Baby on Board - Recap

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The episode begins with Cam and Lily dancing around in their living room preparing for Lily’s dance recital at school, with Mitch looking on. Just then they receive a call informing them that, they have been chosen by a mother to be the adoptive parents of her child. It also turns out that the mother is delivering today, and the both of them have to be there for the delivery. Later, Gloria tells Jay and Manny about the baby, she also tells Claire about it over the phone. Claire then calls Mitch to reprimand him for not telling her first, but turns out its Cam who informed Gloria about it. Meanwhile at the Dunphy house Phil is trying to convince Haley to go to the prom. She in turn tells him that a prom is for dorks.

Alex in the meanwhile is going to the prom. Haley then tells Phil and Claire that she has decided to take a gap year and work, before joining back college. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam drop Lily at the Pritchetts, and instruct Gloria about all she has to do at the dance recital. Just then they receive a call from the sister of the mother who is having the baby, she speaks in Spanish and Gloria talks to her. Gloria then informs them that, the sister will call in an hour and inform them as to where exactly the hospital where the baby is being delivered is. Mitch then requests Gloria to come along with them as she is the only one who knows to speak Spanish. Lily meanwhile is left behind with Manny and Jay. Meanwhile, Phil is busy teaching Alex how to dance, for the prom.

Haley meanwhile comes in and tells Claire and Phil that she has gotten the job, she then shocks them by telling them that she has gotten groceries to cook dinner for her and Dylan tonight. Her plan basically is to tell her parents that, she is planning to move in with Dylan. Meanwhile, Lily is busy getting on Jay’s and Manny’s nerves. Alex in the meanwhile is all dressed up for the prom. Phil and Claire are overjoyed to see her looking so beautiful. Her date then comes to pick her up, and turns out he is gay, he just doesn’t know it yet. Later at the dinner table Phil describes to the family the memories of his own prom. Haley then breaks the news to the family that, she and Dylan want to get an apartment together. Claire tells Dylan to leave so they can talk to Haley about this. Meanwhile, Mitch and gang arrive at the hospital where the baby is to be delivered.

The mother’s sister tells them that, the baby was born half an hour ago and is perfectly healthy. They then see a priest come out of the OR and tell the sister something in Spanish after which the sister begins to reprimand a nurse in Spanish. The nurse replies in Spanish and then slaps the sister. Gloria translates that the nurse is mad at the sister because she stole her lover. The sister is mad at the nurse because the nurse told the mother about the baby. Meanwhile, at the dance recital one of Lily’s teachers informs Jay that Lily doesn’t want to perform. She asks Jay or Manny to talk to her and to convince her to perform. Jay then talks to her. He discovers that Lily isn’t too happy with getting a new baby brother, but Jay assures her that her dads will love her just as much even after they bring her a new brother.

He cites his own example when explaining things to her. She doesn’t seem convinced and instead agrees to dance, only if Jay joins her. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil try talking Haley out of the whole moving in thing, by describing to her how difficult life will be for her if she goes through with her decision. Luke in the meanwhile has a talk with Dylan. Meanwhile at the hospital the confusion seems to have increased, with Gloria not telling Mitch and Cam that someone has told the grandmother about the baby and that, she wasn’t suppose to know. Two new characters then get added to the whole confusion a man called Eduardo and an elderly woman.

Gloria then informs Cam and Mitch that the elderly woman who is possibly the grandmother has decided to raise the baby. Cam is heartbroken on hearing this and rushes out. Meanwhile, Luke and Dylan come out and show Haley that, she has actually gotten into the college she had applied for. Luke it turns out would have missed her and hence he hid the letter. Phil, Claire and even Dylan are overjoyed to know that she has been accepted into a college. Dylan is fine with Haley not moving in with her as he too feels college is much more important, but he wants to go to the prom with Haley as he wants her to remember him.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam are completely distraught about getting their hopes up and being disappointed once again. Meanwhile, Jay and Lily perform at the dance recital, with Manny recording the whole, thing. Haley and Dylan meanwhile leave for the prom. Gloria meanwhile it turns out is pregnant. Meanwhile, Luke hands over to Phil and Clair all the letters he has hidden over time. The episode ends at this point.