Terror - Recap

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Jim pulls up to an abandoned car at an airfield parking lot and is brief on Ismet El Kabir, a ruthless terrorist who was sentenced to die by the country of Suroq. His secret supporter Ahmed Vassier, propaganda minister, has arranged for his release with a pardon, which will cause a major terrorist outbreak in the region. The IMF must make sure Kabir is sentenced for his crimes.

Jim assembles the usual team and in the briefing Barney shows a typical Middle East olive oil bottle. A British captain has been captured and Jim will take his place. They go over the plans for an ancient water tunnel that leads up to Kabir’s cell. They also review Atheda, El Kabir’s ruthless partner and the one running the organization in his absence, and the fact that so far only the upper echelons of the government know about the pardon.

In Suroq, Barney and Willy set up in front of a military truck shipping dynamite. Willy claims to be in distress while Barney sneaks in the back and sets off a gas grenade making it appear the back of the truck is on fire. The soldiers flee to safety and Barney takes the truck and drives away. General Marak, the man in charge of the prison where El Kabir is being held, confronts his prisoner who refuses to relent.

Barney goes to the café that Atheda runs and offers the dynamite for sale. Jim and Paris, with Paris disguised as a Suroq major, arrives and picks up the two soldiers left behind when Barney took the truck. They drive to the prison and present their credentials to Marak. Meanwhile, Atheda identifies Barney from his (false) papers as a soldier with a demolitions unit and demands that he give them the dynamite.

Paris signals Willy to make a call to Marak giving them full authorization. Paris goes to see El Kabir and secretly plants a bug in his cell. El Kabir doesn’t believe Paris is there to ask about the dynamite. Ahmed Vassier arrives and immediately claims that Jim is not the captain, saying he and Paris were on a secret mission across the border. Jim bluffs it through and Marak confirms that he received the (false) confirmation from his superior. Paris returns and warns that the neighboring countries are concerned about El Kabir’s release. Paris asserts that El Kabir plans to escape but Vassier is skeptical. After he leaves, Paris tells Marak that they’re conducting a secret investigation of Vassier who may be involved with the terrorists. They arrange with Marak for Jim to be placed in a cell as a phony prisoner.

Vassier talks to the cynical El Kabir and tries to get him to play along with their publicized release, and El Kabir toys with him suggesting he might have an escape plan. A desperate Vassier tries to get him to promise not to escape. Paris disguises himself as Vassier and goes to the café where they’ve been beating Barney to get him to give them the dynamite without success. They lock up Barney and Paris-as-Vassier tells Atheda that they’re going to hang El Kabir after all unless she rescues him. Paris-as-Vassier gives them a new plan of the underground water system and suggests if they can penetrate the wall with explosives they can free El Kabir.

Atheda relents and pays Barney for the dynamite, but he warns they’ll need plastique or nitro to blast through the wall. He agrees to help and he and Willy begin the dangerous process of distilling the dynamite down into nitro, as a storm breaks out. Barney reluctantly proceeds after Atheda warns that El Kabir’s hanging is imminent. The power goes out... and then comes back up so they can finish the process.

Jim is thrown into a cell next o El Kabir and slips him a message warning him about the listening device Paris planted. Once he deactivates it, El Kabir demands answers and Jim explains he’s an arm dealer working with Vassier sent there to warn him the Suroq army is going to shoot him trying to escape. They’re interrupted when Paris returns and searches El Kabir’s cell, roughing him up in the process before leaving.

The next morning, Barney, Willy, Atheda, and her men go to the cave where the entrance to the water tunnel is. Atheda goes to visit El Kabir and warns him about the escape plan and tells him to bring Jim along. Barney removes the nitro from the leather case he’s been carrying it… except it’s the bottle they prepared in advance. Paris tells Marak that he believes there will be an attempt to free El Kabir using the dynamite, but they’re interrupted when Vassier bursts in to order El Kabir’s immediate release. Paris demands answers which Vassier can’t adequately answer, then tells him about their plan with Jim. Paris suggests they hear what Jim has to say to stall until 9 a.m. when Barney will set the charge off.

Atheda goes back to Barney and the others as they place the nitro charge, and Jim reveals the location of the cave the terrorists are using. Vassier orders El Kabir’s release but Barney sets off the charge. Atheda and the others get El Kabir out through the water system and back to the cave, while Barney seals the escape route. Jim takes them to the outside cave entrance to confront El Kabir and the others. El Kabir has Willy take them to get the remaining nitro in the cave and when he refuse, they knock him out and take it from its hiding place. El Kabir threatens them with the (fake) bottle of nitro and announces that Vassier framed him with Jim’s help. Paris calls his bluff so El Kabir throws the “nitro” and it does nothing. They gun him down and Marak calls the others to surrender. They come out and Paris takes Barney and Willy, claiming they’re army deserters, and Willy confirms he got rid of the real nitro in the aqueduct as they drive away.