Diamond in the Rough - Recap

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The episode begins and Haley heads off to her first day at work, where she can feel like she's really accomplishing something. Cameron has donned his overalls to build a field for Luke and Manny's baseball team. They made the playoffs to everyone's surprise, including their own. Claire goes out to lend a hand. Although Mitchell takes a pass, because the only thing worse than Cameron dressed as Fizbo or in overalls is Fizbo dressed in overalls. Gloria takes time to talk to her unborn child using a microphone and speakers attached to her stomach, invoking Jay's annoyance. And that is before she starts singing.

But somehow, Luke is even more annoyed at Manny, who can't play baseball to save his life. Manny is actually proud of going 22 games without playing a single inning. But now he has to play right field because a couple of players have to attend their grandmother's funeral. Luke is trying to give him lessons on batting. Cam and Mitch's neighbor is selling her house, and Claire sees the awesome deal they can get for it. But since it would require a bit of work, Cam and she are confident they could flip the house and turn a great profit, particularly if they could get Phil and Mitchell in on it. Mitchell is very much against it, but Phil promises to talk to Mitchell about it. And he does, and ends up completely agreeing with Mitchell.

However, Phil makes it look like he begged and pleaded for Mitch to be on board so he is the bad guy and Phil isn't. That doesn’t sit well with Mitchell, but if Mitchell rats on him, then Phil would rat on what happened to the sweater Cameron knitted for Mitchell six months ago. Jay doesn’t have a choice; he has to get the microphone away from the only singer who could make Rebecca Black sound like Beyonce. Jay tries a few jokes and talks to the fetus, who obviously doesn't respond. “Wow, tough womb” says Jay. But Gloria thinks the fetus just needs to hear more of her singing, while Jay thinks otherwise. At the ballfield, Claire starts crying when she can't move a huge rock. “What did we learn from A League of Their Own?” Cam asks her. “There's no crying in baseball?” she replies. “No, that Madonna's a lousy actress, and so are you” Cam counters.

But Claire has been looking for work and didn't have any success. She wanted to contribute financially to her kids' education, which Cam understands, as he became a part-time teacher for the money. Cam goes to Mitchell to confront him about doing the house flip, saying if they were a car, he'd be the gas and Mitchell would be the brake. Cam accuses him of not being more like Phil, so Mitchell decides to do exactly that. He decides to be on board to force the cheerleader to show his hand. Cam goes right to calling Claire, who is excited and tells Phil they are flipping the house. Phil calls Mitchell back and says “you want to play chicken, chicken is my middle name”. But, Mitchell is ready to take him on, until Phil sends him a text because Mitch has stopped taking his calls.

Mitchell responded with one of his own. Phil says he has to take responsibility or else, and Mitchell says he doesn’t care if Phil spills the beans about him throwing out that hideous sweater. The entire conversation is going to Claire's phone because Phil doesn’t know how to turn off group text, so now Cameron knows about the sweater. When Mitch and Phil agree they have to shut down the house flip without Claire and Cam knowing about it, Claire texts back "Too Late". Phil and Mitchell gointo serious damage control, but they aren't as desperate as Jay is to stop Gloria from singing again. He is even reading articles from the newspaper. Gloria wants the microphone back and Jay doesn't want to give it up. The two begin arguing, but Manny tells them to break it up so the unborn baby doesn't hear them. They relent and agree not to argue in front of the baby. Jay tells her, her singing stinks. Gloria is furious.

But since they agreed not to argue in front of the baby, she is going to make a list of all the things she is going to scream at him about, the minute the baby was out. Phil and Mitchell are both trying to make up for a bad night. Given Mitchell had to sleep in Lily's room, he insists he get some of the flowers Phil got for Claire. They are ready to go at it again, until they see how awesome the baseball field looks. When they see what a great job Claire and Cameron did, they relent on flipping the house. But Jay hears about them going into business together and says it’s a horrible idea.

They don’t know anything about construction, and they would turn on each other Jay feels. That puts enough doubt in their heads and they don't want to jeopardize the family over an investment. That is until Phil's rival in the real estate business makes an offer on the house. They can’t let that happen, and go into business together. Manny is being driven nuts by the advice everyone is giving him and he gets hit by the pitch, which scores the winning run. The episode ends at this point.