Planes, Train and Cars - Recap

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The episode begins with Phil and his friend arriving to buy a new Cadillac. Phil in the meanwhile yearns to buy a Porsche. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam are taking Lily on her first train ride. Cam bends down to tie Lily’s shoelace and throws Mitch Lily’s toy bunny, but instead of Mitch catching it, the bunny falls inside the train with the doors of the train closing and the train leaving, with Mitch looking on in despair. Lily is agitated and Mitch and Cam are at a loss about what they should do. Meanwhile, Phil is admiring the Porsche parked in front of him. Mitch’s friend prompts him to buy it, if he wants it so badly. Phil is in the end sold on the idea and decides to take the Porsche for a spin. Meanwhile the Pritchett family is going to Pebble Beach for the weekend. Jay is very excited to go, as he would meet guys there who according to him, really look up to him.

Meanwhile, Phil drives into his home in the Porsche. Luke loves it but Alex isn’t too pleased, Phil is also worried about how Claire would react. Haley too is overjoyed on seeing the car, as she assumes it’s for her. Alex then bursts her balloon. Meanwhile, Claire comes in and acts normal, she even compliments the car, and then walks back in. Phil and his friend are shocked at Claire’s reaction, with Phil a little scared. Meanwhile, Lily isn’t sleeping because she lost her bunny, which means so aren’t Mitch and Cam. Meanwhile, Jay gets Gloria and Manny to a private airstrip, on seeing a small private plane Gloria refuses to fly in it. The Pritchett family in the end decides to drive to Pebble Beach. Meanwhile, Phil is having a bit of a space issue with the Porsche, with Claire still maintaining her silence on the matter.

Phil feels there is something more to Claire not saying anything about the issue than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Jay hits a pothole and the car breaks down. Claire in the meanwhile, plans to be a bit irresponsible and let her hair down, she blows off her errands and heads for the coast in the Porsche. Meanwhile, the guy at the car repair shop is so enamored by Gloria’s beauty that he offers to drop the Pritchett family in his own helicopter. Gloria is completely averse to travelling in the helicopter, as she is mortified of the idea. Meanwhile, Lily is adamant she wants bunny back even after Mitch tells her that he has gone to St. Louis. Meanwhile, Phil isn’t too happy to be chauffeuring around his family, instead of enjoying his new car. He then slowly begins to like driving them around while observing them doing stuff in the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, Claire is having the time of her life at the coast, she has the food she likes and plays around on the beach, with her cell phone switched off and without a care in the world.

She at the end of it all realizes that she has lost her car keys. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch put up posters of bunny at the station. Mitch feels it’s ridiculous, but Cam disagrees, saying he knows how it feels to lose your favorite toy at Lily’s age. Mitch on the other hand feels losing a toy and being able to cope with it, builds character. They then see bunny in the arms of a homeless guy, lying on the ground nearby. They try to pry it out of the man’s hand, but then see him sneezing a coughing on it, and change their minds. Meanwhile, the Pritchetts spend their time in a motel, till their car is repaired, as Gloria didn’t allow them to use the helicopter. Meanwhile, Jay confesses to Gloria that he wasn’t such a big cahuna in Pebble Beach as he bragged of being. He was in fact a shy kid, and now he wants to show off to everyone that he has managed to bag a hot wife.

Gloria is ready to ride the helicopter when she hears this, so she can be paraded around in front of Jay’s friends like a trophy. Meanwhile, Phil comes to the beach to pick up Claire, and she tells him how great a car the Porsche is and how much fun she had. The two then discuss about their family. The two then cuddle on the beach.

Meanwhile, everything works out just fine for the Pritchetts, Dunphys and the trio of Mitch and Cam and Lily. Meanwhile, Phil doesn’t want the Porsche and tries selling it to his friend, who confesses to Phil that his wife might not allow him to buy it. The episode ends at this point.