After the Fire - Recap

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The scene opens with Claire being happy to receive an aid box from one of the neighbors. She has been at the forefront of helping one of the other neighbors with donations because their house caught fire. Although Claire shows she is happy with a bunch of outdated old clothes, she actually is aghast at their conditions. Later, Phil and Claire talk about the good things they did for saving the lives of the people who just suffered a house fire. Both of them insist that the other one was more crucial in helping the fire victims, but Phil accepts being the wonder woman in the end – a title he reserved for Claire.

Later, Jay and Gloria talk about the fire accident. While Jay means well for the victims, Gloria exaggerates to say they were their closest friends. She later adds that a fire in her country implies immense bad luck. Mitchell and Cameron get talking about it as well. While Cameron admits he could not sleep because of the fire, smoke and commotion, Mitchell has had a similar experience as well. Later they talk about the difficulties Mitchell has been having because Cameron dresses up like a circus clown and scares the sleep out of Mitchell.

Jay carries a heavy box full of donated items, and does not want to give up when Claire asks him to stop straining. However, he has a schedule to follow, and even wants to get the load up to the truck. Meanwhile Phil is back from work and announces that two of his colleagues have branched out to form a competing realty group. Moreover, they have taken two secretaries and the tube dude. Gloria asks what means a tube dude, and Phil does a little dance to explain. Gloria loves it. Cameron and Mitchell come in, explaining that they are late because Cameron’s wardrobe has no clothes for somber occasions. Almost immediately, Jay’s back fails him, and Phil shows him the tube dude dance as a probable therapy.

Later, Jay is lying down on a couch when Cameron makes a sarcastic comment about not being trusted with the truck. He refers to his high school ‘machoism’, to which Mitchell scoffs a one-liner. Cameron has heard it, but the attention shifts to Jay’s back. While Claire and Mitchell recommend Phil’s massage, Jay is reluctant, but he agrees after Gloria coaxes him. Later, Cameron is livid about not being notably useful. He takes on Phil, but with no one’s support. Jay is exasperated at the childish behavior.

Later, Manny and Luke discover an aero modeling set that Gloria has packed. She has saved it for the fire victims’ children, but Luke wants to try it out. Gloria has already explained that the gift is only for those who suffered the fire, but Luke argues with Manny that they ought to use it – don’t the fire victim kids share their toys? Although Manny is careful about the language and cheekiness he sees from Luke, he can hardly resist trying out the set. Later, Gloria announces that she has kept the clothes box outdoors, and brings the box loaded with knick knacks to Claire and Mitchell working out some logistics. Haley and Alex are on the way out, when Claire orders them to help. Haley knows exactly how to shrug off the responsibility – and that is by faking a fight with Alex. The moment they start, Claire turns them out of the house. While Cameron is romping around sulking about Jay’s disapproval about driving a truck, Jay flicks him the keys, and Claire announces that the girls are going out with Uncle Cam. Meanwhile, Jay has agreed to a massage by Phil – which means the pain can never get worse. He resents Phil’s assistance. He has asked just one favor of him in the last ten years, but he keeps on bragging about how his help has worked permanently.

Meanwhile, Haley and Alex are out with Uncle Cam, who is getting mildly bullied by Haley. While he tries to keep his comments neutral, he gets himself into trouble with parking. Clumsy as he is, no help from the girls seem to be enough. Meanwhile, Phil gets ready with his special incense and oil to cure Jay from his lower back spasm. Phil is so good, that Jay ends up saying ‘I love you.’ However, by the time he realizes it to change it to ‘I like this,’ Phil is already on a busy call and out of the room. Later, Jay confesses that those were the worst three words, as the boy kids enjoy flying their aero modeling helicopter. Later, Mitchell and Gloria are about to set up a coffee date with each other.

Meanwhile, Claire is sulking with her dad because she finds it absurd that the mommy who she is not fond of, is getting closer with her siblings. Meanwhile, Manny and Luke have a tough time with some bullies. As it turns out, they are Alex’s heartthrobs, and Haley is simply livid enough to be shocked to see the ‘less glamorous’ Alex flirt with guys. Alex manages to get the helicopter out of their hands, and gives it to Luke.

When Mitchell announces he is going for a coffee date with Gloria, Claire can hardly believe it. However, she is happy to know that Mitchell still takes her as a sister wholeheartedly. They hug, but she gets to know that Gloria hardly likes her as much as she likes Mitchell. She explains that even Claire does not like her, to be honest. Minutes later, Jay comes rushing down the stairs, but stumbles into Phil outside the door. While Phil wants to have a talk, he thinks it is related to the near erotic massage. However, Phil wants to know whether he should take up a partnership offer in spite of having a steady job. Jay gives him the confidence he needs to branch out into a partnership. Later, when the family gets together, Claire claims she finds everyone around to be the most important. Phil jokes and tells her not to say that, as it makes everyone feel a little less important!