Season 2

20 :02x01 - The Golden Serpent (1)

Barney Collier, Grant's father, electronics wizard and former member of IMF gets a chance to enter a dangerous organization called The Golden Serpent but he's caught later. The IMF is assigned to ruin the drug-running operation by making top man Prince Selimun believe that his long-deceased twin brother is still alive and rescuing Barney.
Special Guest Stars: Greg Morris as Barney Collier (Special Guest Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Patrick Francis Bishop as Prince Selimun (as Patrick Bishop) | Rod Mullinar as Conrad Drago |
Co-Guest Stars: Adrian Brown (1) as Baal | Nadja Kostich as Big Blonde | Max Fairchild as Burrows | Tim Bell as I.M. Agent | David Letch as Lee | Sharon Tyrell as Ranger | Leong Lim as Supervisor | Vincent Ball as Presenter
Director: Don Chaffey

21 :02x02 - The Golden Serpent (2)

The Prince is done in by Drago when he feels the monarch is stealing money. The IMF team closes the circle on the head of the Golden Serpent.
Special Guest Stars: Greg Morris as Barney Collier (Special Guest Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Patrick Francis Bishop as Prince Selimun (as Patrick Bishop) | Rod Mullinar as Conrad Drago | John Lee (1) as Harris
Director: Don Chaffey

22 :02x03 - The Princess

Elaine, an American-born princess, becomes the target of a hit man during a movie festival. The man has been hired by an anti-terrorist group led by a cold-blooded man known as Caron. The IMF must stop the crime attempt and bring Caron to justice.
Guest Stars: Robert Coleby as Grigor Caron | Tottie Goldsmith as Elaine | Dale Stevens as Coyote | John Orcsik as Prince Arkadi | Andrew Gilmour (2) as Doctor | Steve Millichamp as Bartender | Zlatko Kasumovic as Pavel | Robin Harrison as Karel
Director: Colin Budds
Writer: Ted Roberts

23 :02x04 - Command Performance

The force visits the circus in their efforts to rescue a priest, Father Thomas Valiss, from a sadist Baltic Defense Minister, Ivan Savitch. The military man has learned that Thomas may disclose the whereabouts of the San Boniface's cross, a relic that may expose his atrocities.
Guest Stars: Grigor Taylor as Ivan Savitch | Ivor Kants as Father Thomas Vallis | Nicholas Bell (1) as Braun
Director: Arch Nicholson
Story: Ellis Marcus | Teleplay: Robert Brennan

24 :02x05 - Countdown

The IM Force is sent to locate a hidden nuclear bomb before a madman can destroy an Asian city.
Guest Stars: Julie Ow as Su Lin | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Vang Kai | John O'Brien (2) as Major Chung | Darren Yap as Quon | Terry Woo as Monk
Writer: Chip Hayes

25 :02x06 - War Games

In Sardavia, Eastern Europe, General Szabos, a megalomaniac officer, uses his army's war games as a smokescreen to invade Nachbarland, an oil-rich neighbor. The IMF must stop his plans by playing with the man's obsession with astrology.
Guest Stars: Kevin Miles as General Szabos | Cal Rein as Reporter | Lewis Fiander as Colonel Garva | Alex Menglet as Lt. Udo | James Patrick as Capt. Souchek | Philip Dean (1) as Chauffeur | Sean Myers as Hotel Manager | Pip Mushin as Journalist | Nickolai Grigorovitch as Politburo Chief
Director: Rod Hardy

26 :02x07 - Target Earth

The IMF is assigned to investigate the mysterious demise of the pilot of the first private space shuttle prior to its launching. Amidst the setup process, the IMF members are held hostage by a military officer. Shannon, who is aboard the shuttle, finds that the new pilot is a power-hungry crook.
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Baird as Newscaster | Richard Cordner as Bergerac | Eli Danker as Robard | Gosia Dobrowolska as Alina | Lewis Fitzgerald (1) as Rhine | Giordano Gangl (1) as Sovolev | Alex Pinder as Voss | David Ravenswood as General Ransom | Michelle Royal as Librarian
Director: Colin Budds

27 :02x08 - The F├╝hrer's Children

The IM Force is sent to discredit the man who may become the new leader of a group of neo-nazis.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Richard Kester | Nancy Black as Eva Kester | Ross Thompson as Hans Fruger | John Bell (1) as Vogel | Chris Hallam as Charles Penbroke
Director: Don Chaffey

28 :02x09 - Banshee

The IM Force is sent to stop the fueling of the Irish conflict by Brian McCarron, an arms dealer, who stands to credit from it.
Guest Stars: Peter Adams (1) as Brian McCarron | Rob Steele as O'Rourke | Geoff Paine as Skelton | Jack Perry (1) as Farmer | Randall Berger as Overseer | Libby Purvis as Nurse | Chris Gregory as Kearney
Director: Colin Budds
Writer: Ted Roberts

29 :02x10 - For Art's Sake

In order to snare Daniel Travers, a greedy art collector and hotelier, Phelps uses a Degas painting.
Guest Stars: Alex Cord as Daniel Travers |
Co-Guest Stars: David Bradshaw as Ocha (Minister Raphael Ocha) | Bill Ten Eyck as Brian Danmeer | Chelsea Brown as Ballet Teacher | Claudio Parente as Adjutant | Chris Lee as New York Cop
Director: Don Chaffey

30 :02x11 - Deadly Harvest

A research scientist, working for an Anti-American country, has developed a deadly virus which could infect the whole harvest of wheat in the the US. After being exposed by a colleague the man results badly burned. Nicholas takes his place to stop the terrorists.
Guest Stars: Ritchie Singer as Jouseff K. | George Vidalis as Mukhta | Nick Carrafa as Jared | Noellie Taylor as Ismahan | Leo Taylor as General Hakim
Director: Arch Nicholson
Writer: Jan Sardi

31 :02x12 - Cargo Cult

Michael Otagi, a gangster on the lam, has settled on a remote island. Along with a partner, the crook has enslaved the population with powerful chemicals for the purpose of mining gold.
Guest Stars: Lani Tupu as Michael Otagi | Adrian Wright as Regehr | Mike Bishop as Bull
Director: Colin Budds
Writer: Dale Duguid

32 :02x13 - The Assassin

Improbable murderers have been killed after killing their targets. The IMF teams finds that all of them had been linked to a Boston stress clinic headed by Dr. Westerly. Nicholas poses as a bibulous journalist seeking assistance from Westerly, but the plan goes awry when the doctor programs him as an assassin.
Guest Stars: Peter Curtin as Dr. Philip Westerly | Peter Hosking as Sheik Faroud | Joe Gray as Chief Leopold Kombutu | John Higginson as Aide | Paul Dawber as Male nurse | Terry McDermott (2) as Mayor | John Mortimore as Lion attendant | John Rohan as Minister
Director: Arch Nicholson
Writer: Cliff Green

33 :02x14 - Gunslinger

An FBI agent is murdered after finding the illegal activities in a 20th-century western town. Jim is assigned to uncover the activities and expose McClintock, the owner of the town.
Guest Stars: Peter Sullivan (1) as Cowboy | Michael Greene (1) as McClintock | Andrew Clarke as Carter | Patrick Ward (2) as Slade | D.J. Foster as FBI agent Russell | Tony Rickards as Mel | Brad Hulme as Photographer
Director: Colin Budds

34 :02x15 - Church Bells in Bogota

An amnesiac Shannon falls for the drug dealer he was assigned to locate, a guy named Luis Magdalena, living in Bogota.
Guest Stars: Henri Szeps as Esteban Magdelena | Michael Long (1) as Sanchez | Bob Ruggiero as Dr. Romero | Tony Xauet as Luis Magdalena
Director: Arch Nicholson

35 :02x16 - The Sands of Seth

High dignitaries of the Egyptian government are being murdered, apparently strangled by a mummy. The IMF team must stop the killings by exposing the main suspect, Selim, the curator of a museum, who is intent in reviving the glory of ancient Egypt through the cult of Seth.
Guest Stars: Gerard Kennedy as Karnak | Tim Elliott as Horace Selim | Michael Carman as Serapis | Denzil Howson as Farthay Crew
Director: Colin Budds