The Cattle King - Recap

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In the Australian Outback, an aborigine hunter looks on as arms dealer Douglas Matthews sells Mark II Stingers to a terrorist client. The terrorist offers 10% up front and refuses to haggle. They hear the hunter as he emerges from the forest and Matthews yells at him to run. When the hunter runs off, Matthews fires the Stinger at him, blowing up the hunger and half the cliffside. The arms dealer then demands 20% and the terrorist agrees.

In San Francisco, Jim picks up his briefing from a tour boat. He’s informed that Douglas Matthews, a gambler and cattle king, saves himself from bankruptcy by running arms to terrorists. He acquired a hundred stolen Stinger missiles and sold half of them to a terrorist group. He will be moving them within the next three days, and the IMF must put Matthews out of business and keep the Stingers from reaching the terrorists.

At the team meeting, Jim explains that Matthews is probably hiding the missile in caves on his land that are sacred to the aborigine tribes. They’ll be working with Mulwarra, a Kudietchi aboriginal medicine man. Jim informs the team that Matthews is a high-roller and ladies man, and they’re going to take advantage of his superstitious streak. Grant has arranged a meeting with Matthews in two days to buy the other half of the missile shipment, and the team has prepared a magazine promoting Jim as an American investor interested in a multimillion dollar land deal.

On the Gold Coast of Australia, Max flies a helicopter in and keeps an eye on Matthews’ limo. He arrives at his palatial home and Max tells Jim that the arms dealer is in position. Jim and the others are at a shed outside of town and they have Max join them. Grant finishes working on a fake balcony railing and calls Matthews.

When Matthews gets into his apartment, he receives a call from Grant. Grant wants to wait a couple of days but Matthews tells him that he wants to deal now. Despite that, Grant refuses to budge and says Matthews will hear from him when he’s ready. A disgruntled Matthews nervously rolls his lucky dice and notices the magazine the IMF planted. The story mentions Jim pulling off a $80 million land deal. Matthews calls for a limo to take him to the racetrack, unaware that the IMF has tapped his line. Jim then gives Casey a set of rigged dice.

At the track, Matthews bets heavily and loses. Jim is sitting nearby and shows the arms dealer his winning ticket. Matthews recognizes him from the magazine article and introduces himself. They’re interrupted when Max and Casey, posing as a security track guard and a bettor, stage an argument. Max orders Casey off the tracks, saying that she’s never lost, and Casey insists that she only has two days of luck left. Casey walks over and gives Jim his share of her winnings, and he introduces her to Matthews, calling her his “lucky lady.” Jim leaves for a meeting and Matthews invites her to have a drink with him.

At the shed, Grant tests the fake balcony railing, which is rigged with gas jets. Nicholas sets up an expandable tarp as Jim and Grant return

At the track, Casey explains that Jim provided a stake for her bets and Matthews offers the same partnership. She wonders why he doesn’t quit when he’s ahead and Matthews responds by inviting her to dinner.

That night, Matthews leaves his apartment for dinner and Nicholas, Max, and Grant go in. They slip past the security guard and bypass Matthews’ security system.

Jim drives to the outback and waits for Mulwarra to show himself. A spear comes hurtling out of the darkness and a dozen tribesmen surround him, weapons ready. Mulwarra arrives and tells the others that Jim is a friend.

Grant attaches the gas jets to the balcony railing and inserts the fake segment. Nicholas plants a surveillance camera in Matthews’ bedroom and Max plants a projector on the balcony door and a hidden speaker in a potted plant. While they work, Grant rigs the elevator.

At dinner, Matthews rolls his lucky dice and explains that he’s had them for years. Casey explains that she’s an anthropologist studying native cultures. A Kudietchi cast a magic spell giving her the lucky streak, but refuses to say anything more. As Casey talks about the power of aboriginal magic, she switches Matthews’ dice for her rigged ones and rolls out sevens a half-dozen times. She then switches them back and gives Matthews the real dice, and he asks how he can get some of the luck. He rolls the dice and comes up snake-eyes, and Casey tells him that the price is too high.

Nicholas mounts another projector above the balcony and Max films a continuous loop of the city streets below. Grant finishes rigging the elevator to show a different position than where it’s really at.

Jim joins Mulwarra’s tribe and as they dance, the medicine man says that Matthews will die for killing his people and desecrating the sacred lands. The IMF leader says that they need to keep Matthews alive so that they can stop the weapons shipment and save many more lives. Mulwarra agrees to wait until Jim’s team is ready.

The next day, Matthews is swimming at the beach and Grant comes to see him about the arms deal. The arms dealer frisks him for a wire and then demands $40,000 a Stinger. Grant wants the entire shipment of a hundred and tells Matthews that his people will beat the terrorists’ bid and pay in cash within 24 hours. Matthews is reluctant to cross the terrorists and Grant refuses to take any of the missile, telling the arms dealer that he needs a change in luck.

Later, Casey goes to Matthews’ apartment. She explains that she got by security by showing them the money she made by putting up some of her money to cover Jim’s investments. Casey invested $50,000 gives him his “share,” 300%, and Matthews wonders why she’s changed her mind. She explains that her luck runs out but she’ll be glad to set Matthews up and benefit from his luck. Matthews is unimpressed with the aborigines and Casey warns him that he needs to fear the dead aborigines, not the living.

That night, Casey takes Matthews to Mulwarra. The medicine man refuses to give him luck and says that they only brought Matthews there so that they could see him and warn him that he will suffer, just as Casey will suffer when she pays her price.

Grant and the others go to the roof of Matthews’ apartment building and watch him on the hidden camera. They then start playing pre-recorded aborigine chants, waking the arms dealer up. The balcony doors blow open and the railing bursts into flame. Matthews runs for the elevator and gets in, and Max, Grant, and Nicholas run in and replace the burned-out balcony section with a new piece. Nicholas applies a drug guaranteed to promote a sleepless night to Matthews’ whiskey glass. Meanwhile, Matthews gets the security guard and takes him upstairs. The team gets out as Matthews and the security guard arrive. The balcony is intact and the guard leaves. Matthews pours himself a scotch and goes back to bed.

The next day, a tired Matthews meets with Casey, who realizes that he’s suffering from the dreams. The arms dealer is satisfied that the magic is real, which means the luck is real. He tells Casey that since it’s her last day of luck, she’ll make the bets and he’ll follow her. When Casey points out that she’s been barred from the tracks and casino, Matthews tells her to get Jim to front the bets. He calls the banks to run a credit check on Jim and Grant intercepts the call. Nicholas poses as the credit manager tells Matthews that he’ll need an hour and leaves. Max and Jim stage a fake photo of the police taking Jim away in handcuffs and Grant hacks the bank computers. Nicholas drives to the bank and calls away the real credit manager, Carlton, to a meeting. He then goes into Carlton’s office and is waiting when Matthews arrives. Nicholas gives Matthews Jim’s record and says that he has a very big deal going on and needs an immediate cash inflow. The IMF agent gives him the full report and Matthews leaves.

Matthews and Casey bring Jim to Matthews’ apartment and the arms dealer says that he knows Jim needs ten million immediately. He offers to mortgage his cattle stations for $8 million and have Casey provide $2 million in cash, and in return they get 50% of the profits. Jim eventually caves and Matthews assures him that they’ll all be rolling in easy money.

That night, Grant, Nicholas, and Max go back to Matthews’ apartment. They begin the chanting again and Matthews goes to the balcony. Grant provides more wind and then projects an image of Mulwarra hovering in mid-air. Matthews runs to the elevator and goes to the ground floor. Grant then forces a false display of the floor. When Matthews gets out on what he thinks is the ground floor, he finds himself hanging on for dear life a dozen stories above the city. He quickly gets back in and goes up, unaware that Max and Nicholas set up the tarp and projected an image of the city on it. The arms dealer tries to get to the lobby but Grant sends him back to the floor with the tarp. This time they project an image of Mulwarra and then send Matthews to the ground floor. He cowers back as the security guard comes to investigate, while the team makes its escape.

The next morning, Max goes to the apartment and puts the fake newspaper with the photo of Jim being arrested in Matthews’ post box. Nicholas calls to tell Matthews should check the newspaper, and the arms dealer discovers that Jim has been arrested as a swindler. Matthews goes to Casey’s apartment and discovers that she’s committed suicide with a gun. Before he can investigate further, a dead bird drops down and the panicked man runs off. Casey then gets up as Max comes in, and they figure he only has one place left to run.

Matthews arranges another meeting with Grant, who offers him a reduced price. The arms dealer reluctantly agrees and sets up a meeting so that Grant can inspect the merchandise in return for an immediate cash payment.

Back at the shed, Grant rigs a rear-view mirror on a SUV with a recorded image while Nicholas puts hidden speakers inside.

Matthews picks up the Stingers and drives to the rendezvous. After making sure no one is around, Matthews drives the truck down. Grant gives him the money in a duffel bag and Matthews tells him that they’re exchanging vehicles. As the arms dealer drives off, Max activates pre-recorded chants and cues up an image of Mulwarra in the rear-view mirror. Matthews loses control and crashes the SUV, while Grant drives up to his teammates with the Stingers.

The IMF watches as Matthews manages to climb out of the van. He discovers that the “money” is blank paper and runs off. Grant asks if they should pick him up and Jim says that Matthews belongs to someone else. They watch as Mulwarra and his people circle Matthews, who tells them that they can have the land and everything else they want. Mulwarra signals to Jim, who waves back, and the IMF departs.