Go Bullfrogs! - Recap

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The scene opens Phil and Haley walking around Phil’s Alma Matter University and Claire tells him that he hopes that Haley are going to be excited. Claire yells “Go Bullfrogs”. Phil corrects her and says that it is Bulldogs. He brings up every time he talks to his college friends, they bark. However, it doesn’t sound like a dog. Phil and Haley continue their tour and Phil sees the lunch trays on the grass. Claire calls and asks how things are going and he says that she loves her time there. Haley waves at a football player as Phil does a routine with the cheerleaders. Meanwhile, Manny has the name “Bella” written on his notebook and he says that she is beautiful. Jay comes in and says that her show is going to on soon. Gloria says that it is a Colombian Soap Opera called “Fire and Ice”.

Manny takes something upstairs and Gloria asks what it is. She tells Jay to do something and he says for her to leave it alone. Claire drops off Luke at a friend’s house and the mother of the boy says that a bunch of the mothers are going to gather around and watch “Gone with the Wind”. She tells her that she isn’t feeling good and is going to call it a night. She goes out with Cam and Mitchell and tells them that she needs a fun night. They go to a restaurant that serves Potpies. Mitchell says that their friend is throwing a party and Cam tries to stop him from telling. She tells them that she will wait in the car. Back at the school, Phil and Haley are eating hot wings and he says that he is glad that she decided to go with him there. A girl comes up and invites Haley to a mixer. She tells her that she is spending time with her dad. Phil can see that Haley wants to go and tells her to go and have fun.

At the mixer, they have fun with making fun of everyone and drinking when a woman has had plastic surgery. Claire and Julian got to get more wine and Cam tells Mitchell that he wants to go home. They tell Claire and Julian offers to take her home. Claire tells her that she is going with the guy she just met. Mitchell says that if Julian was strait, it would be just like High School. Jay and Gloria are watching the Soap Opera, but Gloria’s mind is on Manny. She wonders what he is hiding from her. Jay says that he probably ordered something for guys only and is “testing” it out. Jay is getting in the Soap Opera and when Gloria goes to go upstairs, Jay tries to stop her, but is interrupted when one of the characters shoots another one. Back at the University bar, Phil gets money from Undergrads. Phil is tracking Haley by her phone’s GPS too. Phil realizes that Haley is at a Frat House and runs off to find her.

Mitchell and Cam get a call from their friend and he says that Julian is not gay. Mitchell realizes that the Valet gave them the wrong car and they turn around. At the party, Claire gets a call from Luke and she tells him that she doesn’t have his retainer. However, she really does and she tells him that he will swing by to drop it off. Julian comes up and has her try on a dress and Claire tells him that she is going to have fun. Mitchell finds out that the Valet gave away their car an hour and a half ago. Cam worries about their Potpies and looks through the other family’s glove box. He finds that they are exciting people that go to concerts. Mitchell says that they must be caught in a rut like Claire said. They get to the destination and are attacked by a woman thinking it is her husband. Phil finds Haley and takes the defensive with everything. However, there is nothing wrong with the party and Phil feels retarded.

Jay talks to Maria, the housekeeper, about the show and Gloria comes in and tells Jay that he has to talk to Manny about guy stuff. He tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable about doing it. He goes into Manny’s room to find him hanging from the doorframe. He says that he is trying to make himself taller. Gloria says that he has a lot more and Jay says that he is going to get taller when he gets taller. He tells him that he used to work out to get the girls. He goes over to the pull up bar and yanks it off the doorframe. He says that Manny can be that strong too. Claire drops off the retainer and the Holly, the mother, comes out and asks her how “Gone with the Wind” ends. Claire starts off and they realize that she has been drinking. Julian comes up and asks to use their bathroom. Claire says that she wanted to spend a night with her gay friends. Julian says that he isn’t gay. Claire feels really embarrassed.

Back at the University, Phil chases after Haley and says that he is sorry. A police officer comes up and asks Phil if he is bothering Haley. She tells Phil that he is embarrassing her and says that she hates the sweatshirt. Phil says that he wanted to make sure that she was safe and says that she is making him go into early retirement from being a father. She says that is sweet. She grabs a lunch tray and asks if it is really fun to go down the hill. Manny thanks Gloria and Jay for getting them down. They say that they are happy that it was just that and Manny is confused. Cam and Mitchell get home and he says that their car could come back to them and says that it happened on the farm once. Suddenly the car comes up and the driver says that he sees that they met his wife. The episode ends.