The Kiss - Recap

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The scene opens with Claire and Phil in the kitchen and she asks Phil why they have more containers than lids. She asks why they get separated and Phil jokes and tells that the have built up contempt and wanted to see other lids. Alex walks in and Claire asks what is going on. Flashback and Claire is in Alex’s room and reads flirty texts on her phone. Alex tells that it is nothing and she leaves. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell are in a clothing store and he is asking for Mitchell’s opinion on clothes. He tells that he looks good in the blue and Cameron tries to kiss Mitchell, but Mitchell deflects. Cameron tells that Mitchell has a problem with public display of affection. He tells that Mitchell high-fived him one time and that is something that you never do to a gay man. Gloria is in the kitchen and Jay walks in and asks what she is cooking. She tells that she had a dream of her grandmother telling her to go back to her roots of being Colombian. She tells that it is like tacos and Sammy corrects her and tells it is pig intestines. Gloria tells that in her culture, they believe the dead walk among them and Jay tells that he say his great uncle who told him to have Steak for dinner. Jay tells that he has a printer to install. Gloria tells that allow Phil to come over and help but Jay tells that he can do things better than Phil except for the mouth thing. The scene cuts to Phil beat-boxing and Jay telling him that he spit on him.

Claire tells Hailey that she needs to talk to Alex about a boy she likes. Hailey tells for her to speak to Alex herself and she tells that she tried to but she ignored her. Hailey tells that is because she gets weird. And tells that she wasn’t the good girl she pretends to be. Claire tells that you don’t tell your kids that you were bad. Phil tells that he wasn’t listening. Cameron and Mitchell are home and Cameron tells that he better close the curtains before he kisses him. Mitchell asks what that is supposed to mean and Cameron tells that Mitchell is ashamed of kissing Cameron. Mitchell tells that he just feels that kissing is for special occasions and not a bowling alley. Cameron defends and says that he almost got a turkey. Phil answers the phone and it is Jay. He tells that he will get Claire and Jay tells that he wanted to talk to Phil. This makes Phil squeak in surprise and he blames it on a cat. Jay tells that he needs help with his printer and Phil says that he’ll be right over. Phil tells that he is going to be able to criticize Jay now after he criticized his vomiting over paint, or other things.

Hailey goes in Alex’s room and asks about her boyfriend. Alex tells that she is just friends. Hailey asks if Alex kissed him yet and she tells that if she doesn’t do it soon, then they are going to think that Alex is a lesbian. At Jay’s, Phil and Sean show up and Phil is cocky that he is going to get the printer to work with a simple click. It doesn’t work. He tells that it is not a problem and he’ll get it fixed right away. Meanwhile, Alex goes to Jeremy’s house, the boy she likes. She tells that she likes him and wants her to kiss her. The door opens and there is his whole soccer team with him. She runs down the street back home. Back at Jay’s, Gloria is stirring and Jay comes in. Gloria tells that Jay has been making fun of her culture all day. He tells that he is sorry and asks what he can do to help. She has him slap some chicken to scare the life out of the chicken. He slaps it and Gloria says that it is not a cultural thing, but doesn’t tell Jay. So he slaps the chicken screaming like a girl. Alex comes home and Hailey comes out and asks her to tell it is not true that she asked Jeremy to kiss her. Hailey tells that it is going to ruin her. Claire intervenes and tells that just because a boy sends flirty texts doesn’t mean he is interested. The fight centers on Claire and she tells that they need to be good. Alex tells that they can’t be as good as she was, but Hailey still doesn’t believe.

At Jay’s Sammy is freaking out because he thinks that there is a ghost. Suddenly there is a bang in the attic and it is really Phil up there trying to activate the router. Sean and Sammy think it is Sammy’s grandmother. Sean asks her to show herself and the printer works and prints the picture of grandmother that Jay wanted to print. They crumble the picture and throw it and run. Phil comes in to see no picture and wants to know what is going on. Claire, Alex, and Hailey come over and Jay welcomes with Shoes over his neck. Claire asks why and Jay tells that is for the custom of Gloria. But, Gloria tells that it is not. Mitchell tells that he sorry about the non-affection and Gloria toasts to family and Cameron tries to kiss Mitchell and he moves out of the way making Camera roll on the couch and knocking the chips on the floor.

Cameron gets up and tells that it is alright as Gloria is picking chips out of his hair. Cameron tells that Mitchell doesn’t like showing affection in public. Gloria tells that he gets it from his father and tells that Jay doesn’t like to show affection either. Jay tells that he shows affection and Phil comes down after 4 hours being up there and Jay says thanks. The family tells to give him more than a thank you and he tells that he doesn’t need to. Gloria asks when the last time Jay kissed Mitchell. He tells not that long ago and Mitchell tells that he was 12 years old. They tell him to kiss Mitchell and after a lot of awkwardness, he does. Alex and Claire are sitting in the van and she tells that the story that Jay told about her in her underwear and says that her boyfriend when swimming without their swimming suits. She tells that she was thinking it was going to ruin her but it didn’t. Claire looks in her side mirror and Jeremy is standing there. Alex gets out of the van and Jeremy tells that he would have kissed her. She tells that she would like to get to know him more first and he is relieved. Jay kisses Sammy goodnight and Mitchell shows affection. At the end, Phil attempts to overcome his sickness to paint and doesn’t work. He dry heaves and Claire attempts to help get his shirt off and gets it on his face.