drops his money clip where the guards can see it. Distracted, they fail to notice when Jim uses a remote triggers the rod, which drops a screen on the gray button between them and Stephan. Another button activates the hidden projector in the briefcase, showing a movie of Stephan chained to the wall.

Meanwhile, Jim gives Willy the code to cut the phone lines into the prison and then walks toward Stephan. When he’s in position, he triggers the remote on the alarm that Barney rigged earlier. The guards are distracted and Jim jumps through the slitted screen. He’s able to hide behind the screen, while the movie has him interrogating Stephan again. Barney then starts drilling through the wall with a narrow saw. Major Housek calls and Stephan’s guard confirms that Stephan is secure.

Willy goes back into the sewers and cuts the phone lines. Meanwhile, Housek takes the elevator down, forcing Barney to back up against the wall again. The major comes in and confirms that Jim and Stephan are still there thanks to the movie.

Sabattini begins to put things together and has the guard confirm that Francesca is no longer in the tomb. He has Paris and Tracey as captives and congratulates them on their plan. He wonders why they carried everything out when there was no hope of rescuing Stephan, and then realizes that they’re working with Jim. Sabattini tries to call the prison but the lines are dead thanks to Willy. He tells the soldiers to bring his car around, ignoring their advice to wait for a doctor, and leaves Paris and Tracey under guard.

Housek takes the elevator back up and Barney goes back to cutting through the walls. Meanwhile, the guards check the alarm box and discover that the alarm can’t be turned off. They report to Housek that it will take awhile because the phone lines are dead.

Paris uses his remote to send a signal to Willy, who releases the falcon and then drives off in the van. The bird follows Paris’ homing signal, flies in through the window, and attacks the guard captain while Paris knocks out the other one. He then holds the captain at gunpoint and forces him to drive them to the prison.

Sabattini, who is deteriorating rapidly, gets to the prison. Jim uses a lockpick and thermite to free Stephan from his chains while Barney finishes cutting through the wall. The guards look on, unaware that they’re watching a movie projection. Jim and Stephan go out through the hole but Stephan catches a leg manacle on a floor hook. Unable to get free, Jim grabs him and they both lie flat as the elevator stops just above them.

Sabattini emerges from the elevator and checks on Jim and Stephan. He shoots Jim but nothing happens and Jim doesn’t respond. He fires again, hitting the projector and shutting off the movie, and he realizes how he’s been tricked. Staggering forward, Sabattini steps through the perforated screen and realizes that Stephan has escaped. The combined shock of his wounds and his defeat prove too much and he collapses, dead.

Barney triggers the shaped charge, blasting a hole in the outside wall. They get out to the van where Willy is waiting. They drive off and meet Paris and Tracey at the designated rendezvous on the road. Stephan and Francseca are reunited and thank the team for their help.