Disneyland - Recap

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The episode begins at the Dunphy house. The Dunphy’s are readying to go to Disneyland. Claire wants everybody to eat at home, as Disneyland food is expensive. Meanwhile, the Pritchetts too are going, Manny though isn’t too excited, as he has a school project. Gloria is wearing really high heels despite Jay warning her that there is a lot of walking involved. Meanwhile, Claire’s friend’s nephew Ethan is coming with them to Disneyland; Alex and Haley seem to form an instant liking to football player Ethan. Later the whole family meets up at Disneyland with Cam and Mitch also joining in. Everybody is shocked to see Mitch and Cam put Lily on a leash like thing to keep her in control, as she bolts every chance she gets. They then head for the rides.

On the way they see Dylan. Haley is shocked to see Dylan as much as he is shocked to see her. Claire tries to divert Haley’s attention to Ethan, just as she sees the same longing in Haley’s eyes for Dylan, as she had before. Later, Phil and Luke arrive at one of the rides. Phil is shocked to see that there is a 45 minute wait. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam see another parent using the leash for her twins, they proceed to talk to her, and meanwhile the leashes of the children get entangled. Meanwhile, Alex and Ethan seem to be hitting it off. Claire tells Jay the whole thing and also how they ran into Dylan, which resulted in Haley forgetting all about Ethan. Meanwhile, Phil is reeling from a ride he has just been in; Jay tells Phil that the reeling is the effect of aging.

Phil tells Jay that he was the king of the roller coaster, and heads for another ride with Luke, with his head still reeling. Meanwhile, Mitch is uncomfortable with people staring at them, for walking Lily around in a leash. Mitch then removes her leash, and she immediately makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Jay questions a visibly discomforted Gloria, if her shoes are bothering her. Gloria pretends otherwise. Phil in the meanwhile, is in a really bad shape in the one of the rides. Meanwhile, looking at Gloria’s discomfort Jay buys her a comfortable pair of shoes, which she seemingly likes. She then admits to Jay that the reason for her constant temper might be her uncomfortable shoes. Meanwhile, Haley tells Claire that Ethan is nice but he is not a Dylan.

Just then Claire shows Haley that Dylan works at Disneyland and that too wearing a goofy costume. Haley is shocked to see him, as much as Dylan is shocked to see her. Haley then turns her sights on Ethan, after realizing Dylan isn’t as cool as she had imagined. Meanwhile, after getting out of the ride, Phil is barely able to stand straight, Luke though is visibly excited. Phil then admits to his son that the rides are killing him. He admits to Luke that he is getting older, and hence can’t stomach these rides anymore. Luke consoles him, by telling him that he will always find something cool to do with Phil, even when he is really old and on a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Mitch at last catches up with Lily.

She tells him that she doesn’t like the leash, Jay offers to fix Mitch’s problem for him. Jay then buys Lily really uncomfortable shoes in which she is barely managing to walk, but ones that look really pretty. Lily too loves them. Meanwhile, Dylan comes to talk to Haley, covertly in a bear costume. Haley then tells Dylan that she is mad at him as he didn’t tell her that he is in town. Just then Ethan comes in, and Dylan tells Ethan that he still loves Haley. Ethan pushes him and tells him to back off.

Ethan then pushes him harder, and Dylan falls to the ground in costume, and isn’t able to stand up. Meanwhile, Claire tells Phil that he is burning up, and might have the flu. Dylan then walks in with Haley. Haley tells everyone that Dylan is fired, and that they have to give him a ride home. Later, after having recovered from the flu Phil once again sits on a ride with Luke, and once again feels nauseous by the end of it, and is in fact barely able to stay conscious. The episode ends at this point.