Blind - Recap

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Warren Hays, an FBI agent working undercover with the Mob, goes to a chemical company. He’s unaware that Carl Dietrich has planted a bomb. The saboteur slips away and Warren finds the explosive... just as it goes off, blinding him.

Jim picks up his briefing from a hotel elevator. As it ascends, Jim plays the recording in the speaker and is informed that Warren was blinded while gathering information against Syndicate boss John Lawton. Dietrich and Henry Matula are rivals in Lawton’s organization, hoping to succeed him. However, Matula is an undercover government operative who has spent the last five years getting close to Lawton. Lawton and Dietrich are close to discovering who he is, and the IMF must both protect Matula’s cover and help him move up in the operation.

The team goes to see Warren at the hospital as he receives treatment for his eyes. Jim admits that they’ll have to ruin his reputation to protect Matula, and Warren says that he can stand it as long as they get the job done. Once Warren leaves, Dr. Warren prepares to implant contact lenses into Jim’s eyes to simulate blindness. Once they’re in place, they can only be removed by surgery. Jim will then undergo training for the next week while Casey gets things set up. Matula has already told Lawton that he’s expecting Barney. When Casey wonders if they can give Jim some vision, Jim says that they can’t risk any instinctive response on his part.

A week later, Jim’s photo is released in the newspaper with Warren’s name. Matula and Dietrich have gathered with Lawton’s other men for a conference. Lawton wonders why the board of directors of the chemical company voted against their candidate. Dietrich suggests that someone inside the organization gave them a reason, but Matula figures that they refused to get rid of a man who was bringing in a profit. Lawton wants Matula to explain why there was a federal agent at the company. Matula shows them the newspaper article and suggests that they talk to Jim and find out why. Lawton tells the group that he believes someone in the organization has been talking and tells them to find the informant. As the others leave, Dietrich asks Matula why he is always opposing him and warns that he’s just about had enough.

A blind Jim is making his way down the street to a nightclub where Lawton and the others are hanging out. Willie is in the crowd and helps Jim to the bar. Jim, feigning being drunk, orders drinks. The bartender asks him to pay and Jim admits that he’s out of money. He loudly gives his name as Warren Hays and claims that he was set up and then fired. Lawton takes notice as Willie and a waiter escort Jim out. Matula suggests that Jim could be of help to them and Lawton agrees, overriding Dietrich’s objections and sending one of his men, Johnny Brown, to follow Jim. Barney arrives and introduces himself as Steve Anderson, in from Detroit to work for Matula.

Jim returns to the apartment they’ve set up and Casey warns him that Johnny is following him. As they go upstairs, Casey pretends to be a landlady demanding money for the rent. Johnny overhears the conversation as Jim asks for a few days to get the cash. He returns to the bar and tells them what he heard, and Matula suggests they question Jim and find out what he knows about their insider. Dietrich disagrees but Lawton tells them that first they need more info on Jim.

Johnny goes back to rent a room and is impressed by Casey. She demands money in advance and Johnny pays up. Meanwhile, Willy watches Jim’s apartment through a one-way mirror. Jim fumbles for coins and Johnny comes in, watching carefully to see if Jim is really blind. He then follows Jim as he goes to a liquor store and buys a bottle. As Jim crosses the street, he trips and drops his bottle, shattering it. Willy, posing as a taxi driver, watches from nearby

When Johnny comes home that night a week later, he sees Casey trying to fix a chandelier and offers his help. He helps her up and they make small talk about his room. Jim starts screaming as he fakes the DTs and Casey and Johnny run upstairs. Later, he reports to Dietrich what he saw and Dietrich tells him to tell Lawton nothing. Lawton calls and Dietrich lies, saying Johnny hasn’t found out anything Jim. The mob boss tells Johnny and Dietrich to meet him for lunch the next day.

The next day, Johnny has no choice but to tell Lawton what he’s found. Matula pushes for them to approach Jim but Dietrich figures that as an ex-cop he won’t break. Lawton comes up with a test for Jim. Johnny follows Jim to the liquor store where he’s refused service when he can’t pay. As Jim crosses the street, Willie stages a fake car accident. Johnny runs out and helps Jim, introducing him as his neighbor. The mobster says that Casey has told him all about him but Jim begs for a dollar to get a drink and tries to go back. Johnny offers him $500 for the name of his replacement.

Back at the apartment, Jim tells Willie and Casey about the offer. They have to give Lawton a real name and they have to steal it without any help since Lawton has men on the inside. Jim knows the building and the computer room and tells Willie to get the guard schedules and warn the undercover agent once they blow his cover. Johnny arrives and Jim agrees to the deal. He tells Johnny that he’ll need his eye to get in and the mobster agrees.

The next night, Jim and Johnny break into the government building via a window in the storage room. Once Jim picks the lock, Johnny gets Jim to the nearby stairway. They sneak past the guard, who is feeding a stray cat, and Johnny leads Jim up the stairs to the next floor. They enter the computer room and Jim brings up the file on the undercover agent. However, the security guard in the next room hears the typing and goes to investigate. He spots them and they run into the stairway, locking the door behind them. The other guard shoots at them but they get into the storage room. As Jim locks the door behind him, he trips on the cat and falls down the stairs, knocking himself unconscious. Johnny wakes him up and they get out.

Once Lawton has the name, he pays Jim and points out that he committed a felony. He then asks Jim about the informer in his organization. Jim says that he knows, but he doesn’t know specifically who. Lawton has him remove his eyeglasses and holds a lit cigarette lighter up. Jim flinches at the heat and Lawton, convinced, asks Jim to talk to his people and see if he either recognizes the informer or picks up something due to his instincts as an ex-cop. Jim agrees in return for $250 a week and $10,000 for fingering the informer. Lawton brings in his people and introduces them to Jim. Dietrich refuses to shake, saying there’s plenty wrong and Jim feigns recognizing his voice.

When Johnny comes home, Casey invites him in for a drink and then signals Willie and Jim, who are out in the taxi. Willie drops Jim off and the IMF agent goes to Casey’s room, feigning ignorance that Johnny isn’t there. He pays her the rent and invites her to dinner, and calls Johnny a cheap hood when he learns that Casey is going out with the mobster instead. Jim then tells her that he already knows who the informer is but is going to play it out to get more money. Once Jim leaves, Johnny calls Dietrich.

Later that night, Johnny and Dietrich break into Jim’s room. Dietrich tells him to give up the informer right away and Jim tells Dietrich that he’s the informer. Jim figures that he has to earn his money somehow and Dietrich is as good as anyone. When Dietrich tells Johnny to kill him, Jim says that if he dies then Lawton will suspect whoever is responsible. He boasts that he can finger anyone, including Matula, for the $10,000, but he’s willing to take $25,000 to finger Matula. Dietrich agrees... unaware that Willie is taping the entire conversation from the other room. The mobster wants a meeting at the warehouse on his turf and tells Jim to get ready while he calls Lawton to arrange the meeting. As they go outside, Dietrich tells Johnny to kill Jim if anything goes wrong.

Lawton agrees to the meeting but Matula and Barney come in and Matula insists he has to talk to him.

Dietrich’s man picks up Jim and drives him to the warehouse. He sends Jim up alone on the freight elevator and Dietrich is at the top to guide him to the meeting spot. Lawton, Matula, and Barney pull up outside and Lawton tells Barney to wait outside and make sure they’re not disturbed. Barney then pulls a gun on Dietrich’s man and captures him.

As he waits, Dietrich makes a call. Lawton and Matula arrive and Dietrich says that Matula knows all about what’s going on. Jim tells Lawton that Matula is the informant and confirmed by calling him and giving him the Federal code sign. Matula denies it and Lawton takes out a tape recorder. He plays the conversation earlier of Jim and Dietrich making a deal. Dietrich says that he was set up but Lawton tells him that Matula has his job. At that, Dietrich yells for Johnny to shoot. Johnny hits Lawton in the shoulder and Matula shoots and kills Dietrich. Matula takes a bullet in the leg while Jim tries to escape.

As Jim stumbles away, Johnny opens fire on him, laughing maniacally. Barney hears the gunshots and comes to investigate, while Jim falls off a catwalk and hits the floor below. As Johnny prepares to kill Jim, Barney shoots him and the mobster falls to his death. Barney then runs to Jim’s side and makes sure that he’s okay. Matula is tending to Lawton’s gunshot wound and tells Barney to dispose of Jim and then blow town for a while. As Lawton and Matula leave, they hear a gunshot and assume Barney has taken care of things.

Later, Dr. Warren removes the contacts and Jim finds the team there to greet him.