The Last Walt - Recap

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The episode begins, and we are told by Claire that, Walt their next-door neighbor has died. Walt and Luke were really close; hence it would be a challenge for Phil and Claire to break the news to him, from the looks of it. Phil has some ides which Claire shoots down. They end up telling Luke the truth, and Luke reacts in way which amazes the both of them, in other words he is unfazed. Meanwhile, Haley comes over to meet and convince Gloria to let her, and her friends have a pool party at the Prichetts. Although Gloria and Jay would be out for dinner, Gloria agrees to the idea as Haley promises that she would get a parent-approved chaperone for the party.

She also agrees to let Manny be in the party; it seems the success of the party depends on him. It turns out; Manny is the uncle who will chaperone the party, and technically he is her uncle. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell are trying to assemble a newly bought bed, and are seemingly not doing a very good job of it. We are then introduced to Cameron’s father complete with a cowboy hat and a southern drawl. He has flown in to meet his son. Turns out Jay doesn’t like Cameron’s father and seemingly thinks that, he is a country bumpkin. He therefore makes excuses each time Cameron’s father comes to town. This time round though, Mitch will have none of it and insists that Jay show up, despite Jay protesting vehemently.

It turns out Cameron’s father doesn’t like Jay either, and has a problem with Jay’s attitude. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire are discussing Walt’s death, and end reminiscing about their own life and experiences. Just then, they see Luke entering Walt’s house and are moved by the thought that, he is going in to pay his last respects. They are shocked to no end though, when they see Luke walk out of the house with Walt’s TV. Later, Phil takes Alex along to throw Walt’s dog tags in the ocean. It is also an opportunity it seems, for Phil to try and bond with Alex, who he feels he hasn’t given much attention to. Somehow it doesn’t turn out as planned, with a seagull actually flying away with the dog tags, right in front of Phil and Alex’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Luke tells Claire that Walt had told him that he could take one of Walt’s things when he died, and he chose the TV. Claire is still amazed by Luke’s insensitivity towards the whole incident. She tries her best to prod his emotional side, but to no avail. She wants the TV to go back, Luke frustrated retorts “when Walt used to look through his binoculars and say your dad is only lucky man, he was wrong”, Claire is shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, Haley and her friends arrive at the Pritchetts all geared up for the party. Haley reveals to Manny that, he is going to be the chaperone. Later, Manny is shown doing a great job of being the chaperone. Meanwhile, Jay does turns up for dinner at Cameron’s and Mitch’s house.

Jay reveals that he doesn’t like Cameron’s father because, he treats Mitch like the wife in the relationship. The fact is further confirmed by the gift that Cameron’s father gives both Mitch and Cameron. Meanwhile, Phil’s special day with his daughter isn’t going so well, with nothing seemingly going to plan. Meanwhile, Jay is trying his best to prove to Cameron’s father that Mitch is as manly as or maybe manlier than Cameron is. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cameron and Mitch end up arguing about who is the real tough guy, Jay or Cameron’s father? Later both fathers compete to assemble the bed that Cameron and Mitch hadn’t managed to. Meanwhile, Claire and Luke go into Walt’s house to return his TV.

Once inside, Claire once again tries to prod Luke’s emotional side, and questions him about his feeling regarding Walt’s death. Meanwhile, the pizza delivery guy, and the woman with meals on wheels, both of whom are well acquainted with Walt walk in, and are informed about Walt’s death by a smiling Claire. The two of them are mortified by the fact that Claire is finding Walt’s death funny. Claire on her part tries her best to convince them that she is not, and it’s just her face that does this. Later, Luke confides in Claire his feelings about Walt. Meanwhile, Phil is trying his best to send a pregnant waitress in a Deli into labor, just so he and Alex can help deliver the baby together, and hence have a memorable experience together. He tries everything from banging the table to making loud noises, in order to induce labor, but to no avail.

Alex questions this behavior of Phil’s, and he revels to her that he wants to be remembered by her as a great father. Just then Alex starts puking, and Phil too ends up feeling nauseous and runs to the loo. Meanwhile, Cameron’s father and Jay manage to successfully assemble the bed. Jay then tells Cam’s father why he doesn’t like him. The two end up sharing their ideas and views about Cam’s and Mitch’s relationship. Later, Alex tells Phil “you know what I will never forget? The day my dad spent trying to create a special memory for me”.

Meanwhile, Gloria is back home; Manny tells her that he did his best, in trying to chaperone the party. Gloria is clearly angry and reprimands Haley for lying to her, but she also reprimands Manny for not having fun and instead being too good of a chaperone. She sends Manny to have fun, much to Haley’s frustration. The episode ends at this point.