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The Martyr - Recap

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Jim goes to an empty Mexican souvenir shop to pick up his briefing from a file cabinet. He’s informed that Premier Anton Rojek of Carinthia and his special adviser, Joseph Czerny, are counteracting youth protest groups by summoning a meeting of the government-controlled Youth Organization. Rojek plans to have them endorse his regime, and the IMF must stop the Youth Organization Congress and expose Rojek and Czerny before the world.

Rojek and Czerny look down on the youths protesting in the street, and Czerny assures the premier that they need to call the congress. The premier worries that the youths worship the memory of Edward Malik, a democratic martyr with his wife in a mental hospital. Czerny suggests that they eradicate the Malik cult and Rojek warns him that if they survive the congress, Czerny will not.

Jim goes to an operating room in a hospital and meets with Dr. Valari, who explains that Peter Malik, Edward’s son, died there three weeks before his father. Valari plants a microchip beneath Jim’s skin, and Jim explains that it doesn’t have much but Barney will be talking to him from less than a hundred feet away.

In the streets, Barney rides up on a motorcycle and meets with IMF agent Roxy. She briefs him on the location of Maria Malik at the local mental hospital, and Barney goes his separate way. At the hospital, Maria feeds the pigeons outside of her window.

Paris hypnotizes Jim so that he only responds to Barney’s voice no matter what truth drugs he’s given.

Barney arrives at the hospital and uses a small gun hidden in his motorcycle’s gas tank to fire a message into Maria’s room.

Jim goes to a bookstore and meets with Florian Vaclav, the owner and a local contact for the CIA. He asks for a copy of Malik’s autobiography and Vaclav warns him that it has been banned for twenty years when Rojek came into power. Jim persists and asks if Vaclav has a copy for special friends.

Maria examines Barney’s message and gets out a cipher book concealed in the frame of her family portrait photograph.

Vaclav gives Jim the autobiography and notes that Jim is an American spy, and sent by their control. Jim passes his identification test and then takes out a notebook.

Maria decodes the message, which says for her not to dispute that her son Peter is alive until the students’ address. Smiling, she burns the message.

Jim shows Vaclav a photo of Paris and says that he’s a student in Switzerland. Their orders are to kidnap him and get him out of the country, and Jim refuses to explain further. Vaclav reluctantly agrees and Jim gives him a message to deliver to Maria at the hospital. Vaclav tells him to return to the bookstore that night. Once Jim leaves, Vaclav examines the message, which is in code. The double agent takes it to Czerny and Rojek, who have long since broken the code. It tells Maria that Paris is her son Peter is alive but doesn’t know who he is, and they are taking appropriate steps. Rojek points out that Peter’s death was never proven and fears that Paris could prove a focal point for the student protestors. However, the premier wonders why the Americans want him and tells Czerny to do nothing except invite Paris to a reception for foreign students that evening. Rojek tells Vaclav to deliver the original message to Maria and gauge her reaction, and then take steps to deal with Jim.

When Jim returns to the bookstore that night, Czerny is waiting and has his men capture the agent.

At the reception later that night, Roxy is featured as an American folk singer. Barney is there as well. Rojek greets Paris, the delegate from Switzerland, as Roxy begins a song and dedicates it to Rojek. Paris expresses his admiration for Rojek, complimenting him as a great statesman, and says that when he crossed the border he felt like he was coming home. Rojek asks if he’s read the works of Edward Malik and Paris dismisses him as an enemy of the proletariat. Czerny calls Rojek away while Willy arrives, posing as a soldier. Paris makes his way over to Barney. When Roxy begins a new song, Paris interrupts her and insults Americans as capitalists unwilling to fight for peace, and Barney tries to calm him down. A fight breaks out and Willy hauls Barney away.

Czerny brings Jim to Rojek’s office and denies knowing Paris. The adviser persists, asking if Paris is Malik’s son, and Jim insists that there’s nothing to tell. Rojek takes over and ushers Vaclav in, and tells Jim that they know everything about him.

Willy takes Barney to the cells and has the security guard put him in the holding cell. The guard takes all of his possessions, including his book, but Barney asks to keep it. Willy overrides the guard and lets him keep the book, one of Rojek’s works. Once Barney is locked up, he removes thermite tape from his medallion necklace and uses it to burn through the bars on the window.

Jim admits that he smuggled Malik’s son out of Carinthia after the martyr’s death, on the best of Maria. Rojek points out that the message Jim gave to Vaclav says that Maria doesn’t know about Paris’ existence, and Jim admits that she never knew that her son grew up in Switzerland in the care of a family. Now he’s grown up to be an admirer of Rojek. Once the soldiers take Jim away, Czerny suggests that they destroy the Malik cult by having Paris denounce his own father. Rojek considers it but asks for the file on Malik’s son.

Barney climbs out the window and makes his way across the roof and up a drainpipe to a window ledge outside the office of Rojek’s interrogator, Dr. Kader.

Czerny brings the file on Malik’s chart to Rojek, who angrily points out that there isn’t enough information to confirm Paris’ identity. The adviser insists that they shouldn’t let the opportunity past, but Rojek decides to let Kadar deal with the situation.

Once Kadar leaves his office, Barney slips in, removes a hidden microphone from his medallion, and hides it in the lamp. The phone rings and Kadar comes back in, and Barney hides behind a gurney. Rojek asks Kadar to examine Jim and the doctor says that he can handle it with one of the new truth drugs. He tells Rojek to give him ten minutes and leaves, and Barney slips back out the window. He gets back to his cell just as the security guard delivers the evening meal. Once he leaves, Barney opens his book, revealing a hidden radio, and tunes it to the bug in Kadar’s office.

Kadar administers the truth drug to Jim and starts questioning him. Barney feeds Jim the answers over the hidden microchip receiver, confirming that he’s an American counter-espionage agent and that Paris is Malik’s son. Meanwhile, the security guard decides to check on Barney, who hastily hides his radio. The man takes offense that Barney didn’t eat the food. Barney insists that he’s on a hunger strike and the guard leaves with the food. Meanwhile, Jim fights the drug since he can’t answer Kadar’s questions. Barney gets back on the radio and continues giving Jim the proper answers.

Later, Rojek brings Paris in and plays the recording of Jim’s confession. Paris is shocked to learn that he’s the son of Malik, the man he hates, and wonders what they’ll do to him. He denounces his parents as traitors, well aware that Maria is locked up in a mental hospital.

Willy picks up Barney the next morning.

Rojek asks Paris to tell the students the truth about Malik at the congress’ closing rally. Paris objects, saying that he’s honored but that he wouldn’t know what to say. Czerny tells him to speak his mind and Paris agrees, but asks Czerny to help him prepare his speech.

The news of the existence of Malik’s son soon spreads throughout the country. Dr. Valari then calls Czerny and tells him that he has proof that Peter Malik is dead, having helped bury him twenty years ago. Rojek and Czerny meet with Valari, who leads them to the grave, and they have the coffin exhumed. The doctor explains that the boy died of pneumonia and put it out of his mind until he heard the announcement on the radio. Rojek has his men take the coffin to the capital. Back at the capital, Kadar insists that he successfully interrogated Jim, but Rojek shows him the dental records confirming that the corpse is Peter Malik. Once he dismisses Kadar, Rojek turns on Czerny, assuming that Paris will denounce them. It’s too late to retract the news so Rojek tell Czerny to bring Maria to the closing rally. When Paris denounces her, Maria will swear that he is his son and Rojek will produce the dental records and discredit them both. The premier tells Czerny to have Jim there so that they can discredit him as well.

The next day, the students gather for the rally. Soldiers bring Maria to the capital building and Rojek has Paris brought in to meet her. Per her instructions, Maria accepts Paris as her son, proving Rojek’s suspicions. The premier takes Paris and Maria to the auditorium, while Czerny brings Jim in and warns him that the guards have orders to shoot to kill if he tries to run. The adviser then address the congress and the youth of the world, telling them about Peter Malik and informing them that he survived. Czerny calls him to the podium and Paris denounces Malik, much to Rojek and Czerny’s surprise.

Maria stands up and denounces Paris as an imposter, insisting that her son is dead. As the soldiers lead Jim, Maria, and Paris out, Roxy provokes the youth in the auditorium as Rojek tries to calm them. Outside, the soldiers put Jim, Paris, and Maria in a van, but Willy and Barney order them back inside. Inside, Rojek looks on in dismay as the youth of his country turn against him.