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Bringing Up Baby - Recap

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The episode begins and it's Jay's 65th birthday, all he wants is a quiet day with no surprises. Gloria hasn't told him yet she is pregnant. Manny won't stop with all of the 'old man' jokes he learned from the internet, seeing Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and Phil has a plan to take Jay fishing. In the meantime, Cameron and Mitchell talk about the elephant in the room. Basically they talk about the giant stuffed elephant Pepper got them because they were supposed to have a second child now. They convince themselves that not getting that second child will work out better in the long run.

Now the only thing left for them to do is tell Lily about their decision. But Lily as it turns out will settle for getting a kitten. Cam too starts seeing the point of getting a kitten in lieu of a child. Gloria on the other hand manages to tell Manny about being pregnant. But Manny does not take it well. He feels Gloria shall not be able to take care of a baby. Offended Gloria says “I took care of you”. “Please, I was an anomaly. I self-potty trained” he says in reply. Both agree on one thing that, Jay won't take the news well because he is slow to accept change. "He still checks the front step for the evening paper" Gloria interjects.

Phil on the other hand leads a struggling, and blindfolded Jay down a dock, and into a fishing boat. They get him in the boat and make him realize he now gets to reap the rewards of all of his years of hard work. Then Phil starts the boat. Jay who is sitting on the back of the boat falls into the water. Claire has some cleaning up to do, since Haley and Dylan got a bit drunk at Alex's prom the prior night and Alex didn't. While drinking a hangover cure she begs Claire to let Dylan stay at their house since he can't afford his apartment anymore. Claire vehemently says no and Haley goes to throw up. Gloria stops by and tells Claire she's pregnant. Claire congratulates her but also reminds her that she is going to get fat.

Also, given Jay's penchant for having no tact, Claire figures out she has to run interference before he blurts out the wrong thing to Gloria and ends up in divorce court. Cam and Mitchell's efforts to get a cat goes about as well as getting rid of the gorilla and elephant, which are still on top of their car in a slightly-compromising position. The fact is that there are almost no positions you can put an elephant and a gorilla on top of a Prius without it looking dirty. They then finally break down and admit not getting a second child is hurting them. They contemplate going to Europe, but hugging it out seems to help.

Also, they get the elephant and the gorilla into a non-sexual position on top of the Prius. They then drive away and the elephant falls between the gorilla's legs. Jay makes it back to his house and Claire intercepts him. She tells him someone has some big news to tell him and is very vulnerable, and Claire doesn't want him to react the way he normally does. This is when Cam and Mitch come through the door and announce they're getting a cat. Sure enough, Jay goes overboard with supporting them. He says he'll love the hell out of it so much; he'll make that little one over there jealous.

Manny who is standing next to Stella II says “Oh, this little one will be just fine now that he knows where he stands; in the shadow of your new baby”. Now the cat's out of the bag. Gloria comes out and tells the truth, about her being pregnant. Luke on hearing this comments “Eww, gross. I didn't know grandpa could still do it”. Phil reprimands Luke by saying “Don't be disrespectful, Luke. Anyone could do it with Gloria”. Then before Jay can even react, Gloria says she would raise the baby on her own, if he is too set in his ways to be happy about it. “I come from a very long line of strong proud Latin women whose husbands are nowhere to be found” she adds. Jay in turn asks her “Are you done?” “Yes” says Gloria, still visibly enraged.

Jay then tells her “that is the greatest news I've ever heard. I spent the day hearing what my future had in store for me and I didn't like one bit of it. I felt like my life was ending. And now you're telling me I get to have a new start with the woman of my dreams. I think I'm going to cry”. Gloria also tells him that she is going to get fat thanks to the pregnancy.

Jay though, doesn’t mind. At the end of summer, Luke is still grossed out about his Grandpa doing it. Cam and Mitchell are back from a two week vacation in London. Manny reads something he wrote at poetry camp, for the whole family. Later, Claire insists Dylan finally move out of the house when Haley jokes about being pregnant and Dylan saying that it fits her. Claire says that Phil needs to shave his beard. The episode ends at this point.