Yard Sale - Recap

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The episode begins with a yard sale at Jay’s house. Manny explains how the sale is being held as a part of his school project to teach the kids about global altruism. Luke is more interested in the pizza and the pool party which will be held for the class with the highest collections. Jay isn’t too happy with the idea of a garage sale, as he doesn’t want a bunch of shady characters going through his stuff. Gloria asks him to relax, but to no avail. At the Dunphy house, Haley who is on Skype is unhappy with Claire selling all of Haley’s old stuff. Claire and Alex have a difference of opinion about Alex’s new boyfriend Michael, who Claire feels is gay.

Alex though, feels he isn’t, as she has made out with him on a few occasions. At the yard sale, Manny reminds everyone how the money they spend will go for charity, and will in turn help a diseased child, starving child and an abused child. Gloria sees a case she recognizes and asks Manny about it. He says he found it in the attic and asks Gloria what’s there in it. “Nothing that concerns you” Gloria says curtly. “It’s from Columbia” she adds. “It’s going back in the attic and I want no more questions” she tells Manny angrily. Jay asks Phil if he would like to buy his Harley.

Phil says Claire wouldn’t allow him to buy a motorcycle. Claire, who is standing nearby, says she doesn’t mind Phil buying a motorcycle. “It is sexy” she says. Jay asks Phil to go for a test ride. “I am terrified of motorcycles, but sometimes you have to do things to show the world you are a man” Phil tells the camera. Michael arrives for the sale and Claire tells Mitch and Cam, how she feels Michael is gay and therefore doesn’t want Alex to get her heart broken. The two try to convince Claire that Michael might not be gay and she might have read him wrong. They give examples of how straight guys too like to take care of themselves nowadays. Alex brings Michael to Mitch and Cam and introduces him to them. “Ya he’s gay, we stand corrected” they tell Claire.

Phil although he is terrified, rides the bike. Jay and Claire see him off. Phil then heads up the canyon leaving the city behind, with Fonzie as his inspiration. “I never felt so exhilarated” Phil says. Then while admiring the view from the top of the canyon, Phil suddenly realizes how heavy the bike is and topples over. His leg is as a result, stuck under the bike. Luke and Manny open Gloria’s case and in it is a head. Manny is shocked to see this, but Luke was suspecting this all along. Manny and Luke confront Gloria with the case and ask her “why were you hiding this?” Manny then removes a ventriloquist doll from the case. Gloria insists that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Gloria in the end gives in and reveals that, she used the puppet for the talent round of a beauty pageant, when she was young.

She then adds how the pageant was one of the worst nights of her life. Basically, after weeks of rehearsing with the dummy she and the dummy both froze, on the night of the event. She eventually won the pageant, but the experience was still very humiliating. Phil on the other hand is still trapped under the bike. Cam tries to have a talk with Alex about Michael, but Alex is unmoved. Claire explains to her that she wanted Cam to talk to her only because; she doesn’t want her to get hurt. Mitch too tries to talk to her about Michael being gay. “Uncle Mitchell he is straight. We kissed” she explains.

Mitch in turn tells her, how he and Cam too have kissed girls in their day. Alex in the end decides to simply walk up to Michael and ask him if he is gay. Michael on being asked if he is gay becomes visibly uncomfortable and denies outright that he is gay. Luke tells Gloria, he feels sorry for Manny because, Manny always says his mother isn’t afraid of anything, but now he stands corrected. He also reveals to Gloria how Manny walks around the school the whole time telling everyone how great she is. Luke is basically playing Gloria, because he wants to see a puppet show.

Alex walks up to Cam and Mitch and tells them “Michael’s not gay and now he hates me”. Phil returns just then. Claire on seeing him arrive comments on how cool he looks on the bike. Phil steps down from the bike, and she sees one side of his pants missing and asks him as to what happened. Phil asks her to check her inbox. He then emphatically tells Claire that he isn’t a “rider” and is therefore not buying the bike.

Claire, Mitch and Cam from a distance then see that, Alex has made up with Michael. Later, Gloria and her puppet give a performance which is loved by everyone present. Next, the video recording Phil sent Claire while trapped under the bike is shown. The episode ends at this point.