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The Legacy - Recap

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Berlin – 1945

German soldiers load boxes of gold onto a train as Allied forces close in. American soldiers open fire and the driver is killed. The Nazi officers in charge manage to drive away, but not before a grenade explosion knocks one case of gold loose.

The Present

Jim picks up his briefing from an attendant at a roller coaster, who directs him to a locked car in a nearby parking lot. He’s informed that Hitler organized a secret legacy to finance a future generation of Nazis in case he failed. Hitler sent a hoard of gold that he looted from cathedrals and castles worth $5 billion in the current market. Only four of Hitler’s officers knew where the gold was hidden, and they handed it down to their sons and then their sons in turn. The four grandsons are going to claim the fortune to finance terrorism and revive a Nazi movement in Western Europe. The IMF must find the gold first.

At the team briefing, Jim explains that the original plan wasn’t to wait 40 years, but the arrest of ranking Nazi officials in 1961 led the conspirators to decide to wait for the next generation. Each grandson was raised in a separate part of the world to ensure secrecy and have never met. The only grandson they’ve identified is Paul Von Schau, who has recently received a coded message to fly to Zurich. Von Schau as boasted to his close friends that they’re going to unleash a wave of terrorism, and they’re counting on him meeting the others in Zurich.

In Zurich, Max poses as a Swiss Federal Police officer and takes Von Schau to a private office. He forces him to empty his pockets and removes a pocket watch, while the others watch on the security camera. Von Schau hesitates until Max forces him to take out an old postcard. Once Von Schau hands it over, Max calls Jim in and he takes the personal belongings into the next room. They try to find any indicator of when or where the meeting will occur. Grant looks at the postcard and confirms that it shows a church with a clock tower. They figure that the clock shows the time and the postmark indicates the date, meaning they have less than an hour to make the meeting.

At the church, three men, Ernst Graff, Maximillian Brucker, and Erich Wolfe, go to the front, light a candle, and set a postcard down. Nicholas comes in posing as Von Schau, takes in the scene, and performs the same ritual with his postcard. They gather and introduce themselves, and none of them know the real Von Schau. They go to a hotel and share a toast to the future of Europe. Graff tries to take charge, inspiring the others with an explanation of their plans to use the wealth to rise up and begin a glorious crusade. He tells them that each of them was given a series of numbers to memorize. They are to put the numbers together and present them to the Consolidated Trading Bank of Zurich.

Wolfe and Brucker give their numbers, but Nicholas interrupts and says that he was instructed not to give his number until they arrive at the bank. Graff orders him to turn over his number but Nicholas refuses until they meet with the bank official. Graff draws a gun and repeats his demand, but Nicholas points out that if Graff kills him then they’ll never get the account number. Graff points out that they’ll need each other even after the account is claimed, but Nicholas dares him to shoot. The neo-Nazi finally lowers his gun and asks why Nicholas is making things more complicated. Nicholas says that it’s a matter of discipline.

Later, Nicholas meets with Jim and Casey, who have a background file on Graff. His family left him holdings in South Africa but he’s heavily in debt and gambles, and Jim plans to create a fake magazine article pointing the information out to convince Brucker and Wolfe that Graff wants the gold for himself. They’ve also learned that Graff has a violent temper and carries a gun. Jim tells Nicholas to wait until that night and then make an excuse to meet with the team at Casey’s suite to get his part of the account number.

Grant creates a fake identity for Casey as a baroness with $18 million and then plants it into bank computers.

Next, Casey goes to the bank in Zurich and meets with the manager, Alfred Krubler. She wants to move her household to Zurich and transfer the funds in the bank. Casey provides him with a draft for $1 million US and Krubler assures her that she won’t regret her trust in his institution. As she goes, Casey invites Krubler to dinner and says she has someone she wants him to meet.

That night, Jim poses as a doctor and Casey’s business manager, and Krubler meets them at the hotel where Casey and Nicholas are staying. While they have dinner, Grant and Max rig their hotel suite with a smoke projector.

Nicholas prepares to go out but Graff insists that he stay. He refuses, saying he has a date with a young lady, but Bruckner and Wolfe support Graff, suggesting that they all dinner with her. Realizing he has no choice, Nicholas says he’ll dine with his date some other night and the four of them go out together.

The sommelier serves wine and Jim distracts him long enough to drug Krubler’s glass. The bank manager quickly feels ill and Jim escorts him to Casey’s suite. They give him a hypnogenic and Grant assures the team that Krubler will remember nothing. Jim then informs the dazed Krubler that he’s had a stroke and is dying. Max poses as a priest to administer last rites and Jim tells Krubler to give him Graff’s account number because he’s too sick to attend the meeting. Krubler finally recites the complete account number, and Jim gives him a post-hypnotic suggestion to give Graff a message and then forget it.

The next morning, Casey goes to Graff’s room posing as a maid. She gives Nicholas his laundry and cleans up, leaving a fresh matchbook in the ashtray. Nicholas pockets it and leaves with the others. Once they leave, the team breaks into Graff’s room. Jim plants the magazine with the article about Graff while Grant finds an electronic microscope hooked up to the TV screen. He assures Jim he can link it to their TV screen.

At the bank, Krubler greets Graff and the others. He brings up the account in question, belonging to an “A. Lois,” and asks for the coded numbers. Nicholas goes last, lights a cigarette, and recites the numbers that his teammates wrote on the inside cover. Once Krubler enters the account number, he tells them to wait and steps out. They wonder if something has gone wrong, but Krubler returns and gives them a deposit box holding a single envelope. As they go, Krubler gives Graff the post-hypnotic message that he wishes the news on his coffee investments were better. Graff has no idea what he’s talking about and Krubler says that he doesn’t know why he said it. As they leave, Nicholas notes that other investments for Graff have gone bad.

Back at the hotel suite, Graff opens the envelope and discovers that it contains nothing but a few Reichmarks, now worthless. Graff points out that in post-war Germany all accounts were scrutinized and the real secret is in the envelope. He uses the electronic microscope to magnify the period in “A. Lois,” revealing a microdot that has one-fifth of a list of four names and a two-word location. He then removes the watch crystals from the watches of Wolfe and Bruckner and overlays them on the microdot. Graff adds his own and then asks Nicholas for his watch. Thinking quickly, Nicholas says that he lost his watch. Graff slaps him and tells him to find the watch. Nicholas shoves him away and calls who he claims is the hotel manager. He also tells them to consider who might benefit from stealing his watch.

Jim arrives posing as the hotel manager and says that he’ll start a search of the hotel. Graff objects, saying that they’re in a hurry, but quickly backs down when Jim says the alternative is to call the police. Bruckner insists that Nicholas stay with them, and Nicholas shakes Jim’s hand and slips him the watch. Jim takes it back to their suite and Grant overlays the crystal over the image from the electronic microscope. They discover that the four names form an X and the location is Greineau Cemetery. They figure the names are headstones and confirm the cemetery is twenty kilometers outside of Zurich. Grant accesses the cemetery records and confirms that the center of the X is the crypt of A. Lois. Jim says that they’ve found it, pointing out that Alois was Hitler’s father’s name. Jim, Grant, and Max leave for the cemetery while Casey watches out for Graff and the others.

As Graff tries to work out the pattern of the names, Bruckner sees the magazine article and questions him about his gambling. Nicholas tries to calm Bruckner down and Wolfe insists that they need to work together.

Jim and the others find the crypt and break in. They open the only coffin but find nothing inside.

Graff works out from the half of the word “cemetery” what they’re looking for and starts checking street maps of the area. Casey, listening in, calls the others to warn them that Graff and the others are on the way. Jim points out that the period in “A. Lois” doesn’t make sense and Grant pushes the period. The bottom of the coffin opens, revealing a tunnel below. They climb down and find the tons of gold. With fifteen minutes left until the neo-Nazis get there, Grant has an idea and grabs some silvered mylar sheets to hide the gold.

Graff and the others arrive and discover that the crypt is open. They force Nicholas ahead at gunpoint and find the coffin with the open bottom. Wolfe stands guard while Graff and Bruckner take Nicholas down. There’s no sign of the gold and Graff demands an explanation from Nicholas. Nicholas accuses Graff of having taken it and Graff shoots Nicholas dead.

Upstairs, Wolfe hears the gunshot and Max knocks him out.

Bruckner points out that with Nicholas dead, they have no way to find the gold. He figures that Graff planned the entire thing to pay off his gambling debts and investment losses. Graff shoots him as well and Bruckner falls back through the mylar, revealing the hidden gold. Smiling in triumph, Graff starts loading up the gold and calls to Wolfe... unaware that Nicholas has slipped away. Nicholas climbs up and removes the bulletproof jacket that was inside the jacket that Casey delivered earlier. The team drives away as the Zurich police arrive to arrest Graff and Wolfe.