Mission: Impossible (1966)

Bruce Geller     Creator170 Eps
Bruce Geller     Executive Producer165 Eps
Barry Crane     Producer4 Eps
Joseph Gantman     Producer48 Eps
Robert E. Thompson     Producer3 Eps
Bruce Geller     Producer1 Eps
Stanley Kallis     Producer29 Eps
Bruce Lansbury     Producer30 Eps
Laurence Heath     Producer8 Eps
William Read Woodfield     Producer (Season 3)6 Eps
Allan Balter     Producer (Season 3)6 Eps
Robert H. Justman     Associate Producer1 Eps
Barry Crane     Associate Producer103 Eps
Robert F. O'Neill     Associate Producer (Season 2)22 Eps
John W. Rogers     Associate Producer (Season 2)25 Eps
Joseph D'Agosta     Casting73 Eps
Jim Merrick     Casting51 Eps
William J. Kenney     Casting14 Eps
Betty Martin (2)     Casting8 Eps
George Romanis     Music 
Robert Drasnin     Music6 Eps
Don Ellis     Music1 Eps
Marl Young (1)     Music 
Rudy Schrager     Music 
Richard Hazard     Music2 Eps
Benny Golson     Music3 Eps
Jack Urbont     Music1 Eps
Harry Geller     Music1 Eps
Herschel Burke Gilbert     Music 
Hugo Montenegro     Music1 Eps
Gerald Fried     Music6 Eps
Duane Tatro     Music 
Jerry Fielding     Music6 Eps
Walter Scharf     Music5 Eps
Richard Markowitz     Music7 Eps
Lalo Schifrin     Music20 Eps
Bruce Geller     Music 
Robert Prince     Music1 Eps
Jerry MacDonald     Music Editor9 Eps
Jack Hunsaker     Music Editor1 Eps
Ted Whitfield     Music Editor15 Eps
Dan Carlin Sr.     Music Editor108 Eps
Wilbur Hatch     Music Supervisor1 Eps
Leith Stevens     Music Supervisor3 Eps
Kenyon Hopkins     Music Supervisor (1970-1972)29 Eps
Sylvia Setzler     Hairstylist1 Eps
Adele Taylor     Hairstylist132 Eps
John Chambers (3)     Make-up1 Eps
John Erickson     Make-up1 Eps
Robert Dawn     Make-up (as Bob Dawn)108 Eps
Ross Cannon     Key Grip24 Eps
Arthur Jeph Parker     Set Decorator1 Eps
Lucien Hafley     Set Decorator132 Eps
Anthony D. Nealis     Set Decorator 
William F. Calvert     Set Decorator 
Steve Potter     Set Decorator1 Eps
Art Lipschultz     Property Master6 Eps
Robert O. Richards     Property Master13 Eps
Bill Bates (1)     Property Master21 Eps
Arthur Wasson     Property Master26 Eps
Philip D. Fehrle     Production Assistant23 Eps
Dominick Gaffey     Production Sound Mixer103 Eps
H. Bud Otto     Script Supervisor2 Eps
Alan Greedy     Script Supervisor92 Eps
Barbara Atkinson     Script Supervisor32 Eps
Jack Clements (1)     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Mike Jarvis     Production Coordinator29 Eps
Dale Tarter     Production Coordinator55 Eps
Alan Godfrey     Production Coordinator4 Eps
Philip D. Fehrle     Production Coordinator25 Eps
Donald R. Rode     Post Production Supervisor3 Eps
John A. Fegan Jr.     Post Production Supervisor29 Eps
Robert L. Swanson     Post Production Supervisor8 Eps
William O. Cairncross     Post Production Supervisor44 Eps
Paul Krasny     Post Production Supervisor51 Eps
Doug Grindstaff     Supervising Sound Editor6 Eps
Joseph G. Sorokin     Supervising Sound Editor (1967-1969)50 Eps
Jay Harding     Re-Recording Mixer3 Eps
Joel Moss     Re-Recording Mixer29 Eps
Elden Ruberg     Re-Recording Mixer19 Eps
Gordon L. Day     Re-Recording Mixer52 Eps
Joseph Edesa     Gaffer5 Eps
Joe Wharton     Gaffer3 Eps
Bobby Jones (2)     Gaffer7 Eps
George H. Merhoff     Gaffer3 Eps
Charles Straumer     Director of Photography6 Eps
Gerald Perry Finnerman     Director of Photography3 Eps
Michel Hugo     Director of Photography25 Eps
Andrew J. McIntyre     Director of Photography3 Eps
Robert F. Sparks     Director of Photography1 Eps
Ronald W. Browne     Director of Photography32 Eps
J.J. Jones     Director of Photography 
John Alton     Director of Photography1 Eps
Fred J. Koenekamp     Director of Photography2 Eps
Al Francis     Director of Photography1 Eps
Gert Andersen     Director of Photography16 Eps
Keith C. Smith     Director of Photography45 Eps
Paul Uhl     Director of Photography1 Eps
Robert B. Hauser     Director of Photography1 Eps
Stephen Kandel     Story Editor3 Eps
William Eatherly     Production Supervisor22 Eps
James Paisley     Production Supervisor1 Eps
Gibson Holley     Art Director58 Eps
Jan Van Tamelen     Art Director22 Eps
Rolland M. Brooks     Art Director13 Eps
Walter M. Jefferies     Art Director2 Eps
Bill Ross     Art Director50 Eps
Edward Haldeman     Production Manager25 Eps
Bill Derwin     Production Management26 Eps
Gordon A. Webb     Production Management23 Eps
Michael P. Schoenbrun     Production Management6 Eps
Frank R. White     Sound Editor14 Eps
Michael Colgan     Sound Editor27 Eps
Marvin Walowitz     Sound Editor3 Eps
John Post     Sound Editor10 Eps
Joseph G. Sorokin     Sound Editor12 Eps
John Burke (3)     Special Effects (as Jonnie Burke)171 Eps
Michael Tierney     Costume Supervisor32 Eps
Robert Spencer (2)     Costume Supervisor3 Eps
Sabine Manela     Costume Supervisor (1966-1969)39 Eps
Forrest T. Butler     Costume Supervisor (1967-1970)63 Eps
Dodie Shepard     Costume Supervisor (Woman)26 Eps
Dodie Schaefer     Costume Supervisor (Women)29 Eps
Mina Mittelman     Costume Supervisor (Women's)3 Eps
Lalo Schifrin     Main Title Theme171 Eps
John Loeffler     Film Editor21 Eps
Jodie Copelan     Film Editor3 Eps
Donald R. Rode     Film Editor1 Eps
John A. Fegan Jr.     Film Editor4 Eps
Jerry Taylor (2)     Film Editor10 Eps
Larry Strong     Film Editor4 Eps
Arthur Hilton     Film Editor6 Eps
David Wages     Film Editor25 Eps
Neil MacDonald     Film Editor4 Eps
Axel Hubert, Sr.     Film Editor1 Eps
Mike Pozen     Film Editor2 Eps
Paul Krasny     Film Editor11 Eps
Stanley Rabjohn     Film Editor5 Eps
Robert Watts     Film Editor11 Eps
John M. Foley     Film Editor1 Eps
Robert L. Swanson     Film Editor (1967-1971)10 Eps
William O. Cairncross     Film Editor (1968-1970)5 Eps
Clark Ross (1)     Costumer (Men)1 Eps
Forrest T. Butler     Costumer (Men)2 Eps
Grace Kuhn     Costumer (Women)3 Eps
Gordon A. Webb     Assistant Director8 Eps
Gene De Ruelle     Assistant Director5 Eps
Michael P. Schoenbrun     Assistant Director24 Eps
Rowe Wallerstein     Assistant Director1 Eps
James Myers (1)     Assistant Director1 Eps
Neil T. Maffeo     Assistant Director1 Eps
Harry F. Hogan III     Assistant Director10 Eps
Charles Dismukes     Assistant Director1 Eps
Robert White     Assistant Director3 Eps
Bill Derwin     Assistant Director5 Eps
Ray Taylor, Jr.     Assistant Director1 Eps
Al Kraus     Assistant Director4 Eps
Ted Butcher     Assistant Director7 Eps
Jerome M. Siegel     Assistant Director6 Eps
Wilbur E. Mosier     Assistant Director4 Eps
John W. Rogers     Assistant Director9 Eps
Gregg Peters (1)     Assistant Director1 Eps
Carl 'Major' Roup     Assistant Director1 Eps
Mark Sandrich, Jr.     Assistant Director1 Eps
Ric Rondell     Assistant Director6 Eps
David Hawks     Assistant Director3 Eps
Dale Coleman     Assistant Director3 Eps
Jack Cunningham (1)     Assistant Director1 Eps
Bill Schwartz     Assistant Director1 Eps
Victor Vallejo     Assistant Director (1967-1969)22 Eps
Carl Daniels     Sound Engineer2 Eps
Walter Goss     Sound Engineer1 Eps
Tommy N. Thompson     Sound Engineer22 Eps
Herbert F. Solow     Executive In Charge Of Production (1966-1968)46 Eps
Wilbur Hatch     Music Consultant24 Eps
Philip D. Fehrle     Assistant To The Executive Producer25 Eps
Dale Tarter     Assistant To The Producer3 Eps
Laurence Heath     Story Consultant27 Eps
Bill Heath     Post Production Executive24 Eps
William M. Andrews     Sound Effects Editor9 Eps
Dan Striepeke     Makeup Artist25 Eps
Rolland M. Brooks     Supervising Art Director5 Eps
Douglas S. Cramer     Executive Vice President In Charge Of Production (1968-1971)75 Eps
Laurence Heath     Script Consultant5 Eps
Paul Playdon     Script Consultant25 Eps
Robert E. Thompson     Script Consultant15 Eps
Allan Balter     Script Consultant (1967-1968)37 Eps
William Read Woodfield     Script Consultant (1967-1968)37 Eps
Paul Krasny     Supervising Film Editor22 Eps
Arthur Wasson     Supervising Property Master64 Eps
Robert O. Richards     Supervising Property Master7 Eps
Ed Chamey     Vehicles81 Eps
Jerry Taylor (2)     Editorial Coordinator17 Eps
Mike Vejar     Editorial Coordinator24 Eps
Larry L. Mills     Editorial Coordinator32 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Spy/Espionage | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1966
Ended: September 07, 1973
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