Gitano (aka Toys) - Recap

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Jim picks up his tape at a luggage storage room and is briefed on General Aragas, regent to the young King of Sardia, Victor. Aragas plans to kill the boy and frame his uncle, and Victor believes Aragas is his friend. The IMF must stop Aragas.

Jim assembles the usual team plus Gypsy dancer Zorka Banat and Captain Luis Serra, with the Sardian military. Jim reveals that the uncle, Clement, has kidnapped Victor to protect him from Aragas, but that’s just turning the boy further against him. Clement was set up by his chief of security, Colonel Moya, who is secretly working with Aragas. Aragas plans to kill Victor in Montego, where Clement is the Grand Duke. Paris is concerned whether they can control the boy. Barney has a gas truck ready with a secret compartment in the front.

Jim drives the gas truck to the Moya military garage and makes a new delivery with Paris providing a fake phone call to verify him. Barney then slips out of the compartment and rigs the car Moya will be using with remote controls on the brakes and a knockout gas cylinder. Meanwhile Clement tries to get through to Victor without success, and has Moya prepare to take Victor back to Sardia. Aragas meets with his men to plan the place where Moya’s men will kill Victor during the return trip, then takes a call from Victor.

En route, the team meets with Captain Serra while Moya tells Victor the truth of what is going to happen. Barney gasses everyone unconscious then drives the car into a fake truck just as they pass out. Paris, Willy, and Zorka take Victor away in a gypsy van while Jim and Serra take Moya and his men to a hospital in Montego. Jim then pretends to be a doctor and claims Moya’s men were killed. They say that Victor disappeared so Moya calls his man Captain Mestovo, who set up the ambush. He orders Mestovo to seal the country’s borders and recapture Victor.

Victor wakes up and Paris says they picked him up in the woods, and figure he’s deluded when he claims to be the king. He finally convinces them and promises them a reward. Meanwhile, Moya gives Clement an update on the situation and assures him they’ll find Victor.

Paris agrees to go to Sardia to tell Aragas about Victor, while the other gypsies hide him in Montego from his uncle. However, they warn him they’ll have to dress him up as a girl. Victor isn’t thrilled with the idea but eventually agrees. Mestovo reports to Moya that they can’t find Victor and the two men leave, and Jim then wakes up the two “dead” soldiers and Serra promises that he will ring confessions from them.

Moya orders Mestovo to find and kill Victor before he can get to Clement, while Willy and Zorka meet with a local Gypsy, Erdos, to negotiate for work. Jim gets there as a tourist to keep an eye on the scene. Paris gets to Aragas but insists on being paid in advance so Aragas throws him in jail. Aragas then tells Moya to search among the gypsies.

Moya checks out the village where Willy, Zorka, and Victor are performing, offering Erdos a reward for any information. Moya interrogates Victor, who snaps at him, Willy and Zorka quickly cover and force him to apologize.

Once Mestovo searches the empty IMF warehouse and finds nothing, Barney signals Jim and they move in. Meanwhile, Zorka tends to Victor’s wig and “accidentally” shifts it, while Erdos looks on, then follows them to the warehouse when they move out. Aragas calls Moya and tells him he’ll be arriving in Montego with Paris to handle the situation personally. In the warehouse, Barney and Jim set up an elaborately-lit panel and Serra calls to let them know he’s got confessions from the two soldiers.

Erdos directs Moya to the warehouse, where Victor is removing his makeup. Willy shows him the emergency escape tunnel they have prepared. Moya picks up Aragas and Paris and reveals he knows where Victor is so they don’t need Paris. Paris quickly promises to show them the secret escape tunnel and Aragas and takes them to the warehouse.

Jim and Serra go to Clement and show him the confessions, proving that Moya and Aragas are conspiring against him. They go to the warehouse, where Aragas sends down an elevator to get Victor. Paris yells out a warning and Willy is forced to pick up Victor and run while Aragas comes down after them into the maze of crates. Victor apparently gets away and runs to Aragas, while Barney activates the remote panel. Victor approaches Aragas…. who aims and shoots at him. However, the panel is a pane of bulletproof glass and Victor realizes that he has been betrayed. Clement emerges with his men and arrests Aragas, while the team slips away.